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Nutribullet Pro 900 series review and videos Part 1 & 2

Im really excited to bring you all something quite special this week.
  • Do you need to improve your digestion?
  • Do you need to improve your sleep?
  • Do you need more energy?
  • Does your hair, skin and nails need a bit of help?
  • Do you need to reduce your stress?
Did you know you can start to help all these things with 1 Nutriblast a day which will give your body the tools to start healing itself!

Whats a Nutriblast...I hear you its not exploding bananas its a nutritional drink/ meal in a cup!

Produced quickly and easily by the Nutribullet Pro 900 series a nutritious super food extractor.

Please click the jump to see my full photo-loaded review and 2...yes I said two Nutribullet videos.
You can tell I'm really excited about this cant you!!

As you may have read from some of my other reviews you may know Im an ex-nurse so I know how important good food is to our health and to sustain good health. Our body's all need a helping hand now and again but if you could drink at least 1 a day of something to improve your health wouldn't you do it?

Well Im probably more excited than most to share this new gadget with you as I suffer with a few health problems and quite often need extra help especially where energy is concerned; so I had been looking for something that I could do that didn't involve taking yet more medication resulting in more annoying symptoms.
Im also guilty of eating like a sparrow and I admit hands up that Im a "Salad Dodger" so I decided this year I had to take control and make some big changes to my health if I could.
But its not just health problems that would benefit from a Nutribullet Pro its those of you that are guilty of not eating properly, or skipping nutritious meals because we are too busy or too tired and its always our body that suffers.
You wouldn't drive a car on the wrong fuel; yet we are constantly eating poorly for one reason or another. 

Now as you know my reviews can be quite long but there are so many aspects to this its actually a bit longer than usual...ooops feel free to scroll down to the sections that your personally interested in or just view the 2...yes I said 2 videos; the first is an introduction to the Nutribullet Pro and the 2nd how to make a Nutriblast.

This new 900 series is even bigger and more powerful than the original.

My Nutribullet Pro arrived the very next day from High street TV. I was shocked at the speed of delivery. The box is so well packaged it took me a little while to unpack it as I just couldn't wait to get it out and start using it; I'm desperate to try anything to make me feel better on a day to day basis.
The box contains 2 solid cardboard forms which hold the machine and 15 piece kit safely in place during delivery it arrived intact with not even a dent on the box.

This beautiful machine I have to stress is NOT a juicer its a "super food extractor". 
A juicer simply squishes out the juice and leaves all the skin, rind etc which actually contains the best and most nutritious part of that fruit or veg.  Its also not a blender as these simply mix foods together.
An extractor like the Nutribullet Pro emulsifies and pulverizes the fruit and veg into the lowest form by breaking open the nutritious fibers of the rind or seeds etc and emulsifies it down to the lowest form to be easily absorbed by the body. Your body then metabolizes it quickly where its needed and nothing is thrown away like in a juicer or a blender that only mixes the items together, its doesn't "extract" any nutrients.

Its cyclonic action makes it quicker to blend and pulverize continually pulling the fruit and veg down towards the blades.  The cups themselves actually have plastic strips from top to bottom to guide the food back down preventing food from being left on the outer edge of the cup.

 The main Nutribullet is a modern elegant design and looks stunning on the worktop you have to agree. It only takes up a small footprint on the worktop perfect for small flats and dorms too.
Magic bullet logo is printed onto the base and Nutribullet is printed into the brushed aluminum finish on the front. Each of the cups have 3 small protrusions which slot upsidown onto the unit where you press and twist and its automatically  powered on.
The weighty base is where the 900 watt motor is based keeping it fairly stable; it has a large fan underneath with 4 suckered feet for more stability. The plug has a lovely longer length of 1m to most electrical devices for ease of placement.

Height with colossal cup (its highest) is 37.5cm.
Height without any cups (just the unit) is 20cm.
Base diameter is 14cm.
Width of the main unit is 12.5cm.

15 piece set
Im so impressed with the amount of extras you get with this Nutribullet...yes I did say 15 pieces.
Please checkout my full video to see an introduction to all the pieces properly.

If you have the Nutribullet 600 there is quite an upgrade as you not only go up to a 900 watt motor but you get 2 extractor blades and the colossal cup which is a huge 32oz and my favorite the flip and go lid.

 So you get from left to right; 1 colossal cup 32oz, 2 tall cups and 1 small cup.

2 tall cups.

 1 lip ring to make drinking from any of the cups more comfortable as it covers the bumpy threading. There is only 1 of these which is surprising, I feel there should either be 2 of these or 2 of the lip rings that include the handles.

1 small cup, ideal to make puree's, salsas, dips and even your own healthy baby-food with no preservatives you will know exactly whats going into your own baby's meals, but its probably too small for an adult smoothie.

You also get 2 really useful screw top resealable stay-fresh lids so you can prepare your Nutriblast; pop it in the fridge and its stays fresh till you need it that day. Great when making your salsas etc.
Make a couple up for the day when your quiet, these 2 lids fit all 4 cups .

