Sunday, March 27, 2016

Unroll me App for iOS and Android; Cleanup & Organize your inbox in minutes!

Hi everyone a slightly different post for you guys today.
Life is so stressy and busy and I bet the first thing you do when you wake up is to check your inbox...go on admit it...I bet you do...Okay...I do?
Chances are your flooded with junk emails from subscriptions that you probably dont even remember signing up to....soo annoying right...?

I hadn't realized how many sites I dont really want to view anymore and that I now get daily emails clogging up my inbox.
Well I have discovered a site that has literally saved me so much time!

Clean up your inbox with 1 click; unsubscribe all those sites you no longer want to follow.

Unrollme shows you a neatly arranged and easy to see list of everyone of your subscribed websites. It then allows you to unsubscribe from any of those sites whenever you want.
Bet you will be amazed at how many.......?
I had subscribed to 136 sites wow... and I have now  
unsubscribed from 55 of them
A friend of mine had over 400 sites she no longer wished to view.

 But thats not all........

Unroll me then can combine all your favorite subscribed sites into easy to find categories eg; restaurants, blog sites, shopping sites etc.

Then once your inbox is free of junk, combine your favorites into JUST 1 daily email.
 "RollUp" appears in your inbox everyday...1 email...all subscriptions...done!
Plus you can choose a time that suits you too eg; do read your mails at Breakfast...then have it arrive 8.30am...clever huh!

Oh and it saves all the ones you have so you can go back at anytime to unsub if you wish.

Its on iOS and Android too

 I highly recommend unroll me its one of the best sites Ive subscribed to. I now have more time in the mornings for the sites that I enjoy following.
Plus Im always a bit nervous about subscribing to sites and now I can do it with no real worries knowing I can unsub anytime I wish.

Just to say too; I haven't be paid or gifted in anyway to say this, I'm genuinely excited to share something that will help organize your life a little...its the little things that help to de-stress us all!

Let me know how many you unsubscribe to; Id be fascinated to know...I bet its way more than you realize?


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