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Essence of Arcadia Luxury Diamond Shaped Glass Aroma-Diffuser & Essential Oils Gift Set Review.

Anyone who loves aromatherapy will know how good it is to find an unusual diffuser to the normal white plasticky styles.

I recently reviewed the 2 beautiful aromatherapy sets from Essence of Arcadia, so when I saw their new Diamond diffuser design I just had to share it with you all.

My first thought wasn't quite a diamond but a beautiful gold glass dragon egg...hey I know I've been watching way too many Game of Thrones lol!

But I love this unique design; take a peek at my chatty unboxing video and review or my full photo-loaded written post below; you have the choice to listen or read my ramblings.
See below!

You guys know I absolutely love good packaging, companies that make the effort on the outside you know are proud of whats inside.
Essence Of Arcadia go above and beyond.

 This stunning large black box is made of hard cardboard with a gorgeous flop back lid to keep your diamond diffuser in when not in use. Its the same gorgeous black  boxes used for the essential oils I reviewed last year.
The writing is in gold and wow it will feel great to receive this as a gift.
The foam inside will hold each part of your diffuser safely.

So what do you get inside?

 You get your gorgeous "Glass" Diamond diffuser.
Water filling cup.
White electric cable.
User guide.
Essential oil and recipe guide.

 I absolutely love the Essential oils guide as it explains a little on each common essential oil with some recipes to try in the diffuser.

 Plastic refilling cup with the measurements on the side. You need a maximum of 90mls.

Plus you also get the indepth user guide.

The diffuser comes apart into 3 pieces.

This is best seen in my video.

The lengthy plug plugs into the base of the diffuser, but dont worry about making it wobbly as the cable fits neatly between the feet so will still sit level.

 I have to yell out...just how stunning this glass is; you have fine gold glitter underneath the shaped glass giving this gorgeous glistening effect...again this pik doesn't do it justice; it looks best in my video.
Ive enlarged this image so you can see it a bit better.

 The glass nozzle has a plastic tip.

With your diffuser you also get 3 of the most popular aromatherapy oils; Tea tree, Lavender and Eucalyptus; so your ready to go the minute it arrives.

How it works
There is only 1 button on the diffuser nothing else and it couldn't be simpler to use; but its not just any button it also looks like a diamond to match the diffuser. It has a "crystally" look to it...high 5 Essence of Arcadia it looks gorgeous.
  • Turn it on once and it runs continuously for 2 hours.
  • Press it again and it turns blue and it runs intermittently - 10 seconds on and 20 seconds off and it will run for 4 hours.
Note: my only thing is being made of high quality glass it has a substantial weight and could possibly over-balance if knocked by children or pets.

Here is my chatty unboxing and review of this gorgeous Diamond Diffuser.

 First of all what a stunning kit to receive, if you want to give a special pressie to someone this has to be it. Stunning box, beautiful diffuser and 3 of the most loved essential oils all in a gorgeous strong magnetized box.
Plus it diffuses these oils so beautifully. The aromas are not heady and strong even when you pour more than 2-3 drops in the bowl.
It smells light and fresh and never too strong and believe me Ive tried, its just right. The mist is extremely fine and isn't too wet like some diffusers either.

I feel this diffuser's looks could be like marmite as it may not be everyone's taste but I LOVE this; just the fact it reminds me of a dragon egg is good enough for me.

Its also at the luxury higher price bracket of diffusers; but you genuinely get what you pay for. It has an excellent glass build and the mist is super fine but not overpowering; its very subtle. The fact you can leave it on for 4 hours every day is just brilliant, I do not need to use any other room spray or smelly.

The aromatherapy oils also relax or uplift you and the gorgeous glossy booklet explains each oil in detail, this helps me to decide which oil to use as Im not as experienced as some with essential oils; but Ive learn't so much already just from this extensive booklet.
Its design is very unique, elegant and certainly a great conversation its got GOLD glitter in it...enough said!

Buy your Essence of Arcadia Luxury Diamond diffuser Here
Amazon UK

Also checkout the gorgeous Aromatherapy oil sets from Essence Of Arcadia I reviewed last year.

 Comes in a set of 6 or a set of 14 x 10ml Aromatherapy oil Gift sets.
My review above is of the 6 and 14; both can be seen in my video review.

All my thanks goes to Essence of Arcadia for kindly sending me this diffuser to share with you all. All my views, opinions are my own and all photos are my own unless otherwise stated.


  1. Beautiful product. It looks very stylish and the gorgeous smell of essential oils in my home makes it such a relaxing place to be.

  2. It really works fast too doesn't it. I absolutely love this little gadget.
    Glad you love yours too, do you have any favorite oils?
    Thanks for popping by.
    Cazi x


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