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VicTsing Electric Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser with colour changing mood lights Review

I have got something to show you for the home today, it not only looks good but it smells amazing!!!

I feel everyone enjoys their home smelling nice and this makes a change from my usual potpourris and plug in fresheners. Which do the job but not for long and most certainly arnt that good for you.

Have you ever walked into a beauty spa and wondered where they get that amazing scents and healthy freshness. Well most spas and salons go for something like this as it has a few more health benefits than an air freshener spray. This new VicTsing aroma diffuser is a humidifier, air purifier with colour changing lights offering a cool mist; doesn't that sound relaxing already?

Well click after the break to see my full review of this beautiful diffuser.

I dont know about you but Ive lost track of the amount of sprays, air fresheners and potpourris Ive bought, thinking it smells great, get it home and its nothing like I thought it was in the shop and only lasts a few minutes, or that one expensive plug-in reusable smelly that you really like, just to find out the manufacturers have changed the design just enough that once you have run out of the scent you have to buy the complete unit again, cos nuffin fits, grrrr.

So I just couldn't wait to try this as it seems to have everything I'm looking for and more.
The diffuser arrived within a few days and was well packaged. The box itself is simple and elegant and ideal as a gift. It shows the two colour options available, a light and a dark wood grain style.
Being a lover of all things nature the wonderful effect of wood was a massive plus for me as I feel products are important to look good in the home and if they can also be incorporated in the Decor all the better.

 In the box is the diffuser, power adapter, instructions and a measuring cup.

This gorgeous wood grain Aroma diffuser looks beautiful straight from the box and this being a lighter wood I just knew I was going to like this as it matches my furniture.
Ive also been interested in aromatherapy for years now and enjoy any gadgets that involve keeping healthier.
This medium sized unit measures 9.5cm height by 13cm across and is oval in shape, the wood effect grain is in fact formed in plastic, which makes sense as real wood would rot if it had water constantly inside it. It stays hygienic and clean this way.

  • The shell is a plastic wood-grain colour, smooth to the touch.
  • 7 colours produced by ONLY 3 LED bulbs.
  • Mains power supply 12W, Output 12 volt, Input Volt 100-240V.
  • Frequency; 50Hz.
  • Room size at best; 20-30m squared.
  • Water capacity; 140ml.
  • Noise; 20-40dB. (super quiet).
  • 1 air outlet.
  • Auto shut off.
  • Ultrasonic.
  • Weight; 220g.
  • UK plug.

The Science Bit - How it works.
If you've not used electric diffusers before you simply fill with water and add a few drops of your favorite aromatherapy oil and press start.
But this does a bit more and is actually an Ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser with 1.7 MHz vibration frequency, which means it breaks up the water and aroma oils into extremely fine micro-particles forming a fine mist into the air; which lasts longer as it uses less water.
This makes it safe for a baby room, nursery (kept out of reach, of course), perfect for rooms like spa's or beauty salons, offices, receptions it is also effective in keeping the air from drying out and removing bad smells.
The reality is that most rooms could do with a breath of fresh air, Husband/Boyfriend`s feet or dog farts come to mind.

The top end funnel simply twists off to reveal the protective lid.

Around the edge of the white plastic lid are basic instructions to use it properly.

The lid then lifts off to reveal the inside with a fitted paper sheet offering more placement advice.

The main bowl divides into 3 parts; great for cleaning with just a wipe.

 Inside bowl holds 140ml of water.

 This clever diffuser has a "Mist Chip" which is the Ultrasonic motor and it also has a Pin sensor which is a water level indicator telling you when you need to top up the water. It also has an automatic stop when completely out of water making it safe and reliable.
Note: I did find out that this item recommends to use tap-water as purified water may not mist very well.

 On the front you have 2 LEDs one red and one white, the red has W next to it meaning it tells you about the water level and the P tells you its on.

 Both LEDs are bright and easy to see.

At the back is the mains cable which connects underneath the mode buttons.

The Mode buttons are good size rubber buttons at the back with an "M" Mist and an "L" LEDs. These scroll through the modes separately of both coloured lights and Mist; so you get the combination you want at that time.

M Button
You have 2 modes for "Mist" adjustment 
  1. Press once to give diffuse for 3 minutes and stop for 1 minutes and continue. During this stop time the Blue LED at the front will flash for 1 minute.
  2. Press twice for continuous mist.

