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Essence of Arcadia Aromatherapy Oils selection #Review

Essence of Arcadia Aromatherapy Oils selection

Today Im excited to bring you total relaxation!

I was kindly asked if I would like to show you guys a selection of aromatherapy oils from a company Essence of Arcadia. Im always interested in ways to feel better, less stressed naturally without chemicals or trips to the Doctors. Aromatherapy works on our senses, stimulating areas of our brain to help repair and improve certain health problems. So I couldn't wait to see what these gorgeous 2 sets of oils would be like.

First of all what are aromatherapy oils?
Essential oils are a natural oil typically obtained by distillation and having the characteristic odour of the plant or other source from which it is extracted eg; Lavender oil is extracted from the flower heads of guessed it! Lavender plants.

Whether your an experienced user or a complete beginner to Aromatherapy or you just want to simply enjoy nice smells in your home, then you will love either one of these beautiful sets of aromatherapy oils.

  • 100% Therapeutic Grade.
  • Pure and undiluted in anyway.
  • No preservatives. 
  • Free from synthetic chemicals or any other artificial  ingredients.

Essence of Arcadia only sell the finest, therapeutic grade oils which are all unmixed and pure; each oil is checked and has the relevant certification so you know its completely safe to use.
They cut out the middle men and directly manufacture their own products which means great quality and prices to us as the buyer.

They kindly sent me 2 gift boxes of their finest oils to show you guys, so Im going to do my best to explain them without Smelli-Vision.
Note to self : Copywrite "Smelli-Vision".

 Both sets of oils arrived extremely well packaged in cellophane.

First of all guys I have to address how gorgeous the packaging is, who wouldn't want to receive these as a gift. I was so impressed with the subtle elegance of the packaging which in turn is also sturdy enough to store all the oils in until you need them.
With any aromatherapy oils you need to store them in a cool dry place.

Both sets are inside thick cardboard boxes, and when I say cardboard I mean really thick strong boxes perfect for storage which not only look great but will protect your oils.
A white label surrounds the middle of each set which looks elegant and expensive.

The front shows the classy elegance, turn the box over to show the social media and take off the label and underneath it explains all the oils inside and their purity.

I was so taken with how gorgeous the presentation is on these boxes, the sleek, understated elegance with no flashy gold, glitter or bows.

The first set

 Here is the first set a gorgeous sturdy black box of 6 x 10ml of aromatherapy oils.

The lid lifts off to reveal;
  • Cinnamon.
  • Peppermint.
  • Lavender.
  • Tea-Tree.
  • Frankincense.
  • Eucalyptus.
Here are all your most popular basic aromatherapy oils to get you started.

The oils fit snug in this box so there's no jiggling around in the post which could result in leaks and broken bottles. They sit tightly inside.

Don't they look great together!
The bottles themselves are dark to keep them fresh and protected from the sun and heat. The lids have ridges so you can twist them off easily.
They also have a lid seal which you have to break as you open the lid. Proving they are sterile for use.
The lids are not childproof, but I am sure you would be keeping these away from anything and anyone that might come between you and your Arcadia collection.

Set 2

Set of 14 x 10mls of Aromatherapy oils

 Inside you will find them tightly packed so they cant jiggle around, each is colour coordinated so they become easy to find once you know your favorite smell.
Inside you have:
  • Cinnamon.
  • Bergamot.
  • Eucalyptus.
  • Frankincense.
  • Lavender.
  • Peppermint.
  • Tea-Tree.
  • Clary-Sage.
  • Grapefruit.
  • Rosemary.
  • Lemongrass.
  • Ylang Ylang.
  • Orange.
  • Healing Blend this includes a combination of Tea-Tree, Eucalyptus, Cinnamon, and Ginger essential oils.
  • Plus FREE aromatherapy guide, recipes and blends.

 This beautifully illustrated aromatherapy book covers a summary of every oil enclosed and its benefits. Plus other products like the diffusers you can buy from Essence of Arcadia.
The glossy pages make this a wonderful little book to learn about the oils. It also contains 5 recipes to get you started as it can be overwhelming to know which oils you can combine.
  • Fatigue Fighter- wake and feel refreshed for the day.
  • Confidence, Concentration and memory - Perfect for an important interview or if you need a boost at work. They cleverly advise to mix in a carrier oil and rub on your hands and wrists and inhale deeply.
  • Liquid sunshine - Refresh yourself, diminish stress and boost your energy.
  • Silent night - Get a calm relaxed nights sleep.
  • Health and feeling - A mix of health benefits from antibacterial and antioxidant properties to help you feel cleansed and refreshed.

