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"Wingardium Leviosa" Is it a spell or the amazing Pump Air Levitating Speaker #Review

"Roll up, Roll up, come young, come old and stare in disbelief at the amazing Levitating Bluetooth Speaker, what mighty minstrel forces of nature allow such angelic voices and tunes to emanate so magically from yonder floating orb.
Traverse with me on this journey of passage and put aside your understanding of what you perceive as otherworldly, for there are no spirits or demons involved in this esoteric dance, keep close, suspend mistrust and I will impart to you the electrickery that exists upon this earthly realm."

    _     ?     _     

/  \ its better than saying here is a speaker review...right!

On Kickstarter right now you can be apart of a fantastic refreshing change in speaker designs. It levitates as well as giving you fabulous sound.

Pump Air have blasted their way onto the sound scene with some incredible products...The Pump earphones I reviewed earlier in the year were amazing quality so I when I was offered the chance to give you guys a closer look at this Levitating speaker I jumped at the chance!
Please click after the jump for my indepth photoloaded review and video review!

 "Wingardium Leviosa" *waves wand*

If you would rather sit back and watch checkout my video review further down.

 Box and lid.

I always love to see good packaging and this is no exception, you really feel your getting quality. The top lid has a simple but elegant design of the speaker and it lifts off to reveal the well packaged speaker and cables.

 Whats in the box.
Inside you get your speaker, base and holder...which I will explain later, the recharging USB cable and the user manual.

Cable-wise you get your USB recharging cable, an auxiliary cable for those of you who do not have Bluetooth so you dont have to miss out on using this amazing speaker, you also get the mains adapter to keep the base plugged into.
Note: You cannot use the levitation base part of the unit without being plugged in, but you can use the speaker on or off the unit, you have the choice.
i.e sticks well to my fridge.

 This is a really well explained user manual, as its needed being as there are some unusual aspects to this Pump Air.

 When you get your speaker out the box your presented with this..uh..what!

This is the supporting holder which keeps the base and speaker together and helps you get the correct positioning of the speaker once charged onto the powerful magnetic base.

The Base

The main base has a beautifully mirrored chromed finish on top, thats just the beams on my ceiling you can see in the image...incase you were wondering if that was my wall!
This needs to be plugged in via the mains cable to work the repelling electra magnets to counteract the central permanent magnet to levitate the speaker.

Underneath the base you have 4 rubber feet to grip any surface..and they really do grip. It has the Pump Air voltage details on the white label.

 Here you can see the red LED telling you its on.

On the side you have a USB port to connect the speaker too while playing (if you want), this will charge it too as its going...amazing idea...High Five....Pump Air!

The Speaker

Okay the speaker itself; well what a fantastic design, spaceship, ufo shape well how else could I describe the shape lol.
The same orange casing with the matching chrome accent around where the 4 button are embedded.
You then have On/off button, Answer call button, and then + and - volume buttons it doesn't get any easier than that!

Then ontop you have the black fabric mesh for the speaker output.

The back of the speaker has a brilliant well designed dust and splash proof bung protecting the USB charging port and auxillary port.

It has a really snug fit and simply peels out on a bendy rubber stalk.

This cover really does protect the USB charging port and auxiliary port. It then fits firmly back in place to give a smooth finish while the speaker spins on the base.
Can I also point out just how well the finish is around the ports, its perfect.

Pump Air measurements.

The Science Bit
  • Bluetooth: 4.0 Supports A2DP/EDR
  • Levitating distance between base and speaker: 0.5”
  • Driver unit: 1.75”
  • Speaker power output: 3W
  • Transmission distance: up to 10 meters / 33 ft
  • Battery Life: around 5 Hours at full volume using Bluetooth or 9 hours at lower volume. Much longer if using intermittently or using a cable to connect.
  • Base power: Input 110v/220v; output 15VDC. We will supply a UK, US or European plug depending on where you are in the World!

So I'll get on with what I think about it, but Im sure you'll guess I LURVE IT! You need to see my video to get the best look at what it sounds like and looks like, you really need to see this stunning piece of tech!

 Okie there are 2 ways to charge your speaker; either on or off its base, but you have to admit why would you just lay it on the table...levitate guys, levitate!
Simply plug the base into the mains, then plug your USB charging cable into the base too and then plug the micro USB to your speaker.
If you've never practiced levitating before (the speaker I mean of course lol) just leave it on the table next to the base for the very first time (Left Image). 
Once confident you can keep it plugged in and levitating while charging (right image).

 The speaker has a red LED which turns off once fully charged. This image above shows it on a table and floating while charging.

