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Websters Pages Colour Crush Planner unboxing and first impressions.

You may have seen about a week ago I published my Happy Planner 1st Impressions. Yep even gadget-a-holics need planners.
I had originally purchased the Happy Planner before Christmas so I could give you all a fair opinion. but since then I hadn't quite found my
"Planner Nirvana".

So guess the beginning of January I sort of made another purchase...oops...the Websters colour crush personal planner. Today I want to let you know what I think of this it working for me...?

I have added a video review too so you can listen or read my ramblings...either way grab a coffee and bikky.

  MAMBI Happy Planner
Last week I posted my video and full review 1st impressions of my Happy Planner: I have since purchased this beautiful personal sized leather planner from Hey Little Magpie a UK stationary company.

Right from the start when choosing my planner I have wanted an A5 leather binder version but considered them too expensive and I couldn't justify that buy.
However after using my Happy Planner for about a month now; Ive now found I love the size but cant add anything unless I buy an Arc punch which are quite pricey.
Next came the listening to loads of reviews on YouTube and I discovered the personal sized Colour Crush Webster planner, I loved the colour and the inserts...oh the inserts are just gorgeous; but fought between the A5 or the personal and again because of the cost I chose the personal size: so lets see if this has worked for me.
I purchased the planner kit with all the inserts inside; although you can buy the planner empty and cheaper too. 

So here are the choice of colours and you can also purchase matching zip folios to keep your planners goodies in; washi's, stickers, scissors anything. They even come with a small starter kit inside. I may get this later on.

Just to say if you would rather listen to my rambles checkout my full unboxing and review video further down or simply carry on reading. 

 I decided to buy my Websters from a UK company called Hey Little Magpie, they offered it at the best price at this time for me; plus of course I couldn't resist a few little you do. It arrived the very next so impressed and so excited.

Look how gorgeous this packaging is from Hey Little Magpie.

Opened up there's my goodies.

Websters have absolutely nailed their own packaging too, isn't this just gorgeous...breathe....

 Opening the gorgeous peach and gold foil spot box you see this piece of acetate saying Hello, this could easily be cut and used in the planner...extra brownie points Websters....!

So in my box I have my planner, a Heidi Swapp packet of paperclips, I just couldn't resist the gold and silver glitter and a packet of 2 Heidi Swapp magnetic clips; again with gold foiling and they will go with both my planners.

Whats inside
Okay just checkout the index pages arnt they just gorgeous; these were THE sole reason I bought this colour planner. I love nature and especially birds so as soon as I saw this first page I was sold...I NEEDED this planner.
Each of the colour crush planners come with a different set of index card depending on its colour; but you can purchase the index cards separately if you prefer.

Lets first take a moment to checkout the excellent quality planner charm in the matching teal leather with Make Happiness embossed on it. Attached by a gold chain. I do find the chain reminds me of a plug chain though, but it is adorable.

My weekly diary insert was slipped in at the back of the planner allowing me to put it in where I want it. This one is from Oct 2015 to Dec 2016. so I took out last years Oct-Decenber as the planner is already quite full.

On opening the planner its was just gorgeous as all you planner addicts know that feeling on opening a brand new planner....sigh!

I was super happy as I expected the rings to be silver as all the images and videos I had seen all looked silver, mine were pleased as its because of the Kikki K planners and their gold rings that I originally got into all this planner stuff! 
It was love at first sight lol!

The rings are really strong and tight with no gaps. I cant open them with 1 hand which shows just how strong they are.

I love that you get this page of FREE mini stickers with this planner; what a cute start. They are transparent too not just white background...even better.

The front page is covered with a clear plastic page and under that is a beautiful Be Happy, Be Bright, Be you in gold foil writing, love this calligraphy style font too its just gorgeous...its really me!

On the opposite side is a leather secretarial flap with Websters Pages Est 1986 embossed into the leather in gold foil. 1986 makes me feel old, I was in my last year of THAT'S long time ago now.

