Wednesday, September 02, 2015

The Pump Air - Coolest Bluetooth speaker in the world Kickstarter NOW!

 "Wingardium Leviosa" *waves wand*
What electrickery is this.......

No I haven't been to Hogwarts for the last term but if Harry Potter was going to own a speaker; this would have to be it.

I cannot say how excited I am to have the opportunity to show you this amazing new Bluetooth floating speaker from Pump Audio.  
My Photoloaded Review & Video coming very soon!
I am actually reviewing this speaker as I type and it is amazing..I'm in love!

Not just any old Bluetooth speaker it levitates...yes I said levitate...
Charge by mains or USB, the magnetic speaker also grips to anything metal too eg, fridge, freezer, metal shelf or car due to the super strong magnets used to make it levitate.(Checkout their video at the start).

It also has incredible sound that already has people saying its so much better than Beats Pill.
See their video here.

 Be a part of Pump Air and back these guys right at the start and get yourself your very own levitating speaker for discounted price, before anyone else!
3 DAYS to GO!!!!
Be one of the very first to recieve a floating speaker and amaze your friends and family!

Review & Video coming very soon...right here on Gadget Girl Reviews...Im so excited...this has to be one of THE coolest speakers on the market right now!

But its not for sale yet!!!
Go see for yourself and checkout Pump Air Bluetooth levitating speaker on Kickstarter
Right HERE!
 Be at the start of something special!

My previous review I posted from Pump Audio


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