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NEW Trendz travel range - Travel PU Leather Wallet and matching Buddy Speaker #Review

 NEW Trendz Hawaiian Travel wallet and matching rechargeable buddy Speaker Review

Have you guys planned your holidays yet for this year? Do you want to be reminded of hot sun and warm seas rather than the cold wind, rain and snow we have at the moment?
Well today Im bringing you some new products from Trendz to show you.

Trendz are a company that are ever evolving with new design ideas for cases and accessories for our tech. So you will always have new modern or elegant storage for your phone or tablet.

If you would rather listen to my rambling than read it; then scroll down to see my video review of both items. Its one of my longer reviews as its 2 products to show you, I felt they needed to be shown together.

Trendz released 2 NEW travel designs this year; Geometrics and the Hawaiian.
Which design do you like?

I immediately fell in love with the bright blues of the Hawaiian print with my love of nature, but both have a real holiday vibe to them.

  Trendz kindly sent me two products from the new Hawaiian Travel range. 
The Travel wallet and the Buddy speaker to show you all.

So lets get started and let me show you the wallet first.

Trendz Travel wallet
I love Trendz packaging as it leans towards being Eco-friendly with enough cardboard sleeving to explain the details.. Open the wallet and its protected with a thin foam page.
First of all its made from a beautifully patterned PU leather. My first impressions was how light it feels in your hand; perfect for traveling when weight is so important, every gram counts eh!

But first lets just take a minute to look at this gorgeous design of Hawaiian flowers against the deep bright blue background; does it take you back to that hot beach, smell of the sea, cocktail in your hand, flower in your hair....okay maybe Blackpool tower and half a doughnut down your cleavage, then.....
As soon as you see the pattern it makes you feel like Summer sun and seas, it genuinely makes you smile.

 The matching blue stitching outside and Pink inside has been finished neatly with no fraying or wobbly sewn bits.

The wallet is held together with a really strong magnet tab in matching blue.
 I also need to point out it has plenty of width room too if you have alot of documents inside, it has some real give to it and will go quite fat.

As you see here Im trying to show you how wide I can open it while its still closed. Its also got a padded feel to it which will protect your important documents inside and make it comfortable to hold when waiting in queues etc.

Okie I love this baby pink its really girly and fun.
This is a good colour representation too.
So inside you have 12 sections for different jobs...see my video for a live show round.

In the middle is a black elastic pen holder, they really have thought of everything that you may need to grab quickly.

 A coin purse has a concertina pocket to hold a few coins and is closed by a strong metal popper. 

Perfect for change for carparks etc.

 2 secretarial pockets, one for a passport and another for a boarding pass or tickets etc. Both pockets run the full length of the travel wallet.

Above the coin purse you have the word Passport neatly embossed into the "leather".

You can see here how easily my passport fits inside with room to spare.
Its also a tight fit too so nothing is just going to "fall" out.

 Onto the other side you have 6...yes 6 credit card slots; the first 5 from the top fit a credit card perfectly and the last Tescos card slot runs right the way down to the bottom of the wallet allowing you to fit something longer. They really have thought of everything.
You have a photo card slot to put a driving license or a family or pet pik.

 One of the most useful sections of the wallet is this zipped section which covers the whole right half of the wallet for anything really important. Inside is a matching pink silky lining; this actually opens ups a few cm's but you cant put anything too thick in here. Its best for documents or receipts.
 The zip itself is a nice size to grip easily, it was very stiff to start with but after using it a few times its loosened off.

 So here it is with some of my stuff inside.

How perfect is this to go inside your boarding bag for flights, it holds everything you need to get at fast, like your boarding passes, tickets, spare coins, passports with even a pen strap.

It also works perfectly for everyday if your someone who travels too and from work, why not have something bright and cheerful for everyday commuting.

I really love seriously I really love this... it keeps your bits together and keeps you organized so your not panicking and stressed if your anything like me. Its eye catching, fun and fashionable at the same time as keeping important documents safe and secure and in one place not loose in your hand bag or worse still your deep shopping bag, how many times are looking for a pen or your ticket or just some loose change for a carpark...Im feeling stressed just talking about it.
Not anymore everyone needs organization to stay sane and believe me this will help and look fab at the same time!

Measures 23cm x 13cm and has a depth of 1-3cm depending on how you fill it.

Now onto the Buddy Speaker, but for a better look at the sound quality do checkout my video below.

The Trendz Buddy Speaker also with the Hawaiian design.

So what better accompaniment to your holiday wallet than to take a tiny matching Buddy speaker with you. No lugging larger speakers which look cool I know; but do you really have room in your suitcase or handbag?
You now can have coordination speaker to your wallet; how pretty is this. 
I already own 2 buddy speakers so I knew already what great sound it has for only 2 inches in diameter.

Looks fab in its plastic transparent box with coordinating rose gold writing even before you get it out the box; great as a gift.