Light or LED Button
  1. Press once for scrolling through the 7 LED colours.
  2. Press again till you find the colour you want to stick on eg; blue, green yellow etc. This wont change till you press it again.

Underneath is the 3 rubber feet to keep it from sliding, the centre shows where the cooling fan is.

 Our own GIF so you get to see the automatic colour changes...although these have been speeded up quite a bit to show you.

The LED colours
These are so relaxing and soothing to watch and with the combination of oils you will be "zenned" out!

These colours really set the mood and atmosphere of your room depending on what you are after. I believe there are only 3 actual LEDs inside but when they come on in a certain sequence they produce a stunning array of colours. This is really clever of the designers.

I have wanted an electric diffuser for years so to have the opportunity to try one of these was wonderful. I have been using so many different kinds of smelly over the years, some better than others.

Here are just some of the smellies in my collection I am using right now, its a mix of potpourris, potpourri refresher oils, reed diffusers, room sprays and I must have gone through hundreds of scented candles over the years.

 First of all how gorgeous does it look on my coffee table...seriously.

I bought some new essential oils especially.

Its so easy to use as long as you make sure you dont over fill the unit and you ONLY need a 4-6 drops of oil to get just the right scent. Its not overpowering or know what I mean. You've gone into someones home and they decided to burn 200 candles at once...or spray the room with a scent thats so cheap and sickly you come away with a migraine, wheezy or sneezing...ugh!

This puts out a powerful fine mist that feels cool; the "Mist chip" breaks down the particles so small you feel like the air is from the mountains, that cold, fresh feeling. It shoots up approximately a foot in the air before curling around showing how strong the motor is.

 I have always been interested in aromatherapy and always wanted something that was natural and good for you too.

I love my new Aroma diffuser, I'm absolutely in love with how it looks, as even when turned off it just looks like an ornament.

I do have a slight confusion on the main design.
Its seems odd to have the mode buttons at the back of the unit and the bright flashing and slightly distracting LED's at the front. Wouldn't it be more sensible to have the buttons at the front for easy access and the LED's at the back?, before you say "why doesn't She just turn it around", remember the power cable.

Note: However I still love this machine and enjoy the 2 modes; I go again... I wish there was just 1 more mode with a longer setting with say 10 minutes on and 10 minutes off; but you are already having a great smelling home on 3 mins on 1 off anyway.

The scent and extra cooling mist being so fine travels through the cottage and I can even smell it upstairs. The LED's are a fantastic addition to the diffuser and they are subtle during the day but of course look their best in the dark.

 Choose your oils carefully and you will have an incredibly wonderful smelling home; bring your garden indoors.

Checkout my video review and see this in action.

I would highly recommend this diffuser its so affordable at under twenty-two Pounds, thats amazing! Its sleek, elegant, modern looking the perfect gift for anyone who loves aromatherapy or collects candles; give them another option and you dont have a dangerous flame. Ideal for a nursery, playroom or with animals ..up high of course.You can use it as a nightlight without the mist how soothing would that be.
If you know someone who is ill, bed-bound or disabled this would make a wonderful gift as they can lookup the right essential oil to suit some of their health problems too.
If you suffer with insomnia try some lavender oil and switch it onto blue or green and see if it helps you drift off into a gorgeous deep sleep.This would be such an amazing thoughtful gift and they will think you've spent alot more on them...shusssh.

While unit is being used, do make sure that it is on a flat surface at all times so the air inlet is kept clear all the time, DO NOT allow visitors to turn it upside down to see how it works or they may not get invited back. 

  • Near silent operation.
  • Looks natural and elegant.
  • Fine mist. Ultrasonic.
  • Scents last a longtime.
  • 2 settings to choose from.
  • Doesn't dry out your skin.
  • Humidifier. 
  • Safety cutoff when water runs out.
  • Can be used as a nightlight.
  • Wish there was 1 more setting to set it on for a bit longer. 
  • It would be nice to come with 1 oil to get you started if it were a gift. But then it would cost more.

You can buy yours from, Amazon

All my thanks goes to the girls at VicTsing for kindly sending me this to show you.
All my views and opinions are my own.

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