Friday, July 10, 2015

Lightening took down Gadget Girl Reviews!

When is power too much power?

As some of you know we live in the middle of nowhere and last week some of us in the UK experienced mega thunderstorms in this freak; but gorgeous hot weather.
But I might have mentioned that my plants needed a little bit of rain...I said a..."little bit"...not a monsoon and end of world lightening...sheesh!

One of the larger cracks of lightening completely blew out our internet hub along with our electric and we were without internet for over 6 days; thank goodness we had our electric back within a few hours.
But annoyingly it killed the BT internet Broadband hub which was...I might add...attached to a surge much for technology internet...disaster!

Our new replacement hub finally arrived this afternoon 6 days after the storm; but of course this has put me behind schedule for my queue of reviews; so huge apologies to those waiting on reviews I will be catching-up very soon!

I have some really exciting NEW products that I cant wait to show you.
Plus NEW Gadget Girl TV video reviews!

Coming Soon in July.
Those with Back problems will appreciate "The Backlife" machine.
A double whammy of Rebelite Xtreme talk & Walk pro Headphones and
Xtreme Blue Audio headphones.
Plus some fun products for the outdoors with Thorfire
The Mushroom speaker and lamp,
The Thorfire lantern and charger and the Cree Torch.
And something useful, cute and fun is the Headgehog.

Which products are you most interested to see let me know what you think?

Thanks for watching

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