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Lyra & Co Fauxdori fabric covers and notebook chatty 1st impressions video and post.

 Handmade Fabric Fauxdoris from
 Lyra & Co

As you guys may have seen from my recent planner reviews I'm really into my journaling again after literally years. Life throws stuff at you and you realize its rushed past so fast you've missed the little things and with my Mum passing away a few months ago it made me realize how much I have missed.
So after watching many of you guys' planner videos I discovered Midori's or Fauxdori's; hand made travelers notebooks and covers to make your journaling more personalized and fun.

It was after watching one of Anna Brimbles videos I discovered Lyra & Co on Etsy and her handmade fabric notebook covers. I knew I just had to get one and 2 designs in particular just sang out to me along with some notebooks to match.

See my video box opening and/or first impressions with loadsa pikies below!

They arrived quickly and in the well padded packet and inside wrapped carefully.

Foxes, foxes...being a wildlife and animal lover these were just perfect for me.
Wow...dont they look just gorgeous I am just in love with these super cute foxy fabric designs. I chose the regular travelers notebook size but there are other sizes available.

They are both stunning front and back and camping fox has so much going on.
 Foxy lady is so beautiful in her teal/mint background; she has a 1940's feel to her with her bow, scarf and pearls and horn rimmed specs and those gorgeous eyes.

 I cannot express how much Im in love with this gorgeous fabric, its so me; I love the outdoors, I also love the night sky and being in the countryside. Plus this little fox obviously has a cheeky side to him. 
Whats not to love!!

 Inside Camping fox is a gorgeous salmon-orange coloured fabric with a matching salmon pen-loop. Then it has 2 contrasting turquoise elastics that will hold upto six 8.5 x 4.5 inch notebooks.

Inside Foxy lady is a beautiful pink fabric with matching pink elastics, so you can choose your inner notebooks to match or contrast whatever you want to.

Love the matching elastic pen-loops too.

I adore the choice of inner fabrics they work beautifully with each of the outer covers.

Just as an extra note you can add a pocket to your fauxdori if you wish for ONLY £3 which is definitely worth it.
(Pik by Lyra & Co)

 These elastics are secured by gold coloured eyelets.

This will prevent any fraying or the elastic rubbing with constant use.

 They even look colorful and bright laid on their side.

Plus looking good too if you wanted to stand them upright in a library or shelf.

I also purchased some Regular sized notebooks to fit inside and of course chose the teal coloured foxes.
Love Lyra & Co's logo...being a calligraphy nut I really appreciate the little things.

 Inside you get 2 blank notebooks made-up by Jane herself; I love handmade products as they have such a lovely personal edge to them. In this pack you get 2 different designs. 
The front covers have a lovely textured fabricky feel to them. Inside you have 20 blank leaves = 40 pages which are staple-bound and have a paper weight of 80gsm.
(excellent quality by the way).
These will fit any Regular/travelers size notebook cover.

 I have to say...what a PERFECT colour look gorgeous together.

 These match the inner camping fox cover better than the foxy lady as she has a pinky inner. So where I was actually thinking of putting them into the lady-lady cover; her pinky inner fabric would contrast too much for me...some of you may like the contrast...but for me the salmon of the camping fox fabric looks just perfect....what do you think?
 They look great inside and just having the 2 notebooks fills it up comfortably; there's nothing like having a fat Fauxdori which is so satisfying...or is that just me lol!

Don't forget you can see more detail in my chatty 1st impressions video; see my 1st impressions as I do!

 So I will be journaling in the camping fox as its design shows night-time stars and moon and I like to write at night and I will be keeping my book review lists in Foxy-lady.
I will also be enjoying using my calligraphy again and writing with my fountain or dip pens as I had forgotten just how much I love my calligraphy and hadn't picked up my pens and nibs for many years, it feel really refreshing to just pick them up again; like a best friend come home.

 Many of my nibs were my Grandad's and over the years I have collected over 50 more different pen nibs and quite a few fountain-pens. I discovered I love working with ink and dip can see them above; its such a relaxing hobby and fun too.

I cant wait to start I may even try some ink art too...we will see. I absolutely love my 2 new LyraDori's as they are excellent quality, beautifully made and are flexible and soft in your hand. 

I cannot recommend Jane enough; she uploads new designs every week....noooo....and you also have an option for an extra inner pocket added to your fauxdori for even more momentos. 

Please go checkout Jane's site on Etsy Lyra & Co its an official warning that you could get addicted to collecting her stunning designs. Ive already spotted a few more I like too...eeep..

This stunning elegant design has a snap fastener rather than elastic giving a really gorgeous alternative.

Im such a geek as I love this Wonder woman this so different for a Fauxdori. Plus the darker fabric flowers and birds are just stunning.

But to keep upto date checkout Lyra & Co's Instagram... so many gorgeous designs. Let me know which your favorites are too, I'd love to hear from you.

Thanks for popping by and I will see you all very soon.

*I purchased these with my own money and was not paid for this review. 
All my views and opinions are my own.

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