Saturday, January 30, 2016

Novawo Ladies Winter warm knitted arm-warmers Review

Cold hands warm heart they say; well here's something for those of you that always have cold hands even indoors; but still need your fingers to type etc.
How many of you have been working on your PC or laptop typing for hours and your hands get cold.

Then you sooo need a pair of these fingerless Winter-warm arm-warmers from Novawo. It was something Id never thought of wearing until I was kindly offered a pair to share with you all.

My gloves arrived in a transparent ziplock bag, this is quite unusual but at least its reusable to keep them in.

 I chose the grey option as it will go with anything and Im wearing alot of grey at the moment.

They also come in coffee, black, deep grey and khaki (although the khaki looks more beige; but I love this colour too) they are all gorgeous.

They have crocheted cuffs which are beautifully designed.

The wool is 100% acrylic and feels excellent quality its really thick..super soft and "Winter" warm.

They fit snuggly...did I mention warm...!

I love the crochet detailing on the cuffs it makes this part of the glove much thicker and yes much warmer as well....

Its very feminine too and I love how they come up to my knuckle, I could pull them further over my knuckle but I prefer them like this.

My Thumbs fit easily and snugly through the specially knitted thumb holes; with no restrictions.

 Yep I can still play with my BB-8 and stay warm.

I already had an unbranded cheap pair bought from ebay which went baggy after only a few uses and now almost impossible to wear. However Ive been using these daily for over a week and there has been no saggyness or stretching, the wrinkles you see above is how I like to wear them; with a more slouchy feel to them.

 I absolutely love wearing these, I cannot stress how warm and soft these are as we live in a 400 year old cottage and we don't have heat in every room, so I can now use my phone, laptop and my camera more easily and still stay really snug.
I often suffer with RSI in my wrists and these actually keep my joints pain-free for longer. Ideal for those of you with arthritis too.
They have a lovely feminine design which falls gently over your knuckles, although mine still fit more snuggly as you can see in the images. Im sure after a wash they will fan out like the image on Amazon; either way I would definitely buy another pair. will be seeing these in future gadgety video reviews as Im not taking them off...until Spring!

 Novawo Ladies Winter warm knitted arm-warmers
Check them out here on Amazon Uk
Special offer at this time
(Buy 2 get 5% off at time of writing this; so grab yourself another colour or get a pair for a friend).

 All my thanks goes to Novawo for kindly sending me a pair to share with you all; for an honest unbiased review. 
All my views and opinions are my own.

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