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Rebelite Extreme Watershow Bluetooth speakers Review and video

Hiya people, with so many portable speakers on the market at this time its unusual to get something different. If you guys are anything like me and you  love your tech with a dash of fun; then you will love these speakers from Rebelite with not only great sound; but colour and water dancing...yes I did say water dancing and no its not an April Fool!

These are not only Bluetooth but rechargeable too; so I was excited to have the opportunity to review these Xtreme Water-show Bluetooth speakers for you all.

If you cant wait to read through my review; then take a peek at my full video review after the jump.
Just a quick tease of whats to come with our fun GIF.

Rebelite are one of the largest distributors of cellular phone/tablet accessories in the US. Their state of the art product line is rigorously tested for the best possible performance.

The packaging is a solid substantial cardboard box; it has to be, as its got to protect these two thick plastic water filled speakers. It has a side window offering you a teaser of whats inside perfect to give as a gift.

In the box
You get two 3Watt speakers,
Charging USB cable.
Speaker connector cable.
Axillary cable.

You don't get 3 cable options with many speakers so Im really impressed you get all of these. The fact you can use these speakers with or without Bluetooth offers this choice to many more people. The extra auxilary cable means you can use them with any device. I can now use them with my new Swing radio too meaning I can take them both anywhere.

Rebelite have produced these 2 wireless, Bluetooth stereo speakers; which are completely rechargeable. 
All the techie bits are hidden in the black bases making them very compact. The thick plastic transparent skittle shaped tops are designed to get the best out of the water show. So the footprints themselves are small if your worried about space; ideal for dorms and flats or smaller desks.

Both sealed units contain just enough water to jet to the top via a small motor in each base; they are completely vacuum sealed so will not leak.

The motor is covered by a circular metal disc with 5 holes in through which it jets up the water; above them you have 5 LED's, 2 green, 2 blue and one red in the middle.

Each speaker has a 3 watt speaker in the front giving you plenty of sound and volume.

The main speaker contains the rechargeable 800mAh battery and that also powers speaker two. It also has the charging port, auxillary port, speaker connection port, on/off button and the three responsive buttons at the top are the volume, play/pause etc for your music.
Speaker two (on the right) just has the speaker connector port on the back and wont work without being connected to the main speaker.

The main speaker also has a single LED which is red while charging and blue while searching for Bluetooth.
They are both approximately 22cm high and 8cm base at its widest which then tapers to a smooth domed 4cm at the top, these are a perfect compact size with its small footprint base. You then have the choice whether you wish to use one or two for stereo sound; but who wouldn't use both when you want to listen to your favorite vibes.
The speaker connection cable is approximately 98cm long so you could use them either side of your laptop or monitor.
The auxillary cable is also 98cm so there is plenty of room you can connect them to your phone.
Weight only 1.9lbs.

I cannot express how excited I was to try these speakers as Im a huge sucker for music and flashy lights; and to have all this combined into one gorgeous speaker I'm one happy bunny.
So I immediately charged them up even though they had a little charge already in them. But you can damage the battery forever on a new rechargeable product by using it without giving it the full+ charge first.
So I charged for the recommended 2 hours and then an extra hour to make sure.

By getting the auxillary cable it means you don't have to have Bluetooth to use them.
From the minute you press the on button your goal is to get the water to pulse to the top of the dome...go on admit it thats what you want to see isn't it? lol!
Or is that just me then....;-)
When you turn them on you get a lovely bing-bong and a pulse of water a few secs later just as a tease. Everything about this design has been thought out.

Most of you know how to pair your devices; each one just differs to your own settings but roughly along the same lines.
I found these paired in seconds to my phone, tablet and main PC and they didn't ask for any codes, like previous devices; as you will see in my review video where Im pairing them for the very first time to my Samsung S4. 
*What I did find however was my phone picked them up as headphones and this limited the volume of my phone, but this is a problem I have had previously and NOT; I stress NOT to do with the speaker itself. 
Both speakers again paired super-fast with my tablet and main PC.

