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Rebelite Xtreme Talk &Walk Bluetooth, noise cancelling headphones review

Hi gadget-a-holics Im back with some headphones today for all those who love their music. As you can see everything is really pink to show the girls you can let your feminine side out if you wish.

I was kindly sent a few things from the lovely guys at Rebelite to show you all.

Rebelite is one of the largest distributors of cellular phone / Tablet Accessories in The United States. Since 1999 and have served millions of shoppers worldwide. They are successful because they focus on you - the end user. It's all about manufacturing world class gear for today's tech savvy end user.

Last week I posted my review of the gorgeous Rebelite Soundbar so Im excited to show you more from this company.

Click after the jump for my in-depth photo and video review of the Talk and Walk Bluetooth and Noise cancelling headphones.
Headphones are the one piece of tech that all ages seem to own. When I was younger we didn't have the variety of designs, colours, sizes or styles we have now.So at Gadget Girl I try to offer you tech for all ages and all budgets. These Rebelite Talk and Walk headphones sit in the budget range of headphones and are extremely affordable.
They are the perfect headphones that you dont need to worry about; do you have very expensive headphones but are terrified to take them away on holiday or use them everyday on the train to work, these fill that gap and will probably get more use than your expensive pair.
But that doesn't mean you skimp on quality or design which is why Im excited to show you these.

The packaging from Xtreme always stands out, looks funky and modern and makes you want to rip open the box to get them out. The window offers you a tease as to how gorgeous they look and the back panel gives you all the info you need to get you started.

The box is very simple, the Headphones, charging USB cable and a sheet of instructions. Thats all you need isn't it!

These Rebelite Talk and walk headphones are wireless with Bluetooth and auxillary port; they have noise cancellation and are hands free with receiving calls capability.

  • Full audio with microphone and mobile control for answering calls.
  • 40mm audio drivers.
  • Compatible with all Bluetooth devices.
  • Pressure relieving ear-pads for long-wear comfort.
  • Lightweight.
  • Adjustable headband for maximum comfort.
  • Bluetooth range upto 33 feet.
  • High energy chipset to deliver powerful Bass and clear treble.
  • They work with iphone, android and windows.
Science bit
  • XT5141.
  • Bluetooth distance approx 10m/30ft.
  • Carrier frequency 2.402~2.480 GHz.
  • Speaker 40mm.
  • DC Resistance 32ohms.
  • Sensitivity 105 db +/-3db.
  • Frequency 20Hz-20KHz.
  • Battery 3.7V 400 mAh
  • Charging time 2-3hours.
  • Music playing time 9-10hours.

The headphones are made of plastic and extremely lightweight, the main part of the headphone is your choice of colour. Mine was this gorgeous pink but you can also get them in red or blue or lime green.

The main headband is made of strong but flexible plastic and believe me Ive bent them backwards and forward to test them for you guys, these are super strong. Some of you may prefer a padded headband as there is no extra comfort across the top of the head; but it is smooth and light.

They are easily adjustable via the plastic ratchet on each side; these are a bit stiff and clunky but will ease off more with use.

 The left earphone has the Xtreme logo on it so its not plain.

 The right hand side headphone is where all the action is and has 5 plastic buttons.

On the edge is the on and off slider button also cleverly hidden but easily accessed when trying to find the button while wearing them.

The bottom label states "Lower volume" its actually a blue or red LED light for Bluetooth and charging.
  • Up and down volume.
  • Skip forward or backward music tracks.
  • Middle button is play or pause and answer or end your calls.

 Underneath the buttons is an LED light which will glow red while charging and flash blue while using Bluetooth.

 Offside top is the partially hidden USB charging port. When wearing them you cant see the port a clever design thought.

 Underneath is the auxillary port and the microphone hole. This is if you have a device which doesn't have Bluetooth but you still want to listen to your music via the headphones; you can still use an auxilary cable.
These DO NOT come with an auxillary cable but its something most of us have in our cable drawers; if not they are only a couple of pounds to buy on ebay or Amazon.

Having Bluetooth means there are no annoying crackling cable sounds and no static...Yay! As well as no cables getting in your way, no cables getting tangled up in your bag...yes!
My headphones were charged within a few hours so I think they were half charged at the factory which is a great touch. The LED glows red until they are charged then goes out.
They are quick to charge at approx 2-3 hours a time.
NOTE; Always make sure you turn them off by the switch when not in use. I have forgotten a few times, gone to pick them up and they are flat DOH! 

