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PetShopBowl Doggy Unboxing and Treat Testing Review

What do you mean its all mine...really...all of it????

I was excited to receive a few petfood samples for my elderly pup from the lovely
I know its not exactly a gadget but many of us gadgetaholics also have pets; so I want to introduce you to our gorgeous boy and let him take over the reviewing today. is not only an extensive online petshop but they also offer a nationwide home delivery subscription service to pet food. So people who struggle to get out shopping will never run out of their dog/catfood petfood, no more last minute dashes to the supermarket; its delivered ontime to your door.
They are a young company with a team of friendly, helpful staff dedicated to saving you time and money. All of the staff are pet owners so they understand the needs of other pet parents.

Read on to see what they kindly sent for my elderly fella and how he got on.

How it all began
The idea came from Adam the founder of Petshopbowl. His mother suffers from arthritis and struggled to carry the heavy bags of dog food and last minute rushes to the supermarket for cat-food. Adam also noticed that supermarket prices were really expensive so he decided to setup his own business with his partner Lexi that would make a positive impact on the pet industry.


What offer

  • They stock over 10,000 products and all major brands of pet food and supplies
  • They offer a unique subscription service called Bottomless Bowl to ensure you never run out of pet food again.
  • They deliver everything straight to your door and offer free delivery on all orders over £19.99
  • They aim to provide excellent customer service
They have already won these awards for excellence.

I was over the moon when a large box arrived the very next was addressed personally to me and my boy...aww I love that. What amazing service and inside was 3 dog food products all picked personally for my old boy and his needs.

As a review they simply asked about the needs of my dog to send some samples. I mentioned our boy is 11 and a half years old, almost blind, elderly male large Malamute with a super sensitive tummy and skin. He is wobbly on his feet due to having huge problems with his back legs and hips (which he is under the vet for). But he needs a good diet that isnt too rich but has enough vitamins to give him energy through the day.

Extremely well packed.

You need a strong nose to unpack boxes...he had the layers of packing out in seconds lol.

We were excited to find had kindly sent us 3 items of dog food and treats all closely related to his health needs.

Pedigree Joint Care 
Naturediet Senior and Lite Dog food.
 Huntland Adult Scottish Loch salmon Grain Free dog food.

The first item was specifically for dogs with jointcare problems so I was excited for him to try these.

*Helps ease joint stiffness
*See the difference in 6 weeks
*Omega 3 promotes flexibility and suppleness
*Glucosamine, naturally derived from shellfish, helps rebuild joint tissue
*Green lipped muscle powder provides a rich source of chondroitin to help ease joint stiffness
*Methionine helps to support the natural regeneration process
*Free from artificial colours and flavours.

*Please see the item description for full explanation of these treats.

 Oh yeah his eyesight may be bad, but these smelt sooo goood!.

 These are a good size and shape for dogs to get their teeth round...and by the way there was 7 in this packet but he'd already munched through three.

Yep that is a resounding....mmm yep I love those.

You can let go now; Ive got this!

Yep...1 empty packet later...gone down a treat.

Tiring work trying dog food...I am 91 you know!

The next was a complete meal in a container which also saves on the washing up of dog bowls; so I was keeping my fingers crossed he would like this.

This was one of my favorites for him as I know he loves, loves, loves rabbit flavour, it reminds him of his puppy days chasing rabbits across the fields. But most recently we had been unable to find rabbit flavor that was suitable for his sensitive tummy.

As I opened the container I knew he would love this one; the meaty smell hits you so it must be heaven for dogs.
60% Rabbit and turkey his favorite and 5% rice and 5% veg natural ground bone and seaweed Plus Omega 3 and 6 from the flax, fish oil and meat. Im so happy this is so high in these ingredients his elderly doggy body needs.
They are steam sterilized to preserve the natural flavors aroma with no pork or beef derivatives. Its also gluten free with no artificial ingredients to upset that tummy of his.
Plus I loved the idea I could warm it up too if he needed a change.

This was an absolute hit, a few tentative licks to start off...

 ...then he grabbed the bowl and placed it safely between his feet and finished it off within a few minutes.

He hadn't shown much interest in food recently so this was great to see his face light up.
Mum...its all gone.......!

Lastly after another snooze we let him try a handful of these new 
River Trout and sweet potato flavour.
This 2kg bag is a really good size bag too find out if your pup likes the food.

 Rather than me just tell you whats in it; here's a pik of the bag itself with everything you need to know. Just click on the image to see large.
Im so impressed with the main ingredients though which is 50% River Salmon and Trout (including 36% freshly prepared Loch reared Scottish Salmon and hand netted river Trout). It sounds like a meal we would pay a fortune for at a posh restaurant.
Each of the 7 Huntland diets contains only 1 meat source so no hidden ingredients and no hidden meat derivatives or by-products its all fresh from 1 meat source!
Along with peas, asparagus and sweet potato for a complete balanced diet...shusssh don't tell him there's peas in it, he wont eat peas normally.
The main selling point with this food is that it has zero grains reducing allergies.

 For him these small bitesize kibble are easier for him to digest being an older dog.The Omega 3 and 6 will also give skin nourishment and a healthy glossy coat..hey maybe I need some of these in my diet!

 These pellets are softish and smell fab...just look how moist they are.

 Yet again he's one happy hound and he ate the whole plate of pellets,
But most importantly its naturally prepared with all natural ingredients. Making him less likely to react to this food.

 This was interesting as I dont think Ive ever given him trout let alone sweet potato. But what I loved about this was it was 50% fish and 50% botanicals with NO cereals or grains to fill him up. It will also help stop skin allergies as most of these are caused by grains which can also be a culprit in your pet putting on weight too.

Just some fun clips of him enjoying these tasty treats.

If our boy is happy were happy and he was certainly one happy fella. Being so elderly with so many problems its nice to give him something a bit different as we've been nervous changing his diet due to his stomach sensitivities. But I can honestly say its been normal poo's for the last few days and he absolutely loved all 3 treats.
Suffering from skin allergies and slight weight gain, because of his legs becoming very weak with age and being unable to go for his most beloved walks and runs we had to find a balance between filling him up with the nutrients he needs but not enable anymore weight gain. These diets are specially prepared for his age taking the complexity of us trying to get it right.

He is one happy puppy and we will be ordering the Naturediet Senior and Lite Dog food. and Pedigree Joint Care   as we have now discovered more diets he enjoys.
We will be ordering ourselves as were so impressed with the service and could we not with him enjoying these so much; plus I can also get my birdseed and wildbird food too. Its ideal for me as I cant manage to carry sacks of seed, tins of dogfood around due to back problems. also offer the subscription service called the Bottomless bowl to have items on regular delivery every month; so no panics when your down to 1 tin of petfood and a rush to Tesco's. They offer this scheduled from every 2 weeks up to every 12 weeks by direct debit to suit you.
They do all the work for you and its delivered right to your door...what more can you ask.....
If your dog is set in what he enjoys just have a chat with guys and girls at and let them make some suggestions for you and your pet.
Plus I also want to add how affordable these pet products are compared to supermarkets and Pets at home its free postage over £19.99 which is amazing. Plus you don't get the variety that the PetShopBowl has to offer.

Order your

 All my thanks goes to lovely people from for sending some samples to try, making him one happy happy pup.
All my views and opinions are my own and my dog.


  1. Another fantastically thorough review ......and your dog is absolutely gorgeous! Hope you're keeping well hun :) xx

    1. Hi Sassy great to hear from you and huge thanks for the lovely comment.


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