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Rebelite Portable 24000mAh power bank #Review

As you may know, I'm on a mission to find the most powerful power bank that I can, as we seem to get alot of powercuts where we are in the middle of nowhere. So my eyes lit up when Rebelite kindly sent me their latest and most powerful power bank they offer...24000mAh to share with you all.

With a super tech age most of us have so many devices to save time and make work and play easier...BUT...and there's always a but...the world of tech just hasn't quite caught up with the power thats needed to keep these super clever devices charged through a whole day, away from a main power source.

I am super excited to review this power bank and Im keeping everything crossed thats its going straight to my number 1 spot of power banks...

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You can always tell a product from Xtreme as they have excellent packaging with good product images and explanations before you even get inside.

 Love the fun logo "Got Juice", cleverly taken from the popular "Got Milk".

So whats in the box
You get your large powerbank, USB to micro USB mini cable and 2 instruction leaflets, one in English and one in French. Its nice not to have a War and Peace novel to look through, you simply have an English and a French thin leaflet.
(There is no lightening cable supplied, but you can use your own for apple products).

Ok, so we have the latest Powerbank from Rebelite which is 24000mAh...twenty four thousand thats alot and it makes it officially my largest power bank I own and I cant wait to see just what this bad boy can do.

When you first get this out the box what strikes you the most is its weight, all battery packs are heavy but this really has some substantiated weight to it.
It has a Matt white finish with grey side edging which gives it a modern elegance.

15.3cm long by 8.3cm wide with a depth of 2.2cm so its a really good size, it has to be with this size battery.

The top of the powerbank show an LED battery indicator strip so there's no more guessing how much charge you have left in your powerbank, I love this.
 This lights up with 4 LEDs each one indicating the percentage left.

The back is the same design.

Showing the printed details of the capacity and outputs of the 3 ports...yes I did say 3 ports, you can charge 3 things at once...woohoo Im in gadgety heaven right now.

On the side you have an excellent quality responsive on/off button.

Here, where we have 3 output ports and something extra...a torch..then the input port to charge the powerbank itself.
Output 1 = 1amp
 Output 2 = 1amp
    Output 3 = 2.1amp
Outputs 1 & 2 best for phones and kindles Output 3 for tablets.

Clever Note: Unlike the box image the Output 1 & 2 faces one way, Output 3 is inverted so you dont make a mistake, or it makes you dont force it.

 So Im off to charge this enormous power bank and then put it to work.

Compatible with?
Any device with a USB cable can use the powerbank. 
Phones, tablets, MP3 players, Kindles etc.

Now this review has taken some time as its not like you simply turn it on and off and use it straight away.

It takes upto 15 hours to charge fully...18 hours the very first time.
 The outer box also states it arrives fully charged but the instructions inside state it needs to be charged.
My powerbank did need a full charge and I would always check this anyway.
The brilliant thing about this charger is you get to re-use the same cable. Use it one way like above to charge the powerbank itself, then simply reverse it to charge your devices from one of the ports.
Of course you will need to use your other cables when multicharging.

This little cable is only 22.6cm long which is great for storage, your not carrying around tangled cables.

NOTE: I will always recommend charging a powerbank from a mains charger as one its faster and two you will get a better charge.

Next I just have to sit and wait until Ive flattened my phone...(which wont take long), tablet and kindle many times just to see how many times this can charge my devices to give you guys a fair review.

So to let you all know the facts.
My phone is the Samsung S4 which has a 2500mAh battery
My tablet is the Nexus 10 which has a 9000mAh battery
 Its these two devices I'm testing the powerbank out on as its these that I flatten way too often lol.

I also have a battery app Ive installed onto both my tablet and phone to be able to show you a charge of the exact times its taken and any fluctuations. I use this when reviewing all my powerbanks so you get a real and fair reading.

So firstly my Samsung S4
Here you can see the powerbank has a full charge as its showing all 4 blue LED's and my phone has a 0% common for an S4 lol!

