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Rebelite Xtreme Xflyer RC Stunt Quadcopter with 6 axis of control & 360 degree flips Review.

I have what I can only describe as TomCat Feelings for the product I am bringing you today guys. yep even as a girl Im seriously in love with this. It's something quite different and if you are a radio-controlled enthusiasts then go grab a coffee and bikky and keep reading.
 I know the girls arn't meant to enjoy playing with these but I have to say wow its so much fun and something that both my other half and I have used almost every day, both day and night!
So today I'm bringing you one of the best "Quadcoptors" Ive ever tried.
If I can do this and have an absolute blast so can you!
Rebelite kindly sent me a few of their newest products and I just cant wait to show you this Xflyer stunt Quadcopter.

 So lets get on with my review, I have added a full video review too so if you dont want to read my rambling feel free to scroll down and listen to my rambling ;-)

Rebelite kindly sent me a few more things to show you guys but today Im showing you the XFlyer Quadcoptor for today WooHoo!

I had my doubts about being able to fly this myself as in the past I have been awful at flying planes and helicopters and as my other half had quite expensive planes I didn't dare try to fly them just incase I reduced them to plastic pieces. So I was sooo excited to have the chance to fly one of these.

The packaging arrived all the way across the pond with no dents or damage. The Xtreme Xflyer has a fab box and gives you loads of info so you just want to get it out the box and into the air. (My video shows the full box opening and first thoughts.)
Inside the box you get your Xflyer and battery, handset and spare rotors, screwdriver, plus your instruction manual.
It also comes with feet or stabilizers this enables easier take off and landing.

This stunning looking Xflyer Quadcopter is made of ABS plastic which I have to say on getting this out the box is so light but a fantastic fun size. Nothing worse than ordering a remote control model and receiving something barely the size of your hand.
The Xflyer measures 39cm in diameter and sits 9cm high on its stabilizers.
Its also 2.4GHZ meaning its perfect for flying outside it has the power to fly in a breeze, but it also flies fine indoors too although I would say you need a larger room for that.

It has 4 small motors in each arm which are covered by the frame, extending out from each arm is the rotor guards and by god do these protect it. I have lost count the amount of times we have landed in a tree or bush and so far it seems bomb proof; the fact its so light if it hits something hard like the ground it has a tendency to bounce across the surface checkout my full video. Ive shown you my good and bad flying skills lol.

The rotors come in 2 white and 2 black this is so you can see which is the front of the Quadcoptor, the black is forward and give you the direction to fly in, two are made to rotate clockwise and the other two anticlockwise, so dont think you can mix and match.

 The underside of each rotor has plastic cogs powered from the motor and the 3 LED's on the arm.

The Xflyer is powered by a 600 mah Li-Polymer battery which is supplied; but weve been using this so much we bought a spare battery to have double the fun. You can see the connector just presses into the port as seen below.

These slot into the underside of the Xflyer.

The Handset
Next the handset, this on first thoughts felt plasticky and a bit cheap; however after using and flying the Quadcoptor for a few weeks it really is solid construction despite being thick white plastic, you can use it with wet or cold hands, drop it a few times leave it on damp dewey ground and its been absolutely fine. So I take back my first thoughts.

It has a 2 inch transmitting antenna, 2 top buttons for LED's and stunts, 2 thumb  controllers, the first is the throttle up and down, spin left and right, the second on the right hand side is to fly forwards backwards strafe left and strafe right.

The two buttons you can see on the logo panel are camera controls if we were to add one at a later date.

 It uses 4 penlight batteries (not supplied) which haven't been changed yet and still using it 2-3 times daily for 2 weeks...and still going.

You have 2 fine-tuning buttons if its over compensating left right, these too are responsive and easy to correct your Xflyer. So in the hands of a clumsy rough handling child or adult it will be fine.

The controllers at first glance felt plasticky but after using it you realize how responsive and smooth they are, the stippled bits at the top make it so easy to control with your thumb tips...brilliant!

 Then sitting at perfect index finger position at the end are the flip and LED buttons. They do feel a little clunky but they are responsive and hard wearing as they will take a hammering if you are anything like

 My only niggle and its a minor one is for the handset is the base has plastic feet but it doesn't stand if you put it down. Plus we've both said it would be easier to have a neck strap so you dont have to put it on the ground when you have to fiddle with the Quadcopter especially at night, its easy to lose it. A neck strap or moulded holes to add your own would make this much easier.

