Thursday, October 01, 2015

Pink October - Breast Cancer Awareness Month with Glamulet Pink limited edition Charms

Glamulet Breast Cancer Campaign

Today 1st October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month Pink October!
Im sure most of us have been sadly touched by Breast Cancer which is the 2nd deadly cause of death of women around the world.  

Every 45 minutes another woman dies from this cruel disease. 

Im really shocked at these latest statistics I knew it was bad but had no idea it was every 45 minutes and it needs to stop. I hope you can just spare a bit of time, a coffee break and see below what you can do to help.

 By 2050 no woman should die of breast cancer!

Glamulet are launching their Pink October campaign to try and make this a reality.
Please get involved!

This video shows the realities of this cruel disease.

I dont often write posts like this but this campaign means alot to me personally and I was very keen to get involved as my Mum had a breast lump removed "only a few days a go" and is recovering at home as I type. Her sister (my Aunt) has had several cancerous lumps removed this year and has undergone chemo on 4 occasions, and so has her daughter (my cousin) so this is as close to my heart as it gets and I really wanted to be able to help raise awareness.

Please remember to check your boobies ladies!

It doesn't take long, after the bath while putting on your moisturizer and take a peek at the early signs above and if you see or feel any one of these get straight to your GP.

About this beautiful brand; they launched in 2014 to offer every woman a new range of trendy elegant quality jewellery at an affordable price. They believe that every woman should be allowed to express herself and to feel pretty.

This October is National Pink October and Glamulet have created some stunning Pink Limited Edition Charms to support the Breast Cancer awareness campaign and for every charm/s added to the cart; they will kindly donate
50% to charities that support Breast Cancer.

 Yep...I...said 50% this is just amazing for the whole of "Pink October".
This Campaign aims to raise awareness to prevent this killer disease, so every charm you buy you are personally donating 50% of the sales to a charity funds for breast cancer.

I know many of you girlies are collecting these gorgeous charms for for your charm bracelets and I too started collecting this year. So why dont you buy a special charm for your Mum, Sister, Niece, Cousin, Grandma or for yourself and do some good too.

Here are just some of the pink Limited Edition charms Glamulet have to offer and Im sure you can find a few more here to add to your bracelet or necklace.

Not only do you have a stunning variety of beautiful silver charms to choose from; but also limited edition bracelets, here are just a few of the beautiful designs to choose from (above).
But thats not all, they offer necklaces, rings and huge variety of unique and stunning charms too.
So if your looking for a special gift for someone; make it even more special by knowing the 50% of every sale is donated to help Breast Cancer.
Mix and match your charms to give a gift thats extra special that someone will keep forever.

So please get involved and head straight to Glamulet site and make a difference; just by buying an affordable gift for someone, its as easy as that!

Get Involved

Glamulets social media
Just checkout the stunning images on their Instagram , see how beautiful their jewellery is combined together!


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