Monday, May 11, 2015

Grab your Half Price Jumping Jack Frost and Harry Shotta Limited edition Pump Audio earphones

Those of you that follow me will recognize the name Pump Earphones from my full photo review in January. 
I absolutely love these Pumps with gorgeous sound quality and now 2 limited edition Pumps have been released by 2 major names in the music industry.

Harry Shotta and Pump Titans by Jumping Jack Frost they are identical to mine but with these gorgeous limited edition colours are endorsed by these 2 big names.

But don't hang around if you want a pair as there are only 500 of each available, so when they are gone they will go up to full price £99.

Sorry Guys they are both backup to full price, congrats to those who got theirs for half price!

But they are still fantastic earphones sooo worth it.

for Half Price until all 500 of each are gone.
Use coupon code: 500 during the Launch Promotion ONLY to get 50% off!

My Special Edition Pump Audio Earphones are MOVING!!!!Only 162 left out of the limited edition 500 first run & they only came out yesterday!!!!
Posted by Harry Shotta Official Fan Page on Friday, May 8, 2015

 Checkout this legendary music pioneer Marshall Jefferson; "The Father of House Music" reaction to the Pump Titans by Frost.

If you want to know more about them first checkout my own review here.

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