Now what makes this Xflyer even more stable and even a bit bouncy is the stabilizers which snap in underneath, it just keeps the Quadcoptor off the ground out the grass and dirt and makes landings so much smoother.


Flying the Xflyer
Oh my goodness where do I start what a fun piece of kit for both of us. Its so easy to learn to fly this, if I can do it anyone can. Its absolutely perfect for a beginner like me. My other half has flown remote controlled models for years but even he had fun as it was so easy to fly as well as specialized stunts.

To start flying plug the Xflyers battery in, set it down on some flat ground, turn the handset on (slider button) the quad copters lights will then change mode colors you then bring the left controller stick backwards to pair the handset with Xflyer then your set to go. Simply pushing the left controller forward slowly it lifts up and down with complete smooth control. I was amazed I was just able to do this on my very first go, they are super sensitive and really responsive to the controls.
In the past Ive had a go at remote controlled planes helicopters and been terrified of crashing and breaking super expensive toys. But this affordable Quadcoptor is not only super easy to learn to fly but the stunts and flips are at the touch of a button.

Plus while your learning or if you get over confident and crash land in a tree or bush or the ground its protected by the springy rotor guards on the edges.
Weve even got it stuck in a tree over 30 foot up and had to knock it probs it was undamaged.

Flying range
The Xflyer has a range of 300 feet/100m from the handset and its so easy to get carried away and fly out of that range either distance or height we've done both and it will just slowly drop so it doesn't go any video shows this happening to me on one of my first night flights. Luckily the coloured flashing LED's make it a doddle to find and soo much fun to fly at night.
The Xflyer still has near perfect maneuverability even at 300 feet, just dont go a cm over lol.

This incredible Xflyer looks amazing to flip and spin and its super easy to do, its literally at the touch of a button and my proudest moment is when I flipped it 13 1/2..yes I did all proud...see my video, yep I have proof, how else would you believe me lol.
The LED's on the arms make it look even more impressive and it wont be long till you have the knack of flips, spins and swoops within a few flights.
Its does 360 degree flips with 6 axis of control fast, smooth and super responsive.
It will flip forwards, backwards, left and right depending on the direction you flick the right control lever after pressing the flip button.
It even flips from hovering an inch above the ground, but I found this out after I published the video, so you'll have to take my word for it. Another fun move is that you can hand launch or even frisby fling it straight into the air then immediately using the handset! This looks pretty cool!

In this video Im showing you the unboxing, stunts, day and night flying...oh and maybe a few mishaps; hey we all have them but this Xflyer is bombproof and is still going strong.

 The best way to show you the gorgeous colours; if you haven't seen my video is by this GIF we've made.
the purply color shows the direction that is forward.

What makes this Quadcopter extra fun is the fact you can fly it at night as its visible with the colorful LED's, there are only 3 on each of the 4 arms but flashing together it looks alot more. Surprisingly we've not noticed any loss of battery flying time having them on or off.

Nightime flying
This is our favorite times to fly the Xflyer as the colours make it stunning and super we haven't had the government round I'm not sure as its amazing.
Youtube alien abduction videos are sure to be on the increase.

The LED's are not just for good looks its also to tell you when your battery is running low, they turn to flashing red (above) and you have about a minute left to fly it back to you...again see my video...!

Battery time
The box and manual say you have 10 minutes battery time, whereas actually weve been getting between 12 to 15 minutes depending on our flight and landings and what the LED's are doing etc.
It only takes about 30 minutes to charge, the usb glows red when plugged in and is fully charged. we have had it on charge permanently since it arrived lol, we also bought another battery an 800 mah, same size but will extend our fun. I know we are big kids but why not its so much fun.

It can be easily controlled in smaller spaces and gardens but you need to be aware of any surrounding trees as Ive said before as if your anything like us you push the Xflyer to see what it can do; how high etc and suddenly....oops its flashing at the top of your tree...keep a broom handy or long rope with something heavy to throw over a nearby branch to wobble it gently out the branches.

