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Thorfire WF-502B 500 Lumens Torch Review


Well People its all Hallows eve tonight, the time that
Ghosties and Ghoulies and long legged beasties and things that go bump in the night, roam around waiting to scare the Bejesus out of you.
So what better way of seeing who or what is lurking in the dark, I bring you my weapon of choice, it may not banish them from this mortal coil but it will hurt there eyes.
I give you the Thorfire torch.

This little marvel of engineering is crafted from Aircraft grade Aluminum and for its size it is very sturdy and weighty at 110 Grams not including battery, it will and has received quite a few drops and is still going very strong.

It came in a standard corrugated brown box with bubble wrap inside for protection and a set of instructions explaining the 3 different light modes.  

The instructions tell you that you will need a 3.7V 18650 Battery (not included), how to fit and that by pressing the tail switch on/off button once you will get full beam but a second quick tap will reduce the intensity and one more quick tap it will be at the lowest brightness, great if you are far from your destination and you need the power to last longer.
I have bought (online) a rechargeable battery and charger very cheap and on full beam I am finding that the torch lasts about half an hour, before recharging.

On the lowest setting it is about three quarters of an hour, but this is all down to the quality of the battery, pay more for the battery and you should get longer usage.

The tail on/off switch, easy to press even with gloves on.

The head of the Thorfire has what is commonly called a glass breaker built in, this also allows the torch to stand face side down without scratching the High-efficiency reflection lens.

Showing the reflective surround that houses the 500 Lumens Cree bulb.
The Body of the torch has a lightly engraved grip to it making it very comfy to hold even for long periods of time.

This is small enough to keep in your purse, bag, pocket or even as an emergency torch in the dashboard, it also has a Very rugged belt clip for convenience. It is a good size for Male or Female hands and feels like it will last through a Zombie breakout, so if your a prepper, a bit like me, get a few and stick them around the house, You just never know!

When taking pictures of lights, it is very subjective as how the camera wants to pick up the focus of the beam and these pictures really dont do the Torch the credit it deserves, this was in a pitch black room and it has a very sharp, crisp beam.

Outside the beam can get slightly defused at the extremity, but that has to be a trade off for pinpoint beam and for a single Cree bulb I think thats fantastic.

There are rubber seals to keep out moisture but it's not being sold as an under water light source so Im going with shower proof.

Dimensions are : 
The length is 13.7 cm
Head diameter is 3.4 cm
Body diameter is 2.5 cm

  • Well constructed.
  • Very bright.
  • Dimming functions.
  • Belt clip.
  • Window breaker.
  • Comfortable to hold.

  • None really, just trade off, of softer light on the far edges.
  • Maybe a battery, but then the price would be higher.

You can buy yours from Here 


Have a happy Halloween everyone.

All my thanks go to the lovely people at, for kindly sending me this Thorfire torch to share with you all, for an unbiased review.
All my views and opinions are my own.

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