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DBPOWER® 9.5" Portable DVD Player with Swivel Screen + 300 games Review

 DBPOWER® 9.5" Portable DVD Player with Swivel  Screen + 300 games
This link is now the updated version
Do you travel alot, love your DVDs, well you may be interested in this review.
I was kindly sent this Portable DVD with swivel screen from DBPower.  I actually cant wait to get this outa the box...I know Im such a gadget nerd, especially when I found out it has a CD with 300 games...yep I said 300.

If you are regular followers of my site you know you get to choose between reading or listening to my rambles, well true to that you can read my review or  watch the video unboxing after the jump.

 Love the packaging on this, its bright crisp and clean and makes you just wanna rip it open and get this thing out.

 As you will see in my video I was so surprised to have all these bits and pieces with this DVD player...high 5 DBPower.
  • DBPower portable DVD player.
  • Gaming handset.
  • Remote control.
  • Mains charger.
  • Car charger.
  • HDMI cables.
  • User guide.
  • Mini CD of 300 Games...woops!, I see duplicates.

I cannot get over just what you get with this...everything you would need for a long journey with the kids...seriously! Especially with the remote and a gaming handset.

With the width of the case at 23.5 cm and the height at 17.3 cm a closed depth of 4cm it is quite compact for the size of the screen, this then will open in a clam-shell design.
The Player must be charged for 12 hours before use and then before disc is inserted dont forget to remove the yellow card that protects the laser in the top loading flap.

What formats does it support?
Supports an SD Card and USB upto 16GB.

The top of the DVD player has a pretty embossing; you either see stars or flowers...what do you think? 

It has a 9.5inch (9 inch diagonal) colour TFT screen which I have to say is absolutely crisp, bright and clear, checkout my video to see it better, dont take my word for it.

"Dont look now Scooby!, I think were being watched."

This screen can swivel 180 degrees one way and 90 degrees the other, for easier visibility wherever you are. 

The swivel connector works smoothly but its my only real niggle.
 I feel its not going to be very strong with heavy handed or clumsy use. Purely because you have to be careful which way you turn the screen. Twist it further I feel it would break.
Saying that its been absolutely fine so far for me.

Use it like a tablet as the screen lies back flat against the unit itself. Perfect for use outdoors in the Summer to enjoy your favorite film or play some games. Even on a bright day the screen functioned very well, it did reflect some shadow as you can see with the daffodil top right, but there are the usual settings for brightness, contrast and saturation and these are easy to control.

 The DVD unit and push buttons are all made of a plastic elegant brushed effect; one of my favorite product finishes.

 The DVD player simply opens to a slider and once closed, auto runs.

Easy to navigate controls, each set for what you want to use at the time; USB, SD card, MP3 player etc or DVD or gaming CD. These mode buttons I have to be honest feel a bit clunky, but hey they do the job;
The bottom set of buttons are for your DVDs; Play, pause, Rewind, Forward and Next.
Its so easy once you start.

I cannot stress enough how good this remote control is; its unnecessarily complicated for what it needs to do; but its super responsive if you prefer to use this instead. However you need to make sure your directly infront of the infer-red window for it to work.

On the side you have your selection of ports;
  • USB slot for upto 16GB. *
  • SD Card slot also upto 16GB. *
  • 3.5 Audio port.
  • AV out.
  • AV in.
  • ON/Off slider.
  • Power input.
*The USB and SD card slot allows you to view media on the screen to show your family and friends.

On the back is another USB port this is specifically for the plug in gaming handset. The blank TV space next to this is not in use, its an unused cutout for a future model.

Don't do what I did and plug the gaming handset plug into the side USB instead of the back USB by accident and wondered why it wouldn't work...ooops! Always read your instructions FIRST !!!

You also get a mini CD full of games, it states 300 games and yes there are lots but many are doubled up; so Id say about 200 games which of course is plenty to keep you going.

They are all retro 8bit games though so if your expecting Far Cry or Call of Duty style games you maybe disappointed. 

The CD is divided into 30 pages of 10 games...many which are doubled up, so you get to scroll through all the pages to hunt your favorite retro game to play. Above are just the first 6 pages so you get the idea.

If you were brought up on ZX Spectrums and BBC Micros back in the 80's like us you will love the trip down memory lane with Tetris...shown in my video, Donkey Kong, 1942, Pacman, Space Invaders and many more.

So what did I think of the DVD player, well take a peek at my chatty video review as you get to see the screen and games to make your own decision.

I absolutely love this Portable DVD player, I think the 9.5 (9)inch screen is perfect for us. The screen is bright, crisp and clear and the images and films can be seen from all angles which is impressive for TFT. The sound and volume is just outstanding, its loud and the quality of sound is perfectly fine for getting lost in movies.
The fact it has a 2500mAh battery gives you approximately 2-3 hours movie time, but plug it in to the power adapter or your cars cigarette socket and your good to go.
I have to say first impressions it felt to be quite a robust DVD player and I believe it will take a knock or two. However I do feel the plastic hinge of the swivel screen could get damaged if twisted the wrong way by clumsy hands.

I love the fact it has a swivel screen offering you the choice of viewing angles. 

Plus the cool tablet effect by laying back on itself, great for playing the games.

Image by DBpower

Perfect for long journeys with its built in shock resistance function and car charger; but you will need to purchase a traveling over the seat bag to hang it from the headrest. Then you will have a peaceful journey to your destination while the kids watch a film or play games. 
Worth every penny eh!

So I highly recommend this DVD player as its perfect for outdoor traveling in caravans or camping and ideal for the older kids without lending your expensive tablet out.
Plus, if you dont have a DVD player at home you can play your DVDs on the player through onto your larger screened TV at home via the included 32 inch RCA video cable provided from the AV-Out, this wont be HDMI Digital quality but will certainly be good enough. You also have an AV-In so with another adapter you could view your media from your phone or tablet.
Dont forget you can also view your photos from USB flash drive or SD card too.

I think its so affordable for everything it can do and what you can use it for.
Let me know what you think?

  • Swivel Screen for perfect visibility.
  • Bright crisp, clear TFT screen.
  • Can be used with headphones or external speakers.
  • Works with SD card, USB, MP3 Players etc.
  • Improved battery performance with 2500mAh battery.
  • Shock resistance when traveling on bumpy roads.
  • About 200 games.
  • Remote control and game controller.
  • External hook up cable is a nice touch for TV, but could do with being a little longer.
  • Excellent sound and volume.
  • Plastic hinge could be problematic with clumsy use.
  • Gaming CD many are doubled up. maybe should have been checked first as Im sure people would be just as happy if it said an exact 200 games.
  • A carry bag would be handy for the cables, remote and gaming handset and/or some DVDs. 

 You can buy yours from Amazon

This link is now the updated version

All my thanks goes to DB Power for kindly sending us this to share with you all. All my views and opinions are honest and unbiased and images are mine unless otherwise stated.

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