I have to make a huge point about the Bluetooth range as most of my other Bluetooth devices have a range of approximately 10m or less. After taking them outside I turned them on and then walked away....and kept walking away...and kept walking...till...I reached over 24 meters away from my tablet WOW...thats soooo damn impressive.
Its the longest range Bluetooth device I have and I have alot!
Perfect for any party or barbeque so you don't need to be sitting ontop of them all the time you can actually wander if you wish; as long as you keep an eye on your jealous pals though or the speakers may go walkies as they look so good.

Water Jets and LED's
In the base there are 5 holes where the water jets shoot up, lit up by 2 green, 2 blue and 1 central red LED. The water pulses are around 3-4mm wide and extend from shooting up from an inch to hitting the top of the dome. You get different strengths of pulse offering you different light effects and of course that all depends on the music your playing; but the strongest pulse really does jet that water to the top its gorgeous to watch.

Even when just turned on and no music the gorgeous blue hue surrounds the whole dome its beautiful accent to any room just as lights.

The blue seems to be the strongest colour as you see above and will see in my video below.

 The red and green LEDs just add a quirky colour accent which is beautiful . Photo taken from the top of the dome looking down.

The colour display is just stunning especially in the dark. It feels like being in an aquarium and so soothing. What surprised me the most was that you don't have to have your music at full volume to get the water to reach the top, even quieter music still reached. 
I think its to do with the bass and treble balance; so its nice to discover you don't need to have them on full blast to achieve it, its the type of music your playing. On my video you will see at the end Ive added a variety of music to show you how different types act with the water.

I love these speakers, the coloured water-show is absolutely mesmerizing and so beautiful and the fact they dance in-time with your fave vibes makes them extra fun.
If you want deep basey beats you need to go for something different; but Im a bass baby and I still found these speakers have a great sound balance. For me personally I wasn't expecting the music to be as such good quality as I had fallen in love with the light and water-show by itself; so for me to have the quality sound is a huge bonus.

These are an ideal room addition; combining light and sound so you can be the envy of all your friends and family. Perfect for your evening barbeques or parties, take down the beach or to a picnic even in daytime as they still look stunning in the day too. The fact they are made of thick plastic makes them able to take a few knocks from over zealous kids or a clumsy bump or two.
They do get quite finger-printy as the tendency is to pick them up by the plastic tops, but a quick wipe they are gone.

 Day and Night water show

Water is know for its calming effects what better way to relax by music, water and a beautiful light show. Its soothing and calming and combined with relaxing, chill-out sounds make you feel amazingly relaxed. Play the sound of the waves and music combo and WOW what a combination. I felt like I was under the sea or in an aquarium. My walls, ceiling was bathed in blue light...stunning!

On a special note; I feel most people would love these speakers from adults to kids and as an ex-nurse I feel these speakers would have a special place with autistic children and those with physical and learning difficulties as colour therapy.
If you cant sleep or have trouble relaxing and switching off from work etc; you NEED to get these...seriously...right now!
Checkout my video to get the full effect of these speakers I'm so impressed with both sound quality and especially with how they look. What a stunning affordable gift for anyone who loves their tech or their music.

  • Water dances to the beat and volume of your music.
  • Two 3Watt speakers with stereo sound for left and right channels.
  • Rechargeable 800mAh battery 3.7V with micro USB cable.
  • Audio input for music sharing or with no Bluetooth.
  • Full audio control on the back of one speaker.
  • Compact.
  • Strong thick plastic to protect from bumps.
  • Affordable.
  • None.

All my thanks goes to Rebelite for kindly sending me these amazing speakers for this review. All my views and opinions are my own.

I also reviewed the Rebelite Extreme fashion Stylus pen here.


  1. WOW These are amazing!! Just the kind of thing I love .....they're visually appealing and look kinda special. thanks for such a lovely review and I look forward to catching up on a few more ;)

  2. Thanks for the lovely comment glad you love them too, Im addicted to watching them and seeing what songs work the best lol!


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