First time charge
You may by now know my thoughts on first time charging; give it a full whack, anything less and it may never reach its full potential. I charged it overnight as it doesn't say in the instructions how long to charge for. When charging you will see a small red LED on the speaker top when this goes out its fully charged. (See my video where I show you all this).

Next put the base on a flat surface and plug it in, then you need to get the knack of placing your speaker ontop of the magnetic base to get it to float/levitate.
They supply a fantastic plastic holder which the manual explains easily how to levitate the speaker by balancing it within the holder and slowly lowering it down. The holder prevents it pinging off to the side and possibly damaging the gorgeous chrome surface shine.
But Ive had a few pings and its not even marked Im so damn impressed!
For me I personally found I had more control holding it in both hands and lowering it slowly over the base centrally where you can feel it pulling to the sides then you suddenly feel the speaker lighten where its found its middle...
and VOILA your there and you can let go...but please see my video on this its so easy.

 "Wingardium Leviosa"

You can see it has a good 1.5cm levitation gap...which...looks...incredible!

Once you have the "Pump Air knack" your away and it looks super cool to your friends when you can place it easily and they cant lol.
 NOTE: But please be aware the magnets are super strong it really has incredible pull and will take it from your hands if your not careful!

 Once on you will see it slowly spin in a wonderful relaxing way, its addictive to watch it and almost hypnotic as its spins slowly around without you pushing or moving it. The natural action of the magnetic waves! 

p.s  "Dear science, It's 2015, we now have levitating speakers so where's my hoverboard damit"

Pairing to Bluetooth
 So next we need to get the speaker paired to my phone and tablet. Simply hold the on button...the first of the 4 buttons for 3 seconds, it then makes a blip, blip noise and a red and blue LED will flash through the speaker mesh on the top. This shows its looking for Bluetooth.
Checkout my video to see how to pair them; its so easy both my phone and Nexus 10 found the speaker in seconds when the blue LED stops flashing.

Then its all up to you which sounds you want to play.

NOTE: Just to say if you dont have Bluetooth dont worry as they have included an auxilary cable...Pump wont leave you guys out I promise.

                                               Artistic representation.
The sound is just incredible...I dont know how many times Ive said this in the review, WHAT!.. this is the first time I've mentioned sound, but Im 3/4 of the way through the speaker review, well OK then, if you say so, but honestly Im Super impressed, not just by the levitating design, the excellent high quality of the materials and the superb finish...but the sound...oh the sound is gorgeous! But dont let me tell you, see for yourself in my video, but be aware I recorded the music on my Panasonic Lumix TZ30 camera, you can still hear how crisp and clear the sound is.
It has an incredible balance of sound to keep any audiophile happy!
Depending on the equalizer on your own device will dictate the quality of sound and as I was able to crank up my bass with no distortion so Im one happy bunny!
There is a limiter on the volume and rightly so, you dont want to blow it but believe me its loud enough and a little more.

It also has incredible sound that already has people saying its so much better than Beats Pill.
See the video here.

Bluetooth Range
How far can you guys walk from your portable speakers at home 25 ft maybe 30 ft. Well thats what most of my speakers Ive reviewed in the past is. 
But the PUMP Air I walked over 90 feet...OMG this has to be the longest distance of any Bluetooth products Ive ever owned. This was in a straight line with nothing in between except a few tree branches.

Taking calls
Yes this speaker takes calls too, it will make a ringing tone that cuts in and stops your music, you simply press the answer call button and you have a conference call or hands free. Its clear and my other half said he could hear me clearly when he called in, you can always tell a bit its through a main speaker but its clear for me.
NOTE: Please make sure to remove the speaker if you need to unplug your base from the mains, as it will fall off and magnetize straight onto the bases side like a limpet.

Take a peek at my full video review so you can hear just how great the sound is and how stunning the levitations looks.

I will just quickly summarize for you, amazing design, quality and build. Its elegant, unique and fun. It charges quickly within 2 hours and it lasts upto 6 hours depending on volume.
Pump Air have put the time, money and quality into this gorgeous speaker and Im so in love with it.
This is the simplest opinion Ive ever written...just back these guys now on Kickstarter, these need to be for sale for Christmas. This speaker is every techies wet seriously its just beautiful!

It will be a conversation starter, your friends will be so envious and you get to own something new unique and unusual and it makes you smile.

Honestly guys you wont only be getting the coolest speaker in the world but be apart of something I think will be huge!

 Be a part of Pump Air and get yourself your very own levitating speaker for discounted price, before anyone else! Be one of the very first to receive a floating speaker and amaze your friends and family!
You NEED this in your life!!! 

I just wanted to thank Pump Audio for kindly sending me this as a sneak peak and amazing piece of tech to share with you all.
All my views and opinions are my own.

My previous review I posted from Pump Audio

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