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Axis Aerius The WORLDS Smallest Quadcopter #Review

Im as happy as a puppy with two tails, I cant wait to show you this insy winsy tiny Quadcoptor which does all the same things that its much bigger brothers do.

I actually reached out to Axis when I first saw this as I really needed to share this little guy with you all.

I recently reviewed the Xflyer and boy did we have some fun with that checkout my video review above.

Axis kindly sent us 2 of their tiniest Quadcoptors to review, this one is the Aerius which is now officially THE SMALLEST Quadcopter, it superseded the previous smallest, the wallet drone, but still just as fun.

Click the jump to checkout this adorable Quadcopter.

Just to say quickly I was kindly sent these directly from the US and they arrived from across the pond well packaged with no damage.
The Aerius has fab brightly coloured packaging corresponding to the colour you choose. I chose the orange as I really wanted this little guy to show up for the pictures.
The plastic transparent packaging is printed with  details of the Aerius and the back even shows all the parts to it. 
Plus I love the clever side image (number 3) showing a honeycomb design which shows in icons everything it can do.

In the box you get your little Aerius in its own case/handset, the USB charging cable and your mini instructions.

 Im actually very impressed with the detailed glossy pages of this instruction booklet. It really has everything you need to know to get you started. Even the kids would understand this.

The USB charging cable also had 4 spare rotor blades in the same bag; just checkout how tiny these are. Ive photographed them on a 50p piece to show you.

What gripped me with this mini quadcopter was the fact they had used the words "worlds smallest" thats a massive quote so we just had to see this.
So what size is the SMALLEST quadcopter in the world?
  • The NEW World's Smallest Quadcopter ® 
Drumroll...... 3cm x 3cm x dinky.
Its actually registered and proven to be the smallest. 

Main features are;
  • Matching compact 2.4 gHz controller and storage unit.
  • 5-7 minute flight time per 15-20 minute charge via its USB cable; 3.7volt 80mAh battery.
  • Headless mode (easy)- perfect for beginners to ensure flight orientation.
  • 2 speeds pre-programmed for desired level of sensitivity.
  • 6-Axis Gyro-stabilization keeps it stable and centered.
  • 360 Degree rotational Yaw allows users to seamlessly adjust orientation.
  • Pre-programmed trick mode algorithm provides amazing flips and rolls.
  • Bright LEDs for night flight, orientation and low battery warning.
  • Available in a choice of 4 colours.
  • Portable.
  • You can practice full flight mechanics.

Choice of 4 fantastic colours. I love the orange as it super bright and easy to see.
I cannot explain to you how excited I am to show you this adorable gadget, it seriously can do everything its bigger brothers can do; but first let me show you round.
First of all I love, love, love how the Aerius can be stored in its OWN handset...genius...just genius I say!!!
Being so tiny how easy would it be to break these tiny rotors bouncing around in a bag or jacket pocket.
What I love even more is the fact the plastic lid has a gorgeous honeycomb design which you can just see in the image above; its these little details I love in products, it could just have been domed and left at that.
note - before closing the lid make sure all rotors are turned in.

The lid flips up to open using these finger edges and has a perfect depth to view your Quadcopter.

Turn it over and you have a coordinating color battery compartment cover which holds 2 AAA batteries to power the 2.4 gHz unit; this by the way is usually the power for outdoor remote controlled toys!!!

So checkout THE AERIUS really just look at it! Its adorable...sorry to those of you that dont see this as adorable its not a fluffy kitten or a puppy but its so diddy!
Its extremely well built, I was totally taken back to how well this is designed, I expected it to be ultra flimsy, how could it not...

But honestly take a look at how solid it is, its even got a chunky appearance. On the side you can see it has its own on/off button. It even has breather holes so it doesn't overheat as those little motors really have to work.
Even at this size they have incorporated landing feet. Its the little touches in the design that I love about a product.

Here you can see on the left, the charging connector jutting out the side, there's just no room inside, but you barely notice it. The Aerius also has the Axis logo printed ontop too which looks really cool. The 4 white rotors really are tiny as you can see below, they have direct attachment to the motors, which means there is no damage to any gears or cogs, less weight and less to go wrong. 

 They just simply pop off to clean or replace as you can see above.

 They fit easily inside a 50p piece.
Each rotor also has a number on them either a 1 or a 2, so you know which one to fit if you lose one.
make sure the numbered blades sit opposite each other as the instructions dont explain this; otherwise it just wont fly properly.
When I crash landed the Aerius and all souls on board were lost, tiny families are to be informed! Two of the blades came off, I didn't know they were numbered and for the next few tries I thought that my coordination had gone wangy, then I found the embossed numbers under the blades and a quick swap all was good again.