 You have 13 individual essential oils, but they have also added The Healing Blend which is a clever blend of Tea-Tree, Eucalyptus, Cinnamon, and ginger essential oils. Perfect if your feeling under the weather, pop on your pillow if your in bed or best results use in a diffuser.

Each bottle has its own dropper so the oils dont just run out, they allow you the control you need to add just a few drops at a time.

Im so pleased with these two amazing sets of oils, Ive been buying the odd aromatherapy oil for over 30 years...eep yes I am that old, grown-up..mainly lavender as its always been my favorite oil; but Ive never had the opportunity to own a stunning set like these. I cant recommend these enough and I wish I had a set like this years ago as I haven't stopped using them.
Ive had a sniff at each oil and I can honestly say wow...I mainly use them in my diffuser and for me it really makes me feel good and the house smell good too. Aromatherapy oils are safe for kids and animals and never too overpowering like alot of perfumed diffuser oils you can buy.
These oils can also be used in a carrier oil and massaged into the skin as they are all tried and tested. The gorgeous glossy booklet included offers a huge variety of ideas to get you started and where and when to use diffuser or massage; It includes 5 recipes for today's stresses and struggles at work and home.
They really have thought of everything.

 I wasn't sure initially on all the different coloured bottles as I thought it may have looked nicer to have them all matching; but Ive now found I can see all my favorites at a glance.

Ive used oils in the past which have preservatives and other chemicals added and  Ive had awful allergic reactions so believe me it is always best to pay a little more for this quality and excellence. With Essence of Arcadia you have peace of mind that they are of a superior quality as they make them up themselves and have their own certification.

Either of these two sets are ideal if you are a beginner or just want the best, what a fab starter kit for an aromatherapist.
If your just after a few to try out for a diffuser then the set of 6 will be perfect, but if your interested in aromatherapy more seriously and have been looking to buy a variety of oils but not sure where to start this set of 14 is perfect. Even if you are an experienced user they are so beautifully packaged its a wonderful addition to your kit. It is a real treat for anyone.
 I feel most people would really appreciate receiving either set; particularly if that person is into self healing or just needs to wipe away the stresses of life. If you know someone who has been ill or is recovering from illness what better gift, get the oils and a diffuser and they are ready to go.
Someone bed-bound would love the opportunity to play with the different recipes to help them feel better.
Ive already used quite a few in my diffuser already and they are just gorgeous, the smells are divine darling!!!
My particular favorite is their own recipe for fatigue the citrus mix with peppermint really does waken your mind... Im also using silent works!!!

Kit 1

Kit 2

from Amazon Uk
or go directly from 

All my thanks goes to Essence of Arcadia for kindly sending me these oils to share with you all.
All my views, opinions and sense of smell are my own.
Coming soon
Essence of Arcadia diamond diffuser review

You will see from the images above I have these lavender sprigs in the background, gorgeous arnt they...these are from Peony Flowers and are actually man-made not grown...stunning arnt they.

Here are two more from Peony flowers...Peony review haul coming soon....


  1. I LOVE this product! I just received my sets from Rebecca and am already thinking of who else I can gift them to! If you'd like to see some great recipes or find out more tips about how to use essential oils check out and see these products in action!

    1. Hi Sarah Thanks for popping by, yep Im now off to checkout some of your recipes...cheers for this.
      I haven't stopped using mine since they arrived, they are just gorgeous.

  2. I've just started on my Aromatherapy journey and I've found it quite overwhelming trying to source my essential oils. This starter pack is ideal. I've tried the recipes in the booklet and they are gorgeous. The oils are high quality and affordable. The packaging looks luxurious and is durable.

    1. Hi Melissa Im glad you love these sets too; I use them everyday. I hope you continue loving your aromatherapy journey, it becomes a way of life and I hope you love it as much as we do.
      Thanks for popping by. xxx


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