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Bird and Butterfly Wooden Storage Trunk Review

"I am addicted to boxes", there I came right out and said it, "Im a boxaholic". I have an addiction to boxes and storage; any size, shape or colour. Every Birthday or Christmas it was'nt about the goodies inside, it was all about the BOX!
Nowdays I have become at one with my addiction of all thing Box-like, better still the more vintage and shabby chic style it is the more my pulse races, so when I saw this gorgeous butterfly and bird box it was love at first sight.
Can you imagine how I felt when The Basket Company kindly offered to send me one to show you guys.
 The Basket Company offer an incredible variety of baskets in natural stylish and timeless designs in Sea-grass, Rattan, Water-hyacinth and more.
Plus wooden designs like this trunk in vintage Butterfly and bird and vintage floral.
So gadgetaholics, no buttons, led's or volume, no lights or sounds its simply beautiful vintage chic at its best and the only way I can show that is by photos and a snippet of video; as even gadgetaholics love beautiful things for their home.

Read on to see photo's, animations and a video.

First of all guys and girls this has to be best packaged product Ive ever received and Ive received alot in the nearly 4 years of having Gadget Girl. The basket Company used approximately 24 meters of bubble-wrap to protect my box (box and bubble wrap, Yipeeeeeeee), it was like some kind of game show, as we unrolled and unrolled meters and meters of bubbles wrap. I felt I should; send some of it back as there was so much.
I'm very impressed with the packaging, as even one dent or scratch to these beautiful trunks would spoil them forever, it would be hard to fix or repair them.

This stunning wooden trunk/chest has gorgeous bird and butterfly designs printed all over. I absolutely fell in love with this; I adore anything that has an "old worlde charm" to it as it fits in with our old cottage.

You have four sizes to choose from so there is a size to suit every home.
I was kindly sent the large trunk.
Here are the exact sizes so you can see which one will suit your home or room.

Small L 36cm x W 21cm x H 18cm
Medium L 49cm x W 28cm x H 24cm
Large L 59cm x W 36cm x H 33cm
Extra Large L 69cm x W 43cm x H 40cm.

 You have beautifully painted bird and butterfly images all over the box on a type of textured thick splash-proof-covering; but its so much nicer than Ive just explained it as it really does look hand painted by anyone else's eye.

Its antiquey designs look like old natural history letters and postcards or botanical books; its just beautiful. Im almost speechless...I said!

On the front you have a beautiful metal fastening clasp.

This beautifully designed petal-shaped metal clasp shows a lovely embossed flying bird design with leaves. It has 2 pins through it so you can add a matching padlock or fastening lock of your choice.

All the corners have antique metal fittings which have been securely attached.

I love how it looks like real brass.

The edges of the trunk are all accented with a brown vintage look leatherette, with beige stitching. This is glued but you really cant tell, I was just looking to tell you guys. This by itself really makes this trunk stand out, its a stunning effect.

Either side of the trunk you have a lovely brass effect handle.

 Both of which are beautifully embossed.

Im loving the detail you get on theses handles.

Inside it is lined with black textured fabric and has so much space inside for anything you need to suit any room.

 Just look how gorgeous it looks even with the lid up.

The lid is held up with one strong brass coloured hinge and its strong too. The lid itself is a really substantial weight which makes you feel like you have an old  antique trunk.

The underneath hasn't been forgotten either, it has a parchment/canvas effect all edged with the leatherette and brass fittings on the corners to finish it off.
 Note; if placing on polished floor just add fabric feet over the metal fastenings so it will slide easily, or they could scratch. Not a problem with us as we have stone floors.

Its even edged all along the bottom with the leatherette and the corner metal fittings.

 The back is no exception; nothing is skimped just because it is the back of the trunk.

It has 2 large slightly more heavy duty hinges after-all this keeps the lid on securely; as they blend in perfectly.

A video to show you a quick look around as photos just don't do it justice.

I'm over the moon with this gorgeous trunk as even though I knew the size of it;  it still blew me away when I saw just how large it was. Its now got pride of place in the middle of my lounge and it really adds to the decor of an older cottage. Plus I can hide all my clutter...shusshh!
Its excellent quality and so well made, every part of the trunk has been carefully designed and fitted.Those of you that love wildlife will fall in love with this piece of furniture and affordable storage trunk. You can pay double this and more for an original antique trunk, so it will also make a wonderful pressie or house warming gift.
They also do a floral version which is just as gorgeous and again in the 4 different sizes.

The Basket Company offer such an incredible variety there really is something for everyone to suit any style of home from an old cottage like ours to a modern contemporary home. So just the thing you need to store your possessions in, lol.
You can browse or you can shop;
Magazine baskets
Laundry baskets
Log Baskets
Pet Baskets
Or if your not sure where to start; shop by room for ideas HERE
You then get to shop length, width or height if you have a specific size in mind.
 Let me know which basket or trunk is your favorite, which one would you choose and for what room.

Wooden Storage Trunk Butterfly and bird design.
10% off your 1st order and free delivery with orders over £50

All my thanks goes to the lovely girls at The Basket Company for kindly sending me this stunning trunk for this review.
All my views and opinion are my own.

The main pik at the top also has 2 flower arrangements on top of the box.

These are from Peony Flowers and are actually man-made not grown...stunning arnt coming soon....

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