Charging the Aerius
This is the comical bit, the USB fits over the connector chip jutting out and it actually has a really solid join, no wiggling here; again really well made. It's so light you can literally hang it off the cable...Im sure someone will tell me off for doing this but it is firmly connected together.

It can also sit on its side; here you can see how good this connection is.
Yay 15-20 mins later your ready to go...woohoo!

 Just for those who will tell me off; here's the proper way to charge it; sitting neatly inside its own storage case...arhhh...!

What I do love is that the USB cable lights up red and turns off when fully charged approx 15 mins later.

I absolutely love how diddy the remote control is, but
its chunky enough to feel substantial in your hand as it has a good depth to it; even my other half agrees and he has bigger hands than me.

So all that's left is to show you just how good this little quad flies; so I've added a video too as you really need to see this little guy in action.
But I also wanted to show you some size comparison images so here they are below;

This is a AA Duracell rechargeable battery.

 Those of you in the UK will understand the 50p piece; but here's a cent too.

 The ladies out there will understand the YSL lippy comparison.

And if your a keen gardener, well, you get the idea.
Learning to fly
I have to say I have had fun learning to fly this little guy compared to the larger version as its soo fast also more thing to watch out for in the house compared to outside. It has so much power its off like a rocket and I dont know if its just me but you sort of panic to control it and it's hit the ceiling so many times or got caught in my throw on the sofa; but wow its so much fun being an indoor toy. It seems to be bombproof and no damage to report.
 I cant even think of anything wrong with it only that you just start getting the knack of hovering etc and the battery flashes to let you know its time to charge it, but you still get a good amount of time.

Trick Mode
Well...hmm...I personally didn't do very well on this so I definitely need more practice as I'm sure its pilot error here. To get it to do tricks you press the right stick in and then flip in any direction to get it to do a loop Its seems to go into speed mode and I found it harder to control. But I'll update you on this as I'm sure its me doing something blonde!
I can hover and go up and down and straif left/right its just brilliant especially if you hover over someone or something for fun.
If you move the left stick L or R the quadcopter will also rotate on it's axis in that direction.
Below the control sticks are two fine tuning 4 way buttons, if you find it moving while you are hovering.

You wouldn't think they could fit in coloured LED into something so small; but they have and doesn't it look gorgeous. We have so much fun flying it in a pitch black room and its actually easier to see and watch. Blue is forward. Once they start flashing you have about 30 seconds of fun left.
Watch the animation below to see it in action.

Being small has its advantages!
A fun animation.

Soft landing!
I'm sooo impressed with this amazing little drone, it flies with the power of a larger version and you can feel the blast of air as it flies past you and if it hits your hand or leg it just takes you by surprise.
I love that it sounds like a bee buzzing around and when learning to fly it, it seems the!
It is very easy to fly once you have the hang of it, a bit speedy to the uninitiated compared to a larger version (outside) as its so fast, but treat the controls gently and you will be fine. It is definitely an indoor toy you WILL lose it if you take it outside, as its getting that control and the wind could just whip it off in another direction.
Its quick to charge and you get alot of fun for approximately 7 mins; although for me some of that time is picking carpet, hair and even a spider wed from the rotors lol.
The good thing is the rotors pop off and are easily untangled and popped back on again; so far no major or permanent damage has been done, not even a lost rotor, YET!

How many people have said "I want a quadcopter for Xmas", well get them one of these as a starter its fun for everyone even if your chasing the dog or the kids; disclaimer dont chase the dog or the kids ;-) , or landing it on Grandad's Xmas turkey whatever makes you laugh its well worth it; fab conversation starter too.
I have to say I highly recommend it, if you know anyone who loves their remote controlled toys you HAVE to get them one of these...sod two and treat yourself as well as after-all its the smallest quadcopter in the world, who wouldn't want to own one of these!!!

  • Excellent build.
  • Spare rotors.
  • USB charged.
  • Its stored in its OWN handset.
  • LED lights.
  • Quick to charge.
  • Enough playtime for fun.
  • Does stunts
  • None

Buy your Axis Aerius  from Axis Drones

All my thanks goes to Axis Drones for kindly sending us 2 of their amazing Quadcopters to share with you all. Other review coming soon.
All my views and opinions are my own.

Coming soon from AxisDrones is the Wallet Drone Review.
This was the original "Smallest Quadcopter in the world" until it was superseded by the Aerius but this little guy is also charged within its own case.
I cant wait to show you this too.

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  1. Axis Aerius is not only the world's smallest best quadcopter while it looks too much attractive. Its size is 3cm x 3cm x 2cm. Moreover, available in different colours but orange one is the best that I have also used.


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