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Rebelite Xtreme Fashion Stylus pen

How many of you use stylus's on your tablets and smartphones reducing finger marks and smudgy screens...a huge pet hate of mine.

I have been on a mission for the last few years to find a stylus that has a more luxurious feel to it, so I feel a bit special using it for every day things...or is that just me.

So when Rebelite a company in NJ contacted me and offered to send a few items for you guys to see; I couldn't resist showing you this beautiful looking stylus pen and a few other items that I know you will love too.

Rebelite are one of the largest distributors of cellular phone/tablet accessories in the US. Their state of the art product line is rigorously tested for the best possible performance.

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This arrives in a very simple transparent clam-shell packaging so you are able to see the stylus clearly. Inside the packet you also get a touchscreen micro-fibre cloth to help you keep your screens even cleaner.

NOTE; epic fail on my part, I thought the white at the stylus end (see pik) was the screen cloth inside, so I snipped off the top part of the packet (near the Xtreme) only to find I snipped off the top part of the "black" screen cloth...ooops.
So yippy, now I have two cloths.

When I saw that Rebelite had these gorgeous snakeskin effect stylus's I fell in love as it matched my LYDC handbag I already had. I then of course had to search for a phone case of the same material as I knew just how beautiful this set would look know what I mean girls don't does.

I finally discovered a company via Ebay that sold red snakeskin effect phone cases in the UK; I had been looking for one on and off to match my bag anyway.
By the way, Rebelite also offer this stunning snakeskin stylus's in several other fashion colours; black gloss, snakeskin effect in- black- purple -pink as well as my red.

 What I love about this stylus is that its a pen and not just a pen; but a high quality one too. When you first get it out the packet it has a nice quality weight to it, something I always want in my stylus's. 

The snake-print effect is stuck around the pen and stylus but its done neatly and the finished effect really is quite luxurious.

One end is the smooth black heavy duty silicon balloon tipped stylus.

The chrome neck gives a more luxury finish to it. My only thing is that you cannot replace the silicon tip; yet you can replace the ballpoint pen with your chosen colour refill.

 Click off the cap and you have a beautifully finished steel ballpoint pen.

These are black ink which is my preferred choice anyway, but you can also use refills too.

 The cap has a lovely snap on click over its own rubber seal which wont fall off and really adds to the quality of this affordable stylus pen.

The pen also comes with a clip with Xtreme printed onto it; to slide it onto a shirt pocket or kept in your handbag so its not rolling round the bottom collecting dust.

 You can see it here with both my S4 and my Nexus 10 and yes I did try to find a snakeprint case for that too but not been able to find one YET...but hey its red so it still looks gorgeous with the phone and stylus!

 I use my tablet alot and haven't been without this stylus since it arrived.

 The chrome accents really finish it off perfectly!

Please checkout my mini video on how smooth and responsive this stylus actually is.
Plus apparently having a good stylus doesn't make you a good Fruit Ninja player ;-)

 Okay maybe Ive slightly over done the red snakeprint when its altogether ...but I love it lol.

This is an affordable stylus pen, a brilliant 2 in 1 gift for anyone with a smartphone or tablet;  its amazing how something as simple as a stylish pen or stylus can just perk up your day.
The ball point pen is smooth and good quality no globby black ink marks here. The balloon silicon stylus end glides effortlessly across all my touchscreens and is super responsive. The size and shape of the pen is comfortable to hold for longer periods of time for both pen and stylus. If you prefer weightier stylus's this is definitely for you. This makes a perfect gift for anyone and who doesn't want a bit of luxury in their lives everyday.
Plus just checkout the price you don't get much these days for under $6 its amazing price you just cant go wrong.

  • 2 in 1 - Stylus and pen.
  • Choice of fashion colours.
  • Responsive silicon balloon tip stylus.
  • High quality ballpoint pen.
  • Screen cleaner cloth.

  • No spare silicon stylus tips but its so affordable anyway.

You can buy yours from Rebelite for
ONLY $5.95

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