Here are just a few of the charts from my phone battery app to show you the speed of this chargers (Green is the powerbank).
The chart at the end is a charge from the mains for comparison.
I also wanted to show you some of the times when it wasn't flattened completely to see if it made any difference and by looking at these charts its doesn't seem to. You can see the same equal charging curve despite how much charge was left.
This shows the quality of this powerbank, cheaper ones show my chart all over the place.

You can see how superfast the powerbank charged before leveling off near the end; the mains power chart (number 4) shows a slow and continuous charge till 100%.

Now my Nexus 10 
The Nexus is a battery guzzler if anyone has got one or had one will know; so I had everything crossed for the powerbank to be able to charge this.

 My Nexus 10 however wasn't as quick as the phone obviously with such difference in mAh. 
Phone 2500 and tablet 9000 mAh and it took quite awhile to charge from 0% - 100% .....approximately 14.5 hours....but it does take a long time even from the mains. But, even so you can still see its an even smooth curve with no blips.

 I also wanted to point out too that the powerbank actually had 50% left (I took a photo just after it had fully charged to show you); so I knew I could probably get at least another complete charge on my phone.
Most powerbanks can only manage to charge 1 device per charge. I love that I can now get several charges or charge phone and tablet together...woohoo!

Device Variables
Obviously there will always be variables in the time and amount of charge depending on;
  • If you charging more than 1 device at a time?
  • Each device will be taking different power from it?
  • Each device, particularly phones are all set up differently and will be working in the background even while turned off. Its checking emails, updating files etc so will be using power at different times?
  • Did you charge your powerbank from the wall or PC; this can make a difference however slight? 
  • How old is the device, everything has a shelf life, inbuilt batteries and hardware.
  • Screens vary in size and pixel dimensions, if the item is turned on more power lost.

 The Torch
 What this powerbank has that makes it a bit different is the fact it also has a torch and not just any torch its a damn good one too. Take a look at the piks, its bright and I guesstimate its about 50 lumens.

It still is a bit heavy to just carry as a torch alone, but being a charger as well its a great bonus to have. Saving you lugging around 2 products you have a 2 for 1 in your bag.

Aesthetics - I love the white a grey design, the smooth edges allow good grip. It looks elegant and expensive and the Matt smoothness of the case gives it a nice feel.
Its sturdy and could certainly withstand bumping around in your rucksack or bag. However it is quite heavy so you really need to be based to use this comfortably, its not a powerbank to just slip in your bag unless your desperate to use portable power. Leave it in the tent or car till you get back for the day.
However if you are camping and hiking your reducing the need to carry several powerbanks and a spare torch. So it completely depends on your situation.

This powerbank managed 4 complete charges of my S4 which I felt it should have done a few more, but Im still using it and as with many chargers they need to be "worked in" I will update this if I can get a few more out of it.
It managed 1 full charge of my Nexus 10, which I personally feel it should have been able to do another. But again my Nexus 10 had alot going on inside.
Note: You have to remember that no power-bank or battery will ever work to its full stated power, and as I say they often need to be flattened (discharged) completely before a full recharge a few watch this space..

The Apple iphones have smaller batteries, some 1810mAh so you will be getting more charges than me.
So to summarize its a fab powerbank and at such a high mAh its certainly worth keeping one in as you just never know when you may have a powercut and with a family of phones, tablets and kindles it would mean disaster to not have social media, emails or just simply phone calls.
Always be able to have many hours of music and stand-by power.

Afterall power-banks could save a life.

So here's my traveling kit; my phone, tablet and powerbank. Im not carrying it around for long distances but its perfect for in the car or staying away. Plus the torch is so useful in emergencies.

  • High Capacity battery.
  • Sturdy build.
  • 3 device ports.
  • 2 modern and elegant colour options.
  • Duo use micro USB cable.
  • Torch.
  • No carry case for the price.

You can buy yours from with a choice of 2 colours
(This model is identical in build)

All my thanks goes to Rebelite for kindly sending me this to share with you all for an honest, unbiased review.
Review Coming soon

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