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Xtreme Blue Audio Bluetooth headphones with Mic & Mobile control Review

Hi everyone I have another great product from Rebelite to show you. A fun colourful pair of Bluetooth headphones.

Rebelite is one of the largest distributors of cellular phone / Tablet Accessories in The United States. Since 1999 and have served millions of shoppers worldwide. They are successful because they focus on you - the end user. It's all about manufacturing world class gear for today's tech savvy end user.

Over the last few weeks Ive brought you a few products from the lovely guys at Rebelite. Ill link them all below.
So Im excited to show yet another brilliant gizmo for your devices so you know the drill just click after the jump and you'll find my full photoloaded review or scroll down a bit more for the video.

I say one thing for Xtreme they have nailed their packaging, its strong for those overzealous postmen and its intriguing making you want to know more about whats inside. Plus lots of info on the back.

In the box you get your gorgeous headphones, a charging USB cable and instruction sheet. After-all you don't need a booklet its so simple to use.
Note; This does not come with an auxiliary cable so you must make sure your devices have Bluetooth to be able to use these gorgeous headphones.

So what do you get for your buck? These Xtreme Blue Audio headphones are Bluetooth giving you hands free technology to listen to streamed music, play games and even make calls without any annoying cables.
On getting this out the box I have to say it has a lovely substantial weight to it, some headphones can feel cheapy light but this has a luxury feel to them.
I also love the accent colours you get with these headphones for those of you that don't like full on bright block colours you may like these as they offer accent colours on the headband and on the wire mesh of the headphone itself. I adore this pink, its girly but still has the quality look and feel about it.
You can also get it in Yellow, orange and neon blue fantastic bright colours that give these headphones a super fun edge to them.

 Okay lets start with the headband it has a lovely padded pink pvc leather thats really squishy and oh soooo comfortable.

Maybe you can see here the depth of squishiness it has. So for those of you like me that often game for hours you've no worries of uncomfortable headbands that dig into your skull and leave you with a center parting in your hair that you had not planned.

 To make it even more comfy the headband is completely adjustable with a smooth metal ratchet to fit you.

Both earpads have super cushions for extra comfort and I mean xtra, xtra comfort they are gorgeous. Smooth pvc leather and super squishy as I show you in my video.
 A slight thing for me is that the earcups don't swivel to fit horizontally to the head, they are fixed to the band. They fitted fine for me and I didn't really notice that they don't swivel, it could be a problem for people with smaller heads. If you need this extra swivel ability you would end up paying quite a bit more on high end headphones.

The earphones themselves are both clearly labelled left and right; most labels are so tiny you have strain to find them.

NOTE: I have had a few queries from some of you asking if it really matters if you wear them on the wrong way round.
Well yes it does; especially listening to recorded live bands, as the sound is staged by recording engineers who attempt to place the instruments in certain way for the best sound. Drums maybe slightly off-centre, vocals could be to one side, strings at the back, guitar forward and central you get the idea. 
In particular gaming as the sound effects are fed into your ear as you walk past something loud, a car explosion for example this would sound in one ear to make it more real. Hope this helps explain it....but just try it yourself to hear what I mean, just don't complain to me, if you keep getting shot playing Call of Duty.
One of my favorite memories was listening to Just an Illusion by Imagination on my "Walkman" amazed by the music traveling from one ear through my head to another ear and back again. I was "Lost in music"...eep yes I am that old...! Imagination was a band in the 80's and a Walkman was like an MP3 player or Ipod and it had a tape which was like an SD card and batteries that you had to replace and buy from a shop, you know the internet with bricks...... oww, just Google it.

 Back to the Blue Audios; both earpads have been cleverly designed using the black ABS plastic accented with your colour choice on the metal mesh in my case pastel pink.

  One earpad has the Xtreme logo printed in the centre.

 The right earpad is where all the action happens, it has the buttons very cleverly designed into the earcap itself. So from a distance it looks like just the design.The central hole is for an LED which either flashes red or blue for charging or pairing. See my video footage.

 The on/off and accept calls button is easily accessible with your fingers.

 The other buttons are + and - volume and fast forward and rewind track, these are easy to get the hang of.

Underneath the buttons on the same right earpad is your charging port and if you look carefully the microphone hole for calls.

Charging, Pairing and Bluetooth
The headphones only took a few hours to fully charge and the LED glows red till charged then turns off.
I show you guys in my video how easy it is to connect to Bluetooth. But to give you a brief rundown;
  1. Hold the on/off button for 5 seconds to turn the headphones on; it bleeps and flashes blue meaning its looking for your Bluetooth signal.This is an instant pairing button.
  2. Turn on Bluetooth on your device (phone, tablet, PC or laptop), you will see a code #51421 come up, just press the scan. I wasn't asked for any passwords.
  3. It connects almost immediately. Your ready to Rock!!
  4. Once paired you only ever need to turn on Bluetooth on your phone and then turn on the headphones it immediately connects, this is super cool as its so fast. No more fiddling on your phone to connect devices...brilliant!
They say in the instructions the Bluetooth range extends up to 33 feet; but it goes quite a bit further to almost 40 feet..with nothing in between and outside; but it also still continued to play music when I left my phone upstairs, then I went all the way downstairs and out into the garden which is quite impressive, especially in out cottage which has super thick walls. So it should easily go the distance in a more modern home; depending on your electricity and wifi setups which can sometimes interfere with signals.

Checkout my video review too and get to see them, then you get to listen to me ramble on rather than read my rambles lol.

I have to say the sound on these headphones has a gorgeous balance between trebles and Bass and even bass lovers like me will really enjoy using these. I have been gaming using these and the atmospheric sounds is perfect and a good test is when Im getting lost in World of Warcraft and barely noticing that I am wearing them, the explosions, fighting and voices are nicely realistic making these a fantastic all rounder.

Alter tracks and volume and answer calls all by just touching the huh!; so you don't even need to get your expensive phone out of your bag or jacket to control your music.
The small but responsive microphone allows you to make calls over your phone or SKYPE etc, and its fantastic for gaming.
Inside are 40mm drivers that deliver gorgeous Bass, something I really wasn't expecting from such a lower cost headphone. Plus the mid, highs and trebles are balanced brilliantly giving a great sound experience whether listening to music, gaming or chatting to your Mum.
Plus its super comfy soft ear cushions and adjustable band gives you long hours of wear without any discomfort.

WALL-E approved; dont they look good on him!

I love these, not just the great sound but really love its stylish design too, the bright colours are not too in your face but enough to give them a fun look. Fantastic affordable gift for anyone who loves their music and gaming.

  • Great fun bright design.
  • Good balanced sound.
  • 1 button Bluetooth pairing.
  • Noise cancellation.
  • Lightweight.
  • Super soft and padded.
  • No Auxiliary port or cable but this would add to the price.

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Lost in Music with my headphones again,
"WALL-E bring them back I need them!"

All my thanks goes to the lovely guys at Rebelite for kindly sending me these samples to show you.
All my views and opinions are my own and I have not been paid for this review.


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