Trees and bushes are a relatively soft landing for the Xflyer not causing many problems, but the propeller guards can get caught in the branches, on the other hand a broom handle slips through one and you can loop it out like "Hook a duck"! ....2 lots of fun in 1.

So its definitely better to find a more wide open space; not an enclosed garden if you can. We are lucky enough to have a field nearby with no cattle etc and the wide open space is just perfect and easy to see if lands in lowcut grass.

NOTE: Whatever you do DO NOT fly at the beach or you WILL kill off your Xflyer if it accidentally lands in the sea then there's no going back. Also the sand will play havoc with the tiny cogs inside, just keep to grass, parks etc and you'll keep your Xflyer well maintained.
Grass is perfect although the rotors can still get tangled if its flown through long grass; just use your noddle you know what I mean...

Maintaining the Xflyer
I have to stress this Xflyer is NOT really a kids toy and you do need to be prepared to do a little bit of TLC to it every now to keep it in the air. You have spare rotors and a screwdriver in the box, thats the main hint.

When taken apart (26 screws)to remove sand or dirt, the Quadcoptor is divided into 2 main parts the receiver board with light strips on the base and the top protector grid on the top. You can see the simple wire board its made up with.

 The arms have small motors to work the rotor at the end, but these also have the tiny cogs which we have had some sandy problems with.

 If you look closely (click the image) you will see somehow I managed to take a chunk out of this cog, making the rotor slow right down; leading to the Xflyer having a mind of its own in the air.
So it needed to be replaced only £1 and you can find cheap spares online its worth it, we are now alot more careful with it and have stopped flying and landing on sandy soil. Weve since had no problems whatsoever!

 If you look closely I even managed to get a bit of bramble stuck inside and again once removed it was fine.

If there had been a thin cover over the motor and cog area in the top picture, it would be harder for debris to get in.

NOTE: I do need to say however we really have flown the poor thing hard for this review so its done amazingly well considering and with NO problems since.

Item not to scale; cows not Included! 
Animation fun!

In the UK and the US we now have legal restrictions on flying quads and drones, in the UK we have to make sure we dont fly higher than 400 feet, luckily as you see in my video the Xflyer powers down at 300ft and comes in for a landing, not always in a place of your choosing.

Wow what a fun piece of kit yes even for the girls as I love it as much as my other half, we have actually had so much fun flying this together as a couple with friendly competition on flips and swoops etc "I WON", its been on permanent charge since it arrived. We even got an extra battery and some spare cogs to gain extra flying time.
Its fast to charge and you get upto 15 mins in the air if you want to; but the fact its easy to learn and to fly means you have more time in the air and you can make the stunts look easy; if your anything like us you get a real buzz doing successful complicated looking stunts and I cannot stress enough how easy it is to get the knack of and if I can do it anyone really...!
We also pushed this baby to the max for you guys, to see just how resilient the stabilizers and rotor guards were and they are fantastic as because they have a bit of spring to them makes it more flexible rather than brittle; Xtreme really have thought it out.
Its an affordable gift for anyone who loves their  remote control flying models and as an extra gift for someone who loves the outdoors too.

It does need to be maintained to keep rotors and cogs clean from sand, soil, grass etc as Ive seen some reviews where people have dissed it immediately and believe me this Xflyer really can take the knocks and bumps with no breaks at all, but can be disabled with a grain of sand not the Xflyer's fault it just the nature of the beast.
Honestly this is sooo much fun and it gets people out in the fresh air too, so many people stay inside on PC's tablets or phones this will get you out with your other half having some good old fashioned outdoor fun.

  • Solidly built.
  • Fast learning curve.
  • Easy to learn complicated stunts.
  • Beautiful flashing LED's
  • Red LED's warning low battery is genius to bring it back.
  • Well built handset.
  • Rechargeable.
  • Responsive controller.
  • Responsive trims adjustment.
  • Spare rotors. 
  • Screwdriver,

  • The cogs and motor could do with a cover to protect from soil and sand grains. 
  • Could do with a few spare cogs too.

Buy yours from
Plus some even better new news for you if your hesitating...well dont I have 5 % OFF anything from Rebelite's entire catalogue using

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All my thanks goes to the lovely guys at Rebelite for kindly sending us this amazing Xflyer for this review.
All my views and opinions are my own.


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