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DreamScience Brainwave-orientated Sleep Companion by Oregon Scientific #Review

Today being Wednesday 21/10/2015 is Back To The Future day, 30 years on from 1985, people, so I wanted to bring you something that Doc Brown or Marty McFly would possibly have predicted if they hadn't spent so much time talking about the FLUX Capacitor and eating re-hydrated pizza.

How many of you have problems getting to sleep at night or struggle to wake-up in the morning? Do you feel like you've had refreshing sleep? I would expect many of you will say no to these questions; myself included. Its a proven medical fact that lack of sleep can result in stress and so many health problems.

I was so pleased to have the opportunity to bring you guys this "brain-wave" oriented sleep companion.

Now, Oregon Scientific have been going since the 80's when I actually had a calculator for school, since then they have come a long way.
They believe in smart living-embracing innovations that help you live smarter, so you can be happier, healthier and more productive.

This is no ordinary relaxation sound clock they are combining two clinically proven technologies that help lull you into a deeper sleep and wake you naturally with patented "sleep enhancement Technology". Clinically proven Brainwave embedded sounds and with 6 colour mood lighting; which soothes your mind unconsciously using natural brainwaves and mood lighting for a more restful satisfying sleep.
Seems too good to be true, if so read on to see how I got on using my very own techy sleep companion. 

Having reviewed the OS Prysma projection clock back in January, I knew I was dealing with excellent quality high end products.

I have the worst sleep pattern ever, one minute Im a night owl, the next Im asleep during the day and I never seen to be able to get what I would call "A restful satisfying sleep". I do suffer with ME/CFS so it does go a bit deeper than that; so Im open to try anything to help me get a good nights sleep. 

Let me explain the basics of the beautiful techy alarm clock and Ill then explain more about the brainwave technology as this is the key to this clever little machine.

I know you think I bang in about the packaging, but I take the view if a company has taken the effort to impress before you even get to the product its going to be generally good and Oregon Scientific are no exception.
You can see in the above image the box is white with great product photography and basic explanation of the Brain wave technology to get you to take it out the box as fast as possible.

Then in the bottom right-hand corner you can see a 
"Open Here".

 This then opens up with a velcro door to more thorough explanations and beautiful designs.

 Just these restful images make you feel nice.

 Another design I love is when a company uses outer sleeves and you can see here you have a box in a box; showing elegance and expense.

In the box you get your Oregon Scientific sleep companion, the in-depth user manual, mains USB cable, auxillary cable and guarantee.

Measurements; 180.4 x 64.7 x 164mm / 7.10 x 2.55 x 6.46 inches.
Weight; 450 grams.

This "Oh so clever" sleep companion offers you some of the very latest electronics to help you feel your best during the day. Its technically an alarm clock which helps you naturally get to sleep and then awaken feeling refreshed and ready for your day using the latest clinically tested sonic technology and "Brainwaves".

The main features are;
  • It produces sounds clinically proven by world renowned Doctors to be therapeutic.
  • Patented Sleep Enhancement Technology lulls you to sleep by gradually slowing the rhythm of playback.
  • Includes 20 authentic high fidelity not Hi Fidelity for those old enough to remember that film.
  • Back-light offers 6 colour mood settings.
  • LCD display shows time and sound track.
  • Timer for continuous play, 30, 60, 90 minute playback.
  • Alarm clock.
  • Includes auxillary cable to use with other music devices.
  • Powered by 4 x AA batteries or a 5V AC/DC adapter included.
So this beautifully stylish sleep machine designed in a glossy piano black that stands approx 8 inches in diameter will turn any room into a chic relaxing spa and retreat (But just to be sure, close your eyes so that you cant see the mountain of clothes in the corner waiting to be ironed.)

The DreamScience offers you two ways of powering it, you can use 4 x AA batteries or by the mains. The back panel slides off to reveal the battery area, the mains power port, an auxillary port and mini slide out panel for the CR2 button battery to power the clock. This is so well designed.

 Zoomed in you can see the CR2032 battery compartment.

This pulls out to reveal a tiny drawer cradle thingy to slot in the battery! Dont worry if your not sure which way to pop it in it has a big + embossed ontop..see pik1. This of course saves your time whether your using mains or not.
NOTE; never hold this battery between your thumb and forefinger flat on, always hold carefully at the edges as this can drain button batteries quickly.

You also have the option which I mentioned earlier to just use mains if your near enough to a plug.
You can also use the supplied Auxillary cable to connect other media sources to wake up to.

On top of the Dream Science you have 5 neat well blended in buttons.
left to right you have.
  1. Sleep Timer; just press to turn on/off.
  2. Alarm set Press to turn on/off.
  3. Sleep Enhance button..which Ill explain in a minute.
  4. Sound to turn on/off and allows you to set your chosen sound.
  5. Lighting button, this allows you to choose the colour mood light or random colors.
 I cannot stress how nice these feel, such excellent quality and super responsive.

 On the side of the Dream Science is a good quality rubber scroll wheel, which allows you to scroll through both the sounds and light colours to find your favorite.
Then you simply press to confirm your choice; how easy is that?
Again its super smooth and responsive.

 Dr Lee R Bartel the man behind this amazing sleep companion!

Clinically proven Brainwave Embedded Sounds.
Dr Lee R Bartel is Associate Dean of research, Professor of Music education and Music health and founding and acting Director of music health research Collaboratory (MaHRC) at University of Toronto.
His research in music and medicine includes the rehabilitation of attention deficits, audiology and stress management.

Dr  Lee R Bartel has composed some of these DreamScience sounds which are "clinically proven" to work. They have brainwaves embedded into them. Dont ask me what brainwaves sound like as you can't physically hear them, but your brain can and will respond accordingly to wake-up or slow down and go to sleep.

