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ThorFire Telescopic lantern, rechargeable Torch and charger Review

As you guys know I adore the great outdoors and anything that makes the outdoors even more enjoyable is OK with me; so when I was contacted by ThorFire and asked if I would like to show you guys some handy gadgets I jumped at the chance.

Today Im showing the very clever ThorFire Camping LED telescopic mini lantern that is also a torch and dynamo charger for your devices.

I've even added a video to show you how good this little gadget is.

I kindly received a parcel with a few things to show you guys which are coming soon. My courier was a little over enthusiastic at getting my parcel in the postbox so the packaging is a bit dented; but its all undamaged.

 In the box you get your ThorFire lantern, leaflet instructions and 2 cables.
One for charging via mains USB power if you have a power charger or USB straight from your PC.
The other Female USB to hand crank charge a USB device.

 ThorFire lantern closed
The ThorFire telescopic lantern is made of several types of ABS plastic, making it extremely light and portable at only 5.9oz. I love the colorful orange which is synonymous with outdoor products, so it makes it easier to find in your bag or rucksack.
It fits comfortably in the palm of your hand closed at only 8.4cm in diameter and 4.4cm in depth.
Open it measures12.2cm high.
This amazing little gadget has a bundle of uses,
  • Torch.
  • Lantern.
  • USB Charger.
  • Conversation curiosity starter.
The Science Bit
The high level light on both torch and lantern is 65 lumens.
The low level is 15 lumens but you can see how bright 15 lumens is on the video; its plenty to see what your doing.
NOTE; the manual states 65 and 15 lumens but Amazon states its 160 and 30 lumens. I feel Amazon maybe correct as its very bright compared to the 65/15 lumens; I will try to find out for you all.

Lighting Times Approx
It takes 4 hours to charge via USB.
High level will last approx 40 minutes
Low level 4.5 hours.
1 minute of cranking gives 4 minutes of high level light.
1 minute of cranking gives 11 minutes on low.
Are you still with me....

The Working principle
The ThorFire adopts the principle of cranking for power by 3 phase brushless alternator for power generation. The power is then stored in the built in 300mAh/3.7V lithium battery. This is then used totally for the LED light.

The top part of the lantern shows the torch with a magnifying circle to amplify the light to its best.

The side has the rubberized charging port and on/off button.

 The underneath has 3 rubber feet and the dynamo cranking handle and the carry handle. A brilliant design they've thought of everything to cram into such a small space.

 Opened up it extends out to give you a comfortable cranking circle.

 A clever addition is the cranking handle grip which spins as you turn saving tired wrists and pinky blisters...I love companies who think of the little things.

  The handle opens up to be used as a carry handle or hanger for inside a tent or on a tree or bush as seen in my video.

The most clever thing is that this compact portable torch opens out to a usable lantern that gives off the perfect amount of light for camping. See my video.
Simply but gently pull the halves apart to reveal a great size lantern. You can see the clips that hold the 2 ends together when not in use or used as a torch.

Next plug in the 3.5mm charging cable (supplied) and charge, mine arrived half charged and was ready in a few hours. It has a protector flap which protects from dust and damp so you really don't have to worry about this tough little lamp.

Charging a USB device or phone
So you find yourself in the middle of nowhere and yes you guessed it, your phone dies and you need an emergency phone call.
But you have your Thorfire lamp and emergency charger yay!
So get out the female USB cable and your own phone charger cable and connect them together.

It should look like this. Now start to crank the dynamo. Now the instructions say 3 circles a maybe a bit difficult more like 1-2 circles a second unless your Britain's strongest man or woman of course or they happen to be tagging along with you, in which case they could carry you to safety.

Now you need to keep cranking for at least a few minutes until you see your phone with at least 2% to get your call.You will also see the red LED light up on the ThorFire to say its charging.This is best seen in my video.

Now in all honesty this would kill my arm to keep this up so hopefully when or if I need an emergency phone charge, that I have my other half with me. But it does the job and afterall it could save a life.

Note: It also has a smart protection chip incase of over charging...clever little lamp!
Interesting NOTE; it charges your device both backwards and forwards for all you lefties out there or if you just want to go backwards.

Lantern and Torch
I have to say WOW as the light is really bright on both the torch and the lantern. You will see in my main video that I actually thought I had the torch and lantern
on High yet it was still on low so my surprise is absolutely genuine. I didn't realize that every time I turn off the ThorFire it resets back to low each time.
But you have to think of how long you need to use your light as this lantern doesn't hold its charge as long on high.

Here you can see the difference between Hi and low torch settings, I had placed the torch facing a bush over 14 feet away and you can see how the high beam lights up all the surrounding area.

Lighting Tests
I just have to add my own lighting tests to this review for you guys. 
The instructions say 40 mins on high after being charged via USB.
BUT on our test its managed...wait for it...drumroll...45 minutes on high where it dropped to low and lasted another 3 hours15 minutes...amazing huh!
More tests to come......

Checkout my video on using the ThorFire lantern/torch and using it to charge my phone.

I have to say Ive fallen in love with this lantern/torch. The fact that during a powercut...of which we get alot of out here. I have guaranteed power for a light is just amazing and it gives us peace of mind. Its an ideal storm lantern to keep nearby when the weather turns.
We now make sure its always charged via USB and its kept to hand just incase. But incase we forget I always have hand strong man power lol!
As a torch it really gives great light even on low...essentially you don't need to use high unless your desperate to find something, low is plenty as you can see in my video. The lamp gives fantastic ambient light perfect for tents or reading etc.

I have added the video as well as you need to see this clever lantern in action as me rambling on saying its got great illumination is all very well; but sometimes you need to make up your own mind that its right for you.
Once you open it out, the corrugated plastic is strong and the whole lantern is splash proof and most certainly rain proof with its rubber power closure. The lantern really gives amazing ambient light and the torch great direct light you have a 3 in 1 product; Torch, lantern and charger.

 I'm so impressed and I really have a thing for outdoor products too, its rugged, light, portable and once collapsed down its easily thrown in your backpack or bag to take anywhere, you barely know your carrying it. Ive dropped it a few times and its definitely scratch and drop proof.
I feel every home NEEDS one of these especially if your die hard campers or hikers its an essential; its a brilliant 3 in 1 affordable gadget.

  • Great design.
  • 3 in 1.
  • Torch.
  • Lantern.
  • Hand crank.
  • Rechargeable.
  • 2 brightnesses which are both very bright.
  • Charger.
  • Splashproof.
  • Must have for every home!
  • Zombie apocalypse/bugout shelter essential.
  • None.

You can buy yours from
Amazon UK
for ONLY

I have 2 more Eachine Thorfire products for you coming up soon.
The ThorFire 540 lumens Cree torch and the Mushroom speaker lamp...isn't this just adorable.

All my thanks goes to Eachine for kindly sending me this lantern for this review. All my views and opinions are my own.

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