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Thorfire multi functional camping light review

 If you find the need to explore old castles and dungeons the two things you are really gona need are a big sword and a reliable lantern, read on to find information on one of them.

Thorfire multi functional camping light

As you may/may-not know I love camping and outdoor living gadgets, let's say anything zombie apocalyptic..well you never know...right....!!!!

So when I was asked by Thorfire (Eachine) if I'd like to review another lantern of theirs I just couldn't wait.
A few months ago I fell in love with their collapsible rechargeable lantern with incredible light output, well this one was slightly different with more output and an extra trick up it's (plastic) sleeve.

The lantern arrived in sturdy cardboard box with a user guide, USB cable and carabina clip.

It's ironic that it's such a strong box to house an almost bombproof light.

On the back of the box is some information.

The side shows which color lantern is inside also what other colors are available.

On opening the box I found I had a lovely shade of blue. But there is a choice of black, red and green. I love this blue though.

Made of ABS plastic if feels sturdy in your hand...I mean really sturdy...

It's a perfect size to use as a main camping light for any of your camping trips or home powercut or any emergency to be honest.

This chunky lantern has an excellent width to sit squat on the ground so it' going to take quite a knock to make this light fall over.
It really has a lovely chunkiness to it.
 4 rubber feet grip any surface even when wet.
Ontop you have 2 metal handles which fold up so you can hang it up in a tree or tent etc. They can then fold down when not in use.

To help hang it even more securely they even supply you with a neat little carabiner.

 I love these clips as they have 101 different uses and as an avid apocalyptic prepper you can never have enough.

Here's the clever of the clever bits.

The top part shows an open/close twist off top to reveal the 1st way to power this uber clever light with 3 X AA penlights we have gone one step better and use rechargeable penlights...long term saving those pennies and the occasional Polar Bear.

Okie well that would be enough for most camping lights; but oh no...not with Thorfire.

Turn it upsidown and you find the Base unscrews for another set of batteries, a pair of 3.7v 18650's...why... I will explain in a minute. Neither set's of batteries are included, but it is getting the product out to the consumer at a good price point.
We decided on the same ones we have for the Thorfire torch in my earlier review, they seem to be up to the job.

On the side you have a rubberized on off/mode button.

Opposite side you have a USB port...well this is not what you think..its not only to charge the's also there to charge your phone or tablet, etc....
So this super clever lantern not only gives you light it will top up your phone too in emergencies.

So to summarize the power.
The top batteries power the light and all its modes (I'll explain next). The Base batteries are to charge anything with a USB cable...sorry applites  unless you have a converter no charging for you.
;-(   sneaky laugh.

Lighting modes
Okay the bit you've all been waiting for how good is the light? My answer is well which light...clever Thorfire have added 4 lighting modes;
1) Bright white.
2) Super bright white.
3) Red.
4) Flashing red.

To turn on you simply pull the top part up and it automatically comes on...genius.... Thorfire simplifies everything.

The nights in the UK are drawing in and when I say this was dark, I mean like searching for an Oreo down a coal mine dark, as you can see even on normal brightness it did well for outside, it is defused which gives a more even glow.

You may wish to give a more seductive allure to your abode, this light not only makes the call but also turns down the bed-covers for you.

 Measuring......13 cm closed.
18 cm open as in on.
The diameter is 8.3cm

Well this is a stunning little light and I have to say everyone NEEDS one of these in their home you just never know when.
Being in the middle of nowhere we need to see them-there axe wealding maniacs and as we get regular powercuts we've used it already.  On the bright setting (not super bright) it lasts over 6 hours it was still going on after 6 but was dimming. Obviously bright will be less but you keep that back for when you need a boost.
The red light is ideal for being in the wilderness it won't scare the animals.
The flashy red perfect for car breakdowns...shush..we've not had to use that yet...!

I really must recommend this adorable chunky lantern. It's not only a light, but for my phone too. My S4 is a battery drinker so I'm happy to get just a few more calls with it.
For me it managed an extra 26% which is amazing. You may get more depending on the quality of batteries your using.We try to stick to high mAh, quality rechargeable Duracels not quite the same with our 18650's generic batteries, stick to a good known name and they will last longer.

It's bombproof so well made; it can really take the knocks and falls. Rattling around in a rucksack etc.
The batteries do add a bit of weight but it feels substantial. It's dependable in an emergency or when you can't find your contact lens....

When I say super bright...I mean super...eye squinty bright. This will light your tent, garden anywhere like it's daylight...ok...maybe not daylight... you know what I mean.

To be honest to make it last longer it's good enough to keep it on bright. (Not super bright).
When I first turned it on I thought it was on brightest setting until I clicked through the modes and felt my retinas melting with how bright it was...seriously! !!

It's affordable and worth every penny when you need it, if your only buying one camping light this is the one you need.

Excellent build quality.
Light is super bright.
Good as a flashing warning light.
Lasts for hours.
Charges your chosen USB device e.g phone.
Strong handles.
Added carabiner.



You can by your Thorfire Lantern HERE

All my thanks go to Eachine and Thorfire for kindly sending me this amazing Lantern for this review.
All my views and opinions are my own.



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