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Hoont Plug-in Electronic total pest eliminator with night-light review

Hiya people this is something a bit different, how many of you get the occasional mouse or rat near your home. Do you keep your pet-food in the shed/garage and constantly find holes in it from cheeky mice pinching a few bites.

Well we've had the occasional split dogfood or bird seed bag in our shed from mice; but thats to be expected living in the country; but still its annoying and I didn't think we could do anything about it.

Until Hoont kindly offered me one of their pest eliminators to try.
take a peek after the jump to see my full review.

 This pest eliminator is something that arrived in brilliant timing as we have had a few bags of bird food torn due to mice coming in our shed for the Winter looking for food. Im a big softie and wouldn't ever deprive any wildlife from food if they were starving plus would never want to poison or use mouse traps as neither I feel are humane. They are just trying to survive after-all.

But I have paid alot for good quality dog food and good quality bird and wild-bird food and hate to see sacks with holes and seed wasted across the floor, Soooo annoying.

So I was excited to find this Hoont pest eliminator was completely humane too. I don't want to harm the sensitive wildlife balance of where we live. By poisoning the mice I'm also poisoning the local owls, Marsh harriers and other birds of prey or stoats and weasels in the surrounding area.

Its completely environmentally friendly and if I can simply persuade them they don't want to come in thats good for me. Yes I did say "Persuade" read on to see what I mean.

 The packaging is a simple bright yellow cardboard box with explanations of the product surrounding the outside.

In the box is your Hoont eliminator and leaflet with thorough instructions.

 This Hoont is a white plastic 3 pin plug in unit with patented technology inside it designed to help you get rid of your pest problems safely to you and nature, with nothing being hurt, poisoned or squished.

Pests to persuade to leave are rates, mice, cockroaches, spiders, fleas, bats, beetles, mites, ticks, waterbugs, silverfish and crickets WITHOUT ANY HARMFUL CHEMICALS.
Id like to state however I wouldn't want to get rid of bats?

3 pin plug unit.

 Patented wave technology
This plug-in eliminator uses a "Patented" mixture of wave technology; electromagnetic and ultrasonic and ionic against your pests.
  1. High density ultrasonic technology.
  2. Deep wall electromagnetic technology.
  3. Negative ion technology.
  • Deep penetrating electromagnetic technology which is the first line of defense by using your own wiring within your walls to act as a shield which prevents insects and pests from entering through outside walls.Your home wiring sends electronic pulses irritating all pests making them feel uncomfortable and not wanting to enter.
  • It also disturbs nests of rodents and insects situated within your walls. The ultrasonic, deep penetrating electromagnetic fields and negative ion waves is really irritating to all rodents and insects, the sounds don't let up.
  • Eradicate all pests from your home environment using this mix of waves, sending your pests scrambling looking for a new home as far away from yours as possible.
  • Works on rats, mice, cockroaches, ants, spiders, fleas and more.
  • Simple to use just by plugging it into a plug, its completely silent to humans and they do stress does not effect cats, dogs, birds or fish. This was one of my main concerns as I have a dog and birds inside my home.
  • Do I need to say people don't use if you have pet mice or I I? ;-)
  • This is also completely humane and safe for you too. It simply makes the area uncomfortable for the pests making them want to leave.
 The Science bit
Negative Ion repelling and purifying technology
In nature negative ions are produced by lightening before a storm; wildlife sense this change in their environment and run for cover, the ionizer makes the room a hostile environment for pests by mimicking that charge and frightening them into packing their little suitcases.
This single pest eliminator will cover an area of 600Sq.Meters. However it cannot go round corners or penetrate hard surfaces like furniture, cabinets, walls and ceilings.
*You will need one for every room you have rodent problem.

How to install your repellent.
  1. In an open area closest to the source of the pests activity, if you cant see them look for their droppings etc.
  2. Plug into an unobstructed area to ensure maximum coverage for ultrasonic waves, so preferably an uncluttered room.
  3. It works similar to light rather than sound so think of blocking out the light scenario.
  4. They cannot pass through solid objects or bend round corners.
  5. They can be reflected by hard surfaces and absorbed by soft so you need to have a little think of the best place.
*This sounds complicated but I would plug it as near to your pest area as possible and move as much clutter away too. Think of placing near chewed holes or frequent pest runways, you will know these if you have rats and mice, you can use an extension lead if you haven't a plug nearby to get as near to them as possible.