This is the 1st index page and its made of thicker card; these feathers are just stunning.

On top of this are 2...yes 2...clear dashboard pages; so you can separate your planner with post-its or a theme page design, I love that you get 2. But not sure what Im doing with mine yet.

 I could have gone mad and uploaded every page to show you, but I show these in detail in my video if you need to see them close-up. So here are just some piks of the different tabs and index cards.

Websters pages have designed their tabs slightly different to any other planner out Ive seen. Filofax and Collins are great planners but we are so used to the normal basic tabs of Contacts, Accounts, Birthdays etc.
Websters have changed it all up and given us....some unique ideas.

1. Write it down tab has the blue cotton flowers page and gives us a page divided up into Thoughts, Ideas, Dreams. Love the washi effect typewriter at the bottom. On the back of these pages is normal notepaper.

2. Memory Keeping tab of a lovely scrapbooky woody effect which gives Day in the life and a line a day to say something special or add a special date etc...anything you want. Love the huge camera design at the bottom.

On the back of these pages you get a "project sketches" page for doodles etc. 
Oh and just take a moment for the next tab (lists to love) of those beautiful golden feathers...sigh...sooo gorgeous!

3. Lists to love Tab- a page of various to do section and goals brilliant idea and again it has printed washi designs already on the page.

On the back of this you get a menu planner, I know many of you love these. Its not for me so Ill use it for something else.
The next tab "Staying inspired" has the most gorgeous roses and butterfly.

 4. Staying inspired tab and this is a section where Websters have added some beautifully designed scrapbooky style pages to add anything you like; photos etc.

 Then we have calendar tab and you get your month to view section Jan-Dec, love the cute boxes.

Straight after you get your Week to view pages, I have to admit this is my only niggle with this planner. I find it awkward not having Jan Monthly with Jan weekly together; I have to keep flipping back and forth to this and to be honest its annoying.
I cant even move the weekly to monthly as the weekly pages continue at the start of a month so you get a page of 29th,  30th, 31st and straight after the 1st day of the next month. If there was a page break for the start of every month we would be able to move the weekly and monthly together without missing a few days.
Hope this makes sense.....

Please, please Websters next year can we have them together.....

 When the planner is closed the snap tab has plenty of room to expand.

 I also bought some extras, a pack of extra To do pages and a pack of extra note page as the planner doesn't come with alot of writing note paper.

Right at the back you get a slim note jotter of 20 pages which slips in the slot at the back. Under that you have another secretarial pocket and another credit card slot.
Checkout my gorgeous metallic purple Fisher space coming up soon, I think it looks fantastic with this teal.

I also bought some washi tape and Im so pleased as its a perfect match to the teal...what do you think? They are both so beautiful!

 I have also planned to use this for my calligraphy too, so I cant wait to get started.

I really love the Websters planner, I love the colour, the quality and the unique design; but my main niggle is not having the monthly sections with the weekly and that for me is quite a biggy, Ive tried to work with it. But as a daily journal planner I cant do that; so Im changing this planner to my Gadget Girl Reviews planner with all my post ideas, review lists etc.
This has started to work really well as Im not swapping back and forth.

Its so unique and the pages are so beautiful, I love that they have some scrapbooky style design features already so you can add more or not do anything at all.
The gold and light teal look amazing so pretty and feminine, the index feather designs really are beautiful and Im so pleased I got this. However I do wish Id splashed out a bit more cash and got this in the and learn.
However the planner itself its absolutely gorgeous and I really love it and its a must have for any collector.

Thanks for popping by let me know what you think; which is your favorite planner.

I bought my Websters and embellishments from

 Coming soon 
Simple Stories Carpe Diem A5 Planner
Lyra & Co Fauxdori's

Here is my

*I have not been compensated in any way for this review.

Coming very soon...yep more planners.

Carpe Diem and my 2 Lyra & Co Fauxdori's
Watch this space.

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