Pairing and Bluetooth
Pairing to my phone was a doddle and I was one of those annoying people who didn't look at the instructions first..I know...Im bad arnt I...but I was paired within a few minutes.

For those who have never paired a Bluetooth device before watch my video as I talk you through it and show you how easy it is.
  1. Turn on the headphones and the LED will flash blue showing you its looking for Bluetooth.
  2. Turn on your Bluetooth, in your settings on your phone or tablet.
  3. It then automatically finds the headphones with XT5141.
  4. Click the XT5141 to scan and it should pair in seconds...your ready to rock!
Bluetooth distance
I also want to point out I was able to leave my phone over 35 feet from the headphones. Its hard to review distance in our cottage for you as we have foot thick bricks and cant really go from room to room like other houses. But outside its easily over 30 feet from my phone, Im so impressed.

For those that don't want to read through all my ramblings; here is my review showing you the unboxing, pairing and music.

Sound quality
The sound quality of these headphones are brilliant. There is a great balance between Bass and treble and I was surprised at just how good these were for the price. These are under $ and the sound quality is great.

Ive also used them for listening to YouTube in bed and the talking sounds just as clear and rich as the music. I was also surprised at how good the Bass was as Im a complete Bass baby and never have too much. If you want mellow super Bass you need to be paying over £100+ so if you cant manage that, then these are a fantastic option as you can hear on my video.

Noise Cancelling
I have to mention how good the noise cancelling is on these. I wouldn't even expect noise cancelling on this price headphone. Obviously you can hear the outside world very faintly, its not 100% cancelling but I would most certainly say 80%. They cant hear my music and thats the main thing when your other half is trying to sleep and your playing loud music till 5am..oops....damn World of Warcraft lol. My other half kept sleeping Phew!
You also get good gaming sound effects too, the explosions sounded great.

Making and receiving calls
I have to say I was really amazed at the high quality of receiving a call to my headphones. The music cuts out to a ringtone to let you know your phone is ringing.

You then press the central button on the headphone to accept the call. My callers voice was loud and clear...these are budget headphones people...amazing! 

But I havent yet had ANY phone headphones which are as loud. The fact is you can hear your caller loud and clear, handsfree with your phone still in your pocket, jacket or bag. No need to stop what you are doing and no one needs to see your expensive phone, but of course people around you will suss something when you start talking to yourself lol.
Making a call to someone wearing the headphones; I can hear their voice softer and at a lower volume, but I can still hear clear enough for a shorter call....Its definitely clearer to the person wearing the headphones than the caller.

I just wanted to point out just how comfortable these headphones are, the ear pads are super soft and super I show you on the video. They really are very comfortable especially for longer hours wearing while gaming, I sometimes get earache with headphones but havent with these.

On getting these out of the box I was really surprised with how lightweight they are. The build is a little plasticky but its a fantastic all rounder for listening to music, gaming or movies on YouTube. Offering a good balance of Bass and trebles and I'm shocked at how good they are for ONLY $24 these budget buys are incredibly versatile.
I was also impressed at the volume and even cranking it up; doesn't start to distort until approx 95%. PLUS you can make and receive calls how clever is that. I'm impressed! 
They are light and comfortable and are ideal for those in college or school, or those who need a cheaper pair to take on holiday, take on the train for work everyday or who have a walk to work or college through busy streets or in busy subways you will appreciate the noise cancelling.
I have to be honest they really impressed me for budget headphones. Even if you have expensive headphones, how many times have you hesitated taking them somewhere; grab a pair of these as backups for times when you don't want to worry.

  • Light.
  • Comfortable with padded earcups.
  • Variety of colours.
  • Pairs easily and quickly.
  • Good sound.
  • Rechargeable.
  • Bluetooth.
  • Wireless.
  • Good balance of sound.
  • None for the price.

You can buy yours from 
Amazon or directly from Rebelite

GET 5% off
Gadget Girls PROMO code 9MTS6FSR

Coming soon from Xtreme Rebelite; another gorgeous pair of headphones.

Im a fan of products from Rebelite as you will see below.
Click the links to see my full reviews.
All my thanks goes to the lovely guys at Rebelite for sending me these for this review.
All my views and opinions are my own.

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