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Peony Artificial flowers Haul and Video Review

Today is something quite different to my usual gadgety reviews, but Im sure every gadget-a-holic wants a nice home so I just wanted to share with you my latest addiction.
Do you love gardening but do not have a garden, do you live in a flat? Do you struggle to maintain a garden because of work and home commitments with no time or energy.
But you still want to bring the garden indoors?
Then Peony flowers are for you.

Peony Flowers are based in Shropshire on the Ragley Hall estate where they not only grow hundreds of real flowers in their stunning gardens; but they take hundreds of photos so they can duplicate the beauty within their silk flowers for us to enjoy.

I decided after collecting quite a few now; I wanted to share them all with you too.
See my full video review of my latest buys on their
Winter sale and also see the flowers I already own from my collection.

I really am excited to share these with you as I have 9 of them already and they make such a difference to our home in so many ways.

If you'd rather listen to me ramble than read it  :-)   then scroll down to my full video review.

Okay I know Im a gagdety site but one of the reasons I love Peony is the fact they have used technology and modern materials to produce something so natural looking and beautiful.

Peony flowers are the best faux flowers I have ever seen and Ive seen alot; we live in the middle of the English Countryside in a beautiful old cottage, but our small windows do not let in enough light for live flowers and plants to live a healthy life and Ive lost way too many that is until I discovered Peony...thank you QVC.

About Peony

Royal Horticultural Society
Peony are very proud to be the only manufacturer of faux flowers that has been recognized by the Royal Horticultural Society for their floral excellence. So life-like, their flowers really are indistinguishable from the real thing.
Growing in Soil
Peony potted plants and bulbs look truly authentic Growing in Soil or moss. Using their exclusively developed technique they set soil firmly in place creating a long lasting, life-like look to each plant.
Still Water™
Developed exclusively for Peony arrangements, the Still Water™ formula is cured to ensure a long lasting clear, magnifying effect; just like the real thing. So life-like you too can add real water to your Still Water™ arrangement and combine fresh stems to 'create your own'.

Why I love Peony
Since I found Peony Ive been addicted to these stunning designs, they offer not only huge and beautiful flower displays but stunning smaller designs like mine. 
I wanted the "Ive just nipped outside and taken a cutting and popped them in a vase".....look!!!

As you can see I went a bit mad buying from their Winter sale last week, but look how well they were packaged...checkout my video to see me unboxing these 3 flowers.

These two were my first 2 buys from QVC about 8 months ago and are still going strong today.
On the left is a Scabius flower with Ranunculus and a pink rose and on the right are Freesias and a single white rose. 
I love how the designers plan what flowers look good with what, as they are always stunning.

 They are all hand finished and I cannot express enough just what amazing quality and attention to detail each flower is.

Checkout the detail and how beautiful they look "Close-Up"

Peony also offer flower room sprays, that dont just spray around the room, you spray on the actual flower itself. The silk material soaks up the scent and your room smells like the actual flower for days. This is just genius. I have the Freesia scent that I spray regularly on the flowers above and my room smells like a Spring day all year round.
*Note to self I really need to get some more.....

Even down to the detail on the leaves.

Peony's own form of "water" resin thats is added to the gorgeous glass vases and is then placed in a warming room to set hard. Tell me this doesn't look real, it even has the bubbles.

My last buy was from QVC a few weeks ago where I picked up this gorgeous Rose and sweet pea set of three. The rose on the left is actually deep pink..not red as the image shows...we then have cream and light pink, see the video for the correct colours.

Here is my full Peony collection.
Left at the back is (1) the Scabius and Rununculus, (2) The Freesias and rose, then (3) one of my newest 3 is the Dahliah jug, (4) foxglove plant and vase.
(5) Then at the front you can see 3 single roses (Pale pink, dark pink and cream) with sweetpeas and (6) next to that is my favorite Lavender sprigs and right at the front (7) is my smallest 2 roses in a small vase.

 The fireplace looks dressed now with the Foxgloves and the Dahlia jug on it, real foxgloves simply wouldn't survive as this room is fairly dark.

This is one of my favorites...well how can you choose...these sprigs of lavender are just beautiful and these will look incredible anywhere in your home.

Peony flowers look amazing even when just plonked onto the windowsill any old-how.

They are pretty bomb proof too, the wind blew it straight off my table and it didn't even smash; the glass is pretty thick and none of the stems bent or were damaged.
(Couldn't believe my camera caught this shot lol).
 Ive also found them easy to care for and any dust just flicks off or you can wipe them. (see my video).

Checkout my video on my full collection of Peony; just grab a coffee and cake first as Ill show you a box opening and detail on each flower I have, plus my thoughts of course.
But the main fact is you get to see all the flowers in real time with actual siizing NOT an image which could be photoshopped and I challenge you to tell me these dont look real.

I think you know already especially if you've watched my video that I love Peony flowers and yes its an addiction as they are always bringing out new designs. They also offer bunches of flowers so if you have your own vases you can make your own arrangements too.
The flowers are extremely well made and the attention to detail is second to none as they are all hand finished.
They are so affordable but you also have to remember you have these flowers for life, they wont die off, get greenfly, you dont have to remember to water them; perfect if you have a busy home or are always traveling, you can still enjoy the beauty of flowers by bringing nature indoors.

So dont forget to watch my video where I do walk-through every flower in detail for you. If you want me to do another post on each of the flowers with more close-ups and in more detail let me know?

I warn you now you will be addicted!!!

 Here are the ones from my collection they have on their site in the sale right now. But they have so many more and I know you will find something you like.

Also checkout more of the range on QVC, Ive got a few from there too.

As you've probably noticed I use these flowers as backgrounds to my reviews as they look so good and Im sure you will be seeing them in many others too. Let me know what you guys think?

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