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The Headgehog from Zootility; the cutest comb multitool ever! Review

The Headgehog the cutest comb multitool ever!

When is a comb "oh so much more than a comb"...when its Headgehog!

When did you ever think that you could have a gadget that not only combs those gorgeous blonde locks, but tightens a loose screw and then gets the party started by opening the beer bottles, keeping your crisps fresh and can be a phone stand and much more.
 Plus looks its as cute as hell!
Welcome the "Headgehog" another fab multitasker creation from the guys at Zootility tools.

Checkout my full photo-loaded review after the jump and ideas of how to use this cute prickly character.

Im a complete sucker for anything that is cute and an animal; so I knew immediately I was going to love this little guy. So when Chris from Zootility Tools kindly offered to send me one to show you guys (for its forever home), how could I say no.

When I reviewed the Pocket Monkey by Zootility tools last year I didn't think they could outdo the cuteness overload...well I was wrong.

Checkout the Headgehog wallet comb multitool
Everyone seems to love a hedgehog; so you can now have one of your very own, without having to feed, house or groom him.

So how clever is this little hog.
    There are alot of multi-tools available on the market but not as memorable or as adorable as the ones by Zootility designs.

    As with the Pocketmonkey Zootility tools have designed quick, functional and keep prices down packaging; but still made it informative and a great gift. 

    Inside is the Headgehog and explanations of exactly how to use him.

    This adorably designed Headgehog is crafted from stainless steel and then heat treated to 4x its normal strength and finished in a high gloss. It wont bend, break or rust and is available both in natural steel finished with a high gloss overcoat.
    Each Headgehog is individually cut on a high powered laser...see below.

    Just look at how intricate these are cut out using the laser cutter. The final step is to use another laser to engrave the the product text onto the face of the tool.
    They come in several colours which are powder coated for durability. I just couldn't resist mine in pink, shes gorgeous.

    It is only the size of a credit card measuring 8.3cm long by 5.2cm at its widest point. 
    Plus drum roll its ONLY 1mm thin and ONLY weighs approximately 0.6 ounces.

     The Zootility Headgehog went through quite a metamorphosis before looking as adorable as it does now. Take a peek at the prototypes and the work that went into its design.

    The front of the tool has the name and a small silver coloured images depicting what each part of this little hog can do; the back is more simplified with and patent pending embossed into it.

    So what can this little comb do?
    This adorable Headgehog is designed for your EDC (Every Day Carry) along with your keys, wallet, phone etc. To be kept altogether and be incorporated into your purse, bag or wallet. They really have thought about every mm of space utilizing as many features as they could. Tools for everyday use making you prepared for anything...well almost anything! Even a zombie eye gouger during an apocalypse.

    So what can she do!
    The designers have really thought about the shape; each part can do something different and I will run you through what she can do and more. 
    Note; there are 4 sizes of Wrench and 2 sizes of phone stands.

    So lets get this party started with a Bottle opener; using her foot or her large lower jaw when looking from a different angle..what do you think?

    A bit of fun, a Headgehog that can find a way to do anything.

     Chip Clip or crisps if your from the UK.
    How many times have you opened a big packet of crisps/chips and cant eat them all and you don't want them to go stale.

    Well now you have the handy chip-clip.
    Er...I used this quite alot...eeep...I do eat alot of junk food don't I...oops!

     Next is the comb, obviously this is what its main job is.

    Wolfgang my Squishable Werewolf decided he liked it for his fluffy beard!
    It really is a great comb, brilliant at detangling my wild hair and perfect for grooming my other half's beard...when he can get it away from Wolfgang that is lol!This is ideal for beard grooming due to its size and design of the teeth.

    Wrenches in 4 different sizes although I feel it would work with the 2 inner ones more firmly. But when you need one quickly whatever fits, is the best.

     The Phone kickstand is just brilliant. I wasnt sure if my S4 would fit being a larger phone but no problems as you can see.
    Looks fab and you can watch great YouTube too...!

     Phillips screwdriver, kidnapped by another family member; WALLe to tighten up his screws.
    (WALLePi is our next Raspberry Pi project coming soon..checkout the gorgeous mini monitor on his tummy, camera and an LED heart on his chest, I cant wait to show you guys this amazing creation.
    You could also use any of the feet or nose as a normal screwdriver if needed too.

    Wallet; incorporating the indent at both sides of the Headgehog for an elastic band to fit in and you have the quickest DIY wallet ever. Plus of course its the perfect size to fit into any credit card slot of any purse or wallet you have already, at ONLY a mm wide.

    I now also keep my Pocket Monkey with the Headgehog for double the utility tools.

      Together they are barely 2mm and take up only a creditcard space in your purse.

    Don't they look amazing together when you just want to go out with minimal stuff! The daily essentials my phone, my lippy; the Monkey and Headgehog.

     As with any utility tool its fun to try and find new uses and one of the main new uses I have found is to keep my Bassbuds earphones from getting tangled, by wrapping and weaving around its legs.

    I discovered you can also tie her securely onto a rucksack or belt using her eyes...gross I know...but it works.

    "Be prepared for anything" I was taught in the Brownies and Girl Guides and now I am. I love this whimsical Headgehog and Ive definitely fallen in love with this adorable face; you have nailed those cute eyes Zootility.
    For the guys out there, how many of you carry a comb in your back pocket which you keep losing. How many times do you need a phone kickstand or a Phillips/normal screwdriver in a hurry; you can never find one can you, or remember where you last left it...okay is that just me then?
    Well now you have an all in one and more; plus its cute and great conversation starter. The treated stainless steel makes this so strong it hardly flexes yet its not brittle either this will last you forever.

    This would make a fantastic affordable gift for any guy or girl and I would highly recommend grabbing the Pocketmonkey too and gain over 12 uses with the Monkey and 7+ uses of the Headgehog; although Ive actually got 13 uses of the Headgehog and I'm sure MacGyver would find even more. (Showing my age now). But you guys Im sure will find more uses for these credit sized multi-tools.

    How could you not want a Headgehog or a Monkey in your life...they are light, strong and super fun to carry around and they make you smile! Let me know what you use yours for, or if you have come up with anymore great ideas for these little mini-tools.
    The perfect Geeky gift!

    • Cute and adorable utility tool.
    • Heat treated to 4 times its strength.
    • 4 great colours.
    • 13+ uses.
    • Great conversation starter.
    • None

     Buy your Headgehog Here
    Take a look at all the other products from Zootility

    Please checkout my Pocket Monkey Review  also from Zootility tools if you haven't already.

    All my thanks goes to the lovely guys at Zootilty Tools for sending me yet another fantastic creation of theirs.
    All my views and opinions are my own.

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