How do you know its worked?
Also once installed you may see more activity than normal as they are moving looking for rest from the waves.
Hoont state to give it 10-14 days and can take upto 6 weeks to see positive results.
If your not seeing anything after 20 days move the plug to somewhere else; something maybe blocking the waves.

The Hoont offers you full control over this technology so you know what works for you. On both sides are 2 slider switches.

 On one side you have on/off sliders for the Negative ions and Electromagnetic waves.

 On the other is the on/off for the Ultrasonic waves and a brilliant add on; a night-light. So useful if its in the house.

On the front of the plug unit you have alot going on;
  • Top blue part, the nightlight.
  • Middle triangle has 3 coloured LED's these tell you which wave you have switched on, if all LEDs are flashing then you have them all on.
  • The middle circle is a ultrasonic speaker and the base part is the ionizer.

We've used several different types of plug in pest control similar to this and to be honest none have worked.
This one designed by Hoont offers a brilliant amount of technology and most importantly nothing gets hurt its simply made to feel like an electrical thunderstorm making them want to seek cover away from that feeling. I personally find this a fascinating way if it works as it keeps nature on balance.

I hate to use poison and worse still id never use the clip-snap mouse traps which more times than most fatally injuring the rodent rather than killing it outright making death slow and painful; this is inhumane and cruel so to find something like this is just genius...fingers crossed.

I plugged this in the shed with all sliders to on except the night light as I don't need that on if I'm not in the shed at night. So all the main wave technologies are on.
The front left flashed blue (Ultrasonic indicator), red (electromagnetic indicator) and the yellow (ionizer indicator) in turn showing me they are all working as you cannot hear anything; so its sort of hard to believe anything is working. I could have just been sent a flashy plastic case...eeep...have I....!
No don't worry as trading standards wouldn't let them.

*As a side note I personally cannot see a reason to just ever use one of the deterrents eg; ionizer one day and electromagnetic the next; I personally turned on all 3 deterrents so it was on full whack!

 Here is the nightlight on its super bright enough to see where your going at night in a hallway etc. I really love the subtle hint of blue too as its not too in your face.
Height is 12.7cm.
Total width including switches is 3 inches/7.6cm 

Note: Be aware that because of its width it may need space on your plug socket. Our double switches were absolutely fine, but on our power plug/Gang strip the plugs were too close together for this to fit and be able to access the switches properly.

When I placed this in my shed I took note of over 8 Daddylongleg spiders all within a meter of the plug so I was hoping to have some sort of movement away so I would know if it was working.
I have to say the spiders haven't budged after 2 weeks and they are still there and I do still also have woodlice and beetles (which I don't mind in the shed) but the good news is that I haven't had any mice or rats in the shed so I'm super pleased with that.
For me I'm sure its worked as I was getting regular teeth marks and tiny holes in my sacks of pet food and its been a month without anything so fingers crossed that continues and I will keep you all updated.
The plug is stylish and well designed; but I found the switches felt unfinished and inferior compared to the main plug.

This is a slightly dearer version than Ive had in the past (£29.95) but then they didn't work and were a waste of money and Ive bought quite a few which work along the electric cables, this one is completely different and works with the wave technology as described above; this seemed to have worked; so for me it would be worth the money especially if you have pests in your home.
Its safe reliable and chemical free; especially if you have children and other pets around, you could not ever risk bringing in poison to your home even if it were to kill rats and mice, you would then have to call in an exterminator costing a small fortune. This is a one off investment for you and your family and I love the fact of using technology of mimicking a storm so the pests just want to pack their little bags to find safety and cover. Nothing is hurt and no cruelty involved...phewey!

I will keep you all updated to this.

  • Patented mix of waves to deter pests.
  • safe for humans, home pets and plants.
  • Humane towards pest; nothing hurt or injured.
  • Nightlight added to unit.
  • LED's flash so you know its working.
  • Great design and style for the home.
  • So simple to just plug in.
  • The switches could do with more finishing.

Buy yours from Amazon UK/US

 All my thanks goes to Hoont for supplying a sample for this review.

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