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DB Power 9 in 1 Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge with emergency seatbelt cutter and flashlight #Review

Hiya gadgetaholics I have something for the car owners out there today; 
DB Power have kindly sent me a few things to show you for the vehicle in your life; be it a car, van, motorcycle or truck...go on buy it a pressie!

DB Power 9000mah jump starter + powerbank and a tyre Gauge; today Im showing you the tyre gauge.

Now I know as one of the girly population I tend to leave all my car bits and pieces to my other half who kindly checks the oil level, water level, tyres, Flux Capacitor etc. But with this clever little gadget you can now impress your man by being being able to check your "own" tyre pressure....hey at least its 1 thing lol!
As well as it having a few other nifty gadgets for emergencies.

Checkout after the jump for my full photo-loaded review.

Ive never personally used a tyre gauge before so I actually found an interest in my car-tyres because I get to use this new handy gadget techy thing.

Full packaging

You can see from the images how well packaged the tyre gauge is from DB Powers own good solid cardboard box and bubblewrap.

In the box you get the tyre gauge and instructions

 The guys will know that most tyre gauges...are just tyre gauges so I was pumped up (pun intended) to see just what this 9 in 1 techy gadget could do.
Getting it out the box it feels super substantial, I was expecting the plastic to feel cheap and plasticky...however I was wrong. It is plastic outer case but it has a great feel to it, it will take the knocks and drops.

So here is what a 9 in 1 can do....

Here is the full diagram on  the back of the box so you can see it at a glance then I will explain and show you each bit.

Science Bit
  • Tyre Nozzle.
  • Backlit LCD Display with 4 tyre pressure units PSI, BAR, KPA and KGF/CM2.
  • Accurate measurement data with pressure range 2-150 PSI. Accurate to +/- 1 PSI.
  • 5 Multitools hidden in unit. Scissors, Screwdriver+ruler, Pliers, Seatbelt cutter, Philips screwdriver. Plus Glass shattering hammer.
  • Plus a glass shattering hammer.
  • Ergonomic and solid and compact size of 6.4 x 1.2 x 2.5 inches for easy storage.
  • Torch and red LED light for better nightime clear viewing.


On the back of the gauge you have a battery compartment and this was my only real that they are using 5 small L1154 round batteries (similar to watch batteries but slightly bigger) which actually sit in the space of which they could have fitted a penlight so much easier to get and we generally have them in drawers etc.

However what is clever is that there are 2 compartments so 3 batteries run the torch, red LED light and the blue backlight on the screen. The other 2 batteries run the tyre gauge itself. This really makes sense as if your not worried about the torch side of things you can simply remove them and just use the 2 small batteries.

NOTE: Try not to handle the small batteries much as with any button batteries it can be quite easy to discharge them if the + and - are in contact with your fingers for any length of time.

 Looking sleek and elegant, a proud accessory in your glove-box.
This is such a clever design as the whole unit right from the start feels really good in weight and it has a fab ergonomic shape in your hands. Depending on which side you are using either torch and gauge or the utility tools the other end, both ways feel comfy and enable you to have good grip with whatever end your using.

Why do I need a Tyre gauge?
Under or over inflated tyres can lead to uneven wear or  blow-outs, plus you can also lose mileage up to one mile per 3.7 litres (according to DB Power). Using an accurate gauge you can avoid lost mileage, improving tyre life up to 50%. and getting an on the spot fine for being in charge of a dangerous vehicle.
Plus the gadgets could save your life...can you put a price on that?

The nozzle is set in really strong ABS plastic so allowing you to put the force needed to get the reading.

 The 3cm LCD screen is clear and bright and even in the dark you have a blue backlight to see the reading.

Your tyre nozzle on the left (incase you dont know!)
After removing the tyre cap this gauge fits over your tyre nozzle and you then press firmly and evenly down to get your reading on the screen.
 I have found 2 hands easier to press down evenly but it can be done with one.

Once you get your reading it stays up on the screen for 15 seconds,

You can then scroll through the readings that you prefer to use; PSI, BAR, KPA KGF, you dont need to keep taking each measurement separately it has all 4 ready for you. Just take it once and its done...easy!
We always prefer PSI but its great to have the choice.

So thats the tyre gauge bit; but thats not for all the extras....

On the top of the gauge you have a slider where you can choose to turn on the torch, red LED or off when not using either.
NOTE: Be aware when using the tyre gauge Ive accidentally turned on the torch as your hand sits over this slider when taking that measurement. This will of course flatten your batteries if you dont notice it.

 Its brilliant to have an integrated torch; I would say its a car essential. You can see here how bright it is. But it may not last too long on these batteries but as I say its just for emergencies.

 Im also impressed that there is a red LED on here too as its so much easier to see the tyre nozzle even in daylight, its designed to angle directly onto the tyre...genius.

 Screen/glass hammer
Ive only ever seen these in high end penknives so I was excited to find on the top of the gauge a screen breaking hammer for long as you can get to your glovebox of course.
The clever thing about this is you pull the grey slider down and it pops up, similar to a flick knife design.

The steel tip is 1.5cm long and is beautifully milled to a very sharp point. This will most certainly smash your screen if you had to or any glass pane.

So if you were a boy scout or girl guide/brownie you will love the next part of this gadget.

In the main handle you have 5 utility tools that slide out like penknives.

 All 5 have good springs to snap back inside so you have to be careful of your pinkies.

 Seat belt cutter/saw or anything else that needs cutting this is just brilliant.

 Pliers, this is slightly flimsy and couldn't be used on a regular basis but if you need one you have one.

 Scissors, these cuts cardboard well, the blades are quite sharp. Anything much more rigid may open the blades a bit but remember its an emergency gadget.

 On the box and website says its a screwdriver turn it over and you have a mini measuring thingymajig.

 Philips screwdriver or stones out of tyres or pokey/scratchy stick ...well you never know what you may need this for lol.

This is a fab little gadget and makes THE perfect tool to keep in your glovebox.  Its well made and ergonomic whichever way round your holding it; be it for the tyre gauge or the utility tools. The tyre gauge itself is accurate and fast and you have your results in seconds in whichever measurement you wish use.
The bonus is the screen hammer which I have to say Im impressed with as its solid and super sharp too.
The torch and red LED are both bright and I feel you would be using these more often than you thought. I never realized how good a red LED would be to view things at night as well as day. 
Using an accurate gauge you can avoid lost mileage, blow-outs and uneven tyre wear; improving tyre life upto 50%.
Plus the utility gadgets could save your life...can you put a price on that, every driver NEEDs one of these.

  • Ergonomic.
  • 9 in 1.
  • Torch and bright LED.
  • Accurate measurements. 
  • Strong screen breaker. 
  • Strong seat-belt cutter.
  • A few of the tools maybe slightly flimsy, but still in an emergency they could save your life.
  • The top slider just needs to be slightly firmer as its quite easy to accidentally slide it to on when using the tyre gauge; then the battery's for the torch's may not be available when needed.

You can buy your Digi-Tire from Amazon UK
All my thanks goes to DB Power for kindly sending me this to show you all.
All my views and opinions are my own.
Coming soon 

DB Power 12000mah jump starter and powerbank Review

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