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Kitsound Dancefloor Bluetooth Speaker 1st Impressions Video & Review

Kitsound Dancefloor Bluetooth Speaker 

Heya peeps are you keeping snuggled up in the warm; out of the cold, snow, wind and rain? If so then you may need something to cheer you up when listening to your favorite sounds.

As you guys know I love my mini speakers and Ive reviewed quite a few now from Kitsound; so I just couldn't wait to get my hands on this little beauty that came out this year.

Well...just look at has flashy LEDs!
So if you love your sounds or collect unusual speakers then hang around for a bit and watch my unboxing and chatty 1st impressions video as well as my post below.

Ive always loved unique speakers and as soon as I saw this I fell in love..

The packaging boxes from Kitsound are always modern and explanatory.

Inside the box you have the Kitsound Bluetooth speaker, your standard USB charging cable and the user manual.

 The speaker itself is a gorgeous dinky size of 
5.1cm depth x 9.5cm width x 17.3cm high and it only weighs 181grams.

It is made of ABS plastic with a soft rubberized edging which will mark if scratched. 

The handle presses open like a karabina and will clip to a belt or hang from anywhere you wish, a tree, tent, branch anything and the fact it opens up allows you to clip it securely.

This is so good when you need to attach it to something you cant just slide it onto; like this branch, you wouldn't want to break off the branches. You can then also make sure its wont just slide off.

Dancefloor features
  • Amazing LED light display.
  • Great sound from the 40mm drivers with 3 watt sound.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Portable size and shape.
  • 7 different light settings....see LED's later in the review.*

The 5 buttons have a more rubbersised feel than the case which makes it easy to feel in the dark.
From top to bottom;
  • Microphone hole to answer calls, 
  • LED mode button, 
  • Play/pause, 
  • + and - volume and/or track button,
  • On/off button,
Its sits so ergonomically and comfortably in your hand so your fingers are placed over the buttons perfectly.
 Underneath is the covered flap for the USB charging port. This is protected from dampness if your out camping or hiking.

To charge simply plug your USB cable into the bottom of the speaker and you see a red LED (you can see 2 here as its reflecting on the cable). This needs to be charged for approximately 4 hours for the 1st time.

Both my tablet and phone paired fast and easily with this Dancefloor speaker; I show you just how quick and easy it is in my video below. It found the Bluetooth almost immediately.
The Bluetooth extends easily to the 10m, I managed to walk away to approx 15m-17m. I have found our thick walls do cause slight break up of music between upstairs and downstairs in our cottage as our walls are very thick and we have alot of electronic gadgetry.
For me personally I'm always in the same room as the speaker when I want to hear music so for me its no problem.

Checkout my Kitsound Dancefloor Bluetooth speaker Unboxing and chatty Review.

Sound Test
I have to say Im so impressed with this little dude, its loud, crisp and clear, great trebles with good but average Bass. The balance is just right.
This has 40mm driver so Ive certainly seen a marked improvement to my many other 20mm driver speakers and of course it has 3 watts too its really loud with no distortion whatsoever...amazing!
Of course I always want more Bass and with some tweaking on my phone and tablet equalizers it gives me some fab Bass...see in my video you can see for yourself and make your own decisions  to see if you like it as much as I do.

The volume buttons do two jobs volume or track change:
  • Quick press changes track forward or backward with + or - button.
  • Press and hold + or - will change the volume.
Call answering
This is a cool addition to the speaker that Ive seen on quite a few other speakers recently; as when you have a call coming through your phone while listening to your music from it; the speaker will shut off with a ringing tone, answer your phone normally and you will be able to hear your caller and answer it through your Dancefloor. Its very slightly echo-y but I haven't had a call answering speaker yet that isn't. You can still easily hear your caller and they can hear you.

*This gorgeous little speaker has 7 led modes according to the manual, but it actually has 9...see my video as I go through them all so you can actually see it. They are just amazing especially at night.
  1. Stripes of colour.
  2. Equalizer 1 - Level colours to music
  3. Equalizer 2 - Bouncy colours to the music...this is my favorite out of all the LED modes.
  4. Bouncy colours...very cool.
  5. Chasing colours in a circle, rectangle ;-).
  6. Diagonal upward colours.
  7. Block upward colours.
  8. Scrolls through all the 7 modes every 3 seconds.
  9. LED's off but speaker still working.
 Modes 1 4 5 6 7 8 9 can be viewed with or without the music.

The main factor is that it has 2 Equalizer modes which will bounce in time with any music. This is the resting LEDs of the equalizers.

Here are just some of the gorgeous LEDs colour combinations you can get, but believe me you get so much more; these piks dont do it justice...just take a quick gander at my video for the full effects.

 Looks incredible day or night.

The Kitsound Dancefloor has an excellent quality build and it feels solid in your hand. The rubberized edging gives it some bump protection, but does mark a bit. The buttons are super responsive but they are difficult to see what they do; but its easy to work them out from the manual.
The Bluetooth pairs fast and easily with both my Samsung S4 and my Nexus 10 and when you turn it off and on again it remembers your last song and LED mode...what a clever Dude.
 I absolutely love the LED modes and enjoy using it both day and night. My favorite are the 2 equaliser modes as you will see in my main video they are extremely sound responsive and look amazing!!!

What surprised me was just how bright it is under normal bright light it still looks fab...dont you think?

Sound has a great balance and is one of the best portable speakers Ive had. The 40mm driver does make a difference from the 20mm Ive had in the past, the sound, sounds sharper, clearer and crisper as well as louder with its 3 watts of power. I have had this badboy at full volume with NO distortion whatsoever; dont do this at home as you could damage the speaker...but for this review I needed to let you guys know.
Plus I had a music playtime of approx 6-7 hours which is just fabulous!
It also has the clever addition of call answering which cuts off your music and has its own ringtone for you to answer the this thing!

Overall its definitely one of my alltime favorite speakers Ive reviewed on Gadget Girl; it has great sound, its rugged and if you've not used it, it will even turn itself off after 20 minutes...very impressed.

Its super portable and fits easy into your pocket, handbag or suitcase due to its ultra slim ergonomic design.
A slightly dearer speaker to others Ive reviewed; but I feel its well worth the extra pennies as the quality all round is just gorgeous with the extra fun twist of LED's modes.
Perfect for relaxing in the garden on a hot summers day!

Kitsound Dancefloor Bluetooth Recharegable Speaker with LED light show.
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or directly from Kitsound
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All my thanks goes to the lovely girls at Kitsound for kindly sending me this to share with you all.
All my views and opinions are honest, indepth and all my own and
unless otherwise stated, all photography is my own.
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