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EtekCity MSR-R500 Mini portable Digital Multimeter review

Etekcity MSR-R500 Mini portable Digital Multimeter

Hi everyone here is something for you electronic hobbyists, DIY-ers or those that tinker alot with their cars.
This Etekcity multimeter is capable of performing many different electronic measuring tasks for different things.

See what we thought of this little gadget?

The multimeter arrives packaged in quite a heavy duty cardboard box to protect it. 

In the box you get your meter with included 9 Volt battery already inserted, 2 test probes and instructions.

 Id like to point out it actually comes with French, Italian, German and English manual booklets; which is quite impressive for such a budget meter.
The booklet is very informative and thorough.

This EtekCity MSR-R500 Mini portable Digital Multimeter...phew say that after a few bevvies....measures DC and AC, Voltage, current, resistance, diode and has audible continuity.. (it beeps when its found linked electrical connections) and it also has built in overload protection.
On first impression it feels lightweight but chunky in your hand surrounded in thick ABS plastic in a satin matt finish. It has a hard rubber removable bumper which will certainly protect it from knocks and drops.
This little multimeter gadget is perfect for personal use and its user-friendly interface includes an easy display to read in daylight or low-light and an excellent back light button if you need it as well.

The Science Bit

  • Safety/Compliances: IEC61010 CAT.I 600V, CAT.II 300V, double insulation 
  • Max.display: 1999, 3 1/2 digits 
  • Range selection: Manual ranging 
  • Overload display: Display OL 
  • DC Voltage: 200mV/2000mV/20V/200V ±(0.5%+2), 500V (0.8%+2) 
  • AC Voltage: 200V/500V ±(1.2%+10) 
  • DC Current: 200μA, 2000μA/20mA ±(1%+2), 200mA ±(1.2%+2), 10A ±(2%+5) 
  • Resistance: 200Ω ±(0.8%+5), 2000Ω/20KΩ/200KΩ ±(0.8%+2), 20MΩ ±(1%+5), 200MΩ ±[5%(reading-10)+10] 
  • Diode Test: Yes 
  • Continuity Test: Yes 
  • Square Wave Output: Yes 
  • Dimensions: 13.0 x 7.4 x 3.6 cm 
  • Power: 1 x 9V Battery (included and fitted)

The Multi-meter Diagram

The large LCD screen makes it super easy to read with the large numbers of 12mm high; great for those with poor sight too.
Also a peel of protector for the screen.

It also comes with a hinged plastic stand that folds flat when not in use.

But folds out to give you an easy viewing angle and hands free use, while taking your readings.

 It has 3 main terminals for the tester probes.

The two tester probes are well made and approximately 42 inches long; giving you a nice working length. They are slightly longer than we've seen in other testers.

The connector ends are made of tough ABS plastic....

  ...with a bung dust protector in each end.

 This makes sure you get a clean connection for any current.

 They both connect well into the terminals.

The tester probes are well designed like 2 pens, the barrels are a rounded triangular shape for comfort grip.

 The barrels have excellent finger grips and a defined edge to stop your fingers slipping onto the metal probes. This is a brilliant safety feature, makes you feel more reassured if your probing high Voltage/Wattage, at least that is what my partner says, In the past he has been zapped 3 times with household current  and way to many times while working on cars.

 I have to admit I dont know alot about electricity testing so it made sense to hand this over to my other half to review to put it through its paces. So here is the multimeter in action testing for continuity on a steering wheel indicator arm.

Note: The booklet guide states that the buzzer will sound if the resistance of the circuit is under 70 ohms.

 Testing a battery for power.

I have to say this is an excellent budget or entry level multimeter as its so affordable yet does most of the things its bigger brothers do.
 Just the fact it comes with a 9 volt battery is a bonus...thank you Etekcity as normally you would have to go searching for a battery you kept in a safe place, but its never there when you need it.

Its a great entry level multimeter for so many things.
  • Electronic students and hobbyists.
  • Motor vehicles.
  • Checking bulbs and fuses around the home.
  • Checking battery voltages.
  • Checking mains lighting switches, wiring and cables. 
This is a really affordable portable multimeter you just wouldn't mind really using and throwing around in your bag or tool box as its so affordable. Its tough exterior and bumper means you can REALLY use this thing with no worries. So if you dont want to take your expensive meter out with you incase you lose or break it, always keep a spare like this around. 
The hold button is super useful as many meters display the results only for a few seconds; this clever hold button keeps the display there giving you time to record it. Its extra large font makes it even easier to read especially for the poor sighted.

The large clear display updates quickly with 2-3 readings a second.
I personally love the inclusion of its dedicated back-light button as it saves on battery power and it really is super bright perfect for working in cupboards, under the stairs and during power-cuts to check your wiring or blown fuses.

Plus a safety overload protection on all ranges.
The unit also has a clever low battery indicator and a buzzer to let you know you have current, its sound tells you how strong the power is...very clever.
The hinged plastic stand at the back gives a really good viewing angle without having to hold it in your hand.

This is as good if not better than the more expensive professional testers my other half has used.

  • Robust unit with solid rubber bumper.
  • Safety overload.
  • Amazing backlight button to stay on.
  • Hold button to read and write down measurements.
  • Built in support stand.
  • Continuity buzzer.
  • Low battery indicator.
  • Displays continually updated results every few seconds. 
  • 9Volt battery already fitted.
  • No carry case to keep meter and tester probes together; however then it would be so much dearer.

 Etekcity MSR-R500 Mini portable Digital Multimeter
Amazon Uk

All my thanks to Etekcity for kindly sending us this to share with you all. All my views and opinions are my own.


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