 In the box you get your Buddy speaker with keyring and device connector cable attached. Then inside the mini box you get a charging cable and mini basic instructions. 

This has to be THE smallest user manual Ive ever seen, so cute. It has everything you need, its actually quite thorough and its ALL English! Your probably thinking well how can I see how small it is; well checkout the staple......need I say more lol!

Frequency response; 100 hz-20 kHz
Driver size; 36mm.
S/N; 85dB.
Output; 2W RMS@4 ohms.
Cable length is 8.5cm long.
Measuring; 5cm x 4.6cm High and 4.8cm across.

Just look at how beautiful this Hawaiian design is, I know its only a transfer, but its gorgeous, the bright colours and details are just superb.

The speaker holes are at the back, they have used as much space as possible.

 Underneath is a flattened area an inch wide where you have your micro USB charging port, which will connect to your PC or laptop to charge. You also have your on/off switch too.

 Once turned on a white LED will shine through the blue ABS plastic making it glow blue.

Here it is charging from my main PC via the included USB charging cable.
It takes 3 hours to charge we go into nag-mode...always leave it a little longer for the very 1st charge and never be tempted to use it before the recommended charge time as you will never get a full charge out of its battery. I dont know how many times I say this and I do know how tempting it is just to have a little listen but you may limit the life of your battery.

The instructions say...and they are right the blue LED remains on even after its charged so its sorta guess work. All you know is as long as you leave it charging for at least 3 hours you will get a full charge. 

Next you simply plug the 3.5mm cable thats built into the speaker into your headphone socket of your phone and play your music as normal from your collection or itunes, spotify etc.

Checkout my review and sound samples of the wallet and buddy speaker. its always best to see it in real time.

I'm actually impressed and surprised at the quality of the sound that comes from such a diddy speaker; your not going to get the same sound you get from a £100 speaker...der...obviously! But you will get to hear your favorite vibes wherever you want to hear them, on the beach, at a picnic, traveling or simply inside or out in the garden with your friends or family.
Okay how to explain this...well listen to my video and you will hear the quality from several music samples. The sound has great reach and is quite loud without any interference, I would always want more bass, but the music sounds great. The trebles are high but with no distortion.

Its so damn easy to attach it to your handbag or rucksack and go hiking, its really lightweight and looks super cool, its fun and you will have music anywhere.

Kitsound Buddy speaker even looks great with designer handbags.

 Buddy speakers connected via their own 3.5mm connector jack.

Buddy Speakers
The clever thing with buddy speakers is that they are called "buddy" for a reason. 

Each speaker has its own port and an attached headphone 3.5mm cable, this simply connects into another Buddy speaker socket. You can then connect as many as you like.

Here are my other 2 buddy speakers I own already.

 So simply connect one of the speakers normally to your phone or device (The Hawaiian in the above image), then plug them in one to each other.
 You can have as many connected together as you wish, for more the instructions say.

Buddy sound
When buddied together you get alot more poke, a higher reach of sound and the fun of some quirky characters sitting on your desk.

Here are just...some...of the different designs and characters you can collect.
Which are your favorites?
Ive fallen in love with this little guy next.
Its so!

 For the dog lovers out there here's the NEW French bulldog and a Pug.

NOTE; You will find when you are playing music with more than 1 buddy speaker connected; the sound can become distorted when just one of them needs their battery charging. As soon as its been charged again the sound returns to normal.

Final Opinion
I'm in love with this gorgeous travel set; us girlies love coordinated products and to have a larger travel wallet that holds all your important papers all in one place, keeps your traveling, stress free. I love having everything organized and at hand for stress-free travel.
How many times have you forgotten your passport or the main holiday tickets etc. Probably because it was loose in the bottom of your large tote bag. Now you get to keep everything together and look damn good doing it, plus you also get to purchase a matching mini speaker to take with you anywhere. Enjoy your own music anywhere in the world.
If you have seen my video you will have seen how good the quality is of these mighty midgets...I was expecting them to be really awful sound. Listen for yourself Ive added some music samples.

They are a great bright and breezy set to collect for the Summer holidays. Checkout the other two products in the same line, so you can be "uber" coordinated while traveling!

Passport cover

Luggage tag back and front.

Trendz have brought out two design ranges, the top four are Geometrics and the bottom are Hawaiian. The only main difference is with Geometrics you can get a battery charger and in the Hawaiian you can get a buddy speaker in the matching designs.

Trendz Passport wallet
Amazon Uk
RRR £14.99

The Buddy Speaker
RRR £9.99

All my thanks goes to Trendz for kindly sending these items to share with you all. My views and opinions are my own.

Coming NEXT
The Kitsound Dancefloor Speaker
I cant wait to show you this little guy; its amazing!

If you love Kitsound and Trendz brands like I do; checkout the other products Ive reviewed over the last few years.

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With both my buddy speakers and Bee USB.

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