He has composed 3 specific sleep sounds and 4 specific wake-up sounds; these work as he has built in brainwave "entrainment" at specified frequencies.
To help you know which ones are which; the "wake-up" sounds have a White Back-light and the Sleep sounds have a Blue!

Entrainment for those that dont know and I certainly didn't know what it meant... "The practice of entraining ones brain to a desired frequency". By Wiki.
  • Delta waves - are associated with the deepest levels of physical relaxation.
  • Alpha waves - Indicate an alert state with a quiet mind.
  • Beta waves - are associated with normal waking states.
DreamScience envelops you in a calming buffer of sound programmed and clinically proven to help you gently fall asleep, stay asleep, and reach deeper, more restful levels of sleep.
This is so we can gain a fulfilling and refreshing sleep through sonic science.

Sleep Enhancement Setting
But thats not all, this clever sleep companion also has an extra plus up its sleeve; the "Sleep Enhancement" button, when pressed, the screen flashes up SE for approx 5 seconds saying its on....

This creates a therapeutic state of relaxation by providing us with soothing ambient sounds,'s the clever bit....gradually reduce in volume and slow in rhythm- this has been "scientifically Proven" to calm the body and mind. Im amazed this hasn't been thought of before its such a simple idea and yet really does work, Im so impressed.

So to explain the chosen sound eg; Ocean surf (my Favorite) will sound longer and longer as the speed playback is digitally slowed down until it reaches almost half its speed where it stays the same until its turned off or the timer turns it off.
I know some of you may feel its a bit gimicky but I can promise you its not, it really works!!! Coming from someone with long-term sleep problems.

Setting it up
I was really surprised how easy it is to set up considering the amount of options you have with this machine. Having that scroll wheel at the side makes it easy to set and you can even press it without having to pick the machine up.
 Pop in the small button battery into the back to keep the time saved for whatever power method you decide; batteries or mains powered.
When you first power up the Dream Science the first thing you do is set the time as you can see above.

Next the fun bit choosing the alarm sound, I scrolled through and listened to each of the 20 sounds and I have to say its so hard to choose one, some are most definitely to go to sleep with than wakeup but that too is personal choice.
I loved the sea as they have added bird sounds too, you have rain, thunder, summer night but my ultimate favorite is the Jungle which has a bit of wind, leaves rustling and bird sounds. I also enjoy listening to waves and the rain or thunder, but for me I prefer those to go to sleep on. After choosing your sound you can decide on the volume level using the scroll wheel again and a quick click confirms it. Another brilliant idea as some sounds are really quiet and I personally may not hear them to wake me up.

So I have recorded all the sounds on my main video, let me know which is your favorite.
                  Video will be up soon.

The Alarm
To turn off the alarm-clock simply press or scroll the wheel and it will snooze for 8 minutes. Press the clock button on the top it will turn off.
If you snooze 3 times it will turn off till the next day. This could be dangerous for me as I have so many snoozes before crawling outa my pit, lol.

Sleep Timer
So you've chosen your music to go to sleep; the next step is to pick 30/60/ or 90 minute timer to go to sleep on, you dont want to have to wakeup to turn it off do you.
Some of my reviews I can see small changes that could really improve an already great product and with this gorgeous DreamScience I feel the mood lights could be improved by gradually dimming when you use the Sleep enhancement setting. So as the sound track stretches and the volume lowers, the light could dim too; now this would really make you sleepy. It could even have a similar light as you wake too.

This has to be the most prettiest section of this amazing clock and adds so much to the atmosphere, turning your bedroom or lounge into a mini spa its gorgeous. Press the sun sign to go into light mode and either scroll through each colour until you find your favorite and click the scroll wheel to set or set it on "Loop" which I love as its so soothing and relaxing by itself to watch it slowly and methodically change colour; its stunning checkout the GIF above which is speeded up just to show you the colours. Plus my video to see the true effect.

This pink to purple is my personal favorite to go to sleep on but if its too bright you can just turn the lighting off.

Did it work?
So Im sure you are all wondering if it actually works and I can say hell yes!!
I awoke gently to my Jungle choice and I can honestly say I woke up feeling slighty more really does work.
Disclaimer: I have to add a small disclaimer in the fact that I do suffer with ME/CFS and have had sleep problems for over 25 years. which is why I just couldn't wait to try this as it could actually change my life...yes if I could get a normal sleep pattern I feel it really would help!

If your a healthy person but suffers with everyday stresses Im sure this will work so much faster for you. I do have many other symptoms which keep me awake so it can be a bit hit and miss sometimes; but Ive definitely noticed a difference with some days that Ive felt slightly more awake and the same at night where Ive drifted into a deeper sleep than usual; so I'm really excited about this sleep Companion as I think its working...shushh I dont want to scare it....Ive everything crossed this will continue to improve for me.
I do feel very confident it will work for so many of you out there; especially those of you with Attention deficit disorders maybe those with kids which have autism and similar has to be worth a try as it will keep them calmer  especially on waking and going to sleep if they have had a bad day. As an ex-nurse Ive seen alot of success with colour therapy with both kids and adults with many illnesses physically and mentally. It can help with depression, anxiety and stress.
I can see this working with so many people, kids and whole families who just simply want a state of deeper relaxation. It really does work people...Im so impressed!

  • Sleek and elegant design.
  • 20 sounds to choose from.
  • Sleep Enhancement technology.
  • Clinically Proven.
  • Easy to set.
  • So relaxing.
  • The slim base means it could topple over if you knock it; maybe needs a more balanced footprint.

All my thanks goes to Oregon Scientific for kindly sending me this to share with you all for an unbiased review.
 All my views and opinions are my own.

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