The handle is just genius as it simply screws tightly onto the cup via the screw thread its a nice big handle too so you can have wet or cold hands and its easy to hold; perfect for people who struggle with dexterity problems or have small hands like me. Its a shame there is only one considering you have 2 tall cups.

My favorite accessory with this kit is the flip and go lid, I love that I don't have any excuses as my Nutriblast can come with me anywhere I go.

 You can take it with you to work, to the gym, out in the garden, it doesn't leak (see my test in the Part 2 video), simply pop it in your bag and away you go.

Nutribullet also do the Blast off bag to keep your drink cold, its definitely something Ill be getting for the Summer months coming up.

You get 2 blades so one could be in the dishwasher while using the other. You don't get the milling blade that comes with the 600 series as you now have the more powerful 900 watt motor so you don't need a special milling blade to break open the seeds; these blades have enough power to do it all by themselves.
Once turned on the cyclonic action continually pulls the fruit and veg down onto the blades. The motor is a bit noisy but its 900 watts; so its going to make some noise.

 A complete information pack

 These 3 books are just invaluable.
From right to left the Nutribullet Pocket Nutritionist explains the health benefits of all the major fruit and vegetables and then how to choose them; eg what they look like when they are ripe eg; what colour, squishy or hard etc.
Next the middle image shows the User guide and recipe book.

Lastly the Nutribullet Life changing Recipes book, this technically comes FREE which is £14.99 to buy and is a beautiful hardback coffee table book with real life stories from people saying that the Nutribullet has changed their lives. Then there is a huge variety of not just Nutriblast recipes but dinners and desserts too. This is packed full of nutritional info and the fact it comes free with the 900 series is a huge bonus.

Here is my video showing you round the Nutribullet Pro Part 1
Part 2 is further down on making a Nutriblast.

Prescriptive Nutrition
Its prescriptive nutrition at its best as you can easily tailor your choices of fruit and veg depending on your own health issues or problems; eg, weight loss, detoxing or needing extra energy. Are you suffering with more serious health conditions like arthritis, diabetes or even cancer as you can make a serious difference to help your body fight back. Build your immune system up protect those cells from antioxidants; give yourself bulk vitamins and minerals everyday.

 The Nutriblast
The only thing I would say is if your not keen on bits in your drinks your not going to take to any Nutriblast or smoothie, and it wont be specific to a Nutribullet Pro, your going to have small bits in it, like the orange juices "with bits" you can buy. But you can alter the consistency by adding more or less of your favorite liquid. I personally don't enjoy really thick gloopy drinks, so I make my Nutriblasts a bit more fluidy (is this a word lol?).
If its in the morning Ill make it a bit thicker as its then more like a meal and really does last me hours before I'm hungry and I'm not craving chocky bikkies which are my worst vice. Okay maybe Im still grabbing the odd bikkie...hey a girls gotta have something naughty in a day.

Nutriblasting and Children
I cannot stress enough that I feel every home needs a Nutribullet; especially if you have children as you can hide their "greens" within the gorgeous sugary sweetness of pineapple, kiwi, strawberries and more and I promise you cannot taste the spinach otherwise I wouldn't be having 1/2 a cup a day. 
Are you or the kids a salad dodger then have the salad in a Nutriblast with some raw beetroot giving the beautiful pink red coloration making it so appetizing.
Tell the kids its their "Shrek Juice" if its bright green encourage them to make it for themselves (with Parental guidance) and they will love this.

You can even make the glasses more fun if you need to. Give them their own special glass for their own special Nutriblast.

Im so excited to show you guys this amazing extractor. I have been using this machine for a few weeks now and I can honestly say I feel a difference. To my amazement I actually felt a difference in ONLY 3 days...I thought it may take a couple of weeks before feeling any changes at all; but it only took 3 days to have a bit more energy and to not feel so groggy through the day. Infact I deliberately missed a few days to see for sure and...I actually felt a bit sluggish and tireder than usual and thats saying something to me.

Eat Drink and be Merry!

Follow the simple guidelines of 50% greens like Spinach or Kale and 50% fruit, boosts and liquid of choice. I have roughly followed the user guides and recipes and simply swapped them round to suit us and now we are both addicted as they really are so yummy.
It really is so easy to use, simply cut the fruit and veg into pieces, remove stalks from grapes and spinach etc they are a bit too tough for any machine. Most skins can be eaten but Ive been removing banana skins, kiwi skins and grape stalks.

I got into the routine of making the Nutriblasts really quickly; approx 10 minutes including cutting some fruit and veg, extracting and then rinsing the blades. We have been having a different one everyday with a variety of fruit and veg as you can see from the video and images. We have loved every one, they have been delicious.

You've added all the fruit and veg now you can "Boost" your Nutriblast with more protein and energy and lots more by adding a variety of nuts of your choice (make sure that anyone that will be consuming the Boosted drink doesn't have a nut allergy first); almonds, walnuts, cashews, Chia seeds, virtually any nut of your choice where they will be blended down to their most nutritive state for your body to absorb or metabolize quickly.
We boost ours with Chia seeds, almonds and walnuts; these have blended perfectly into the drinks and your not even aware they are in there as you will see in the video. Chia seeds swell slightly so they keep you feeling fuller for longer through the day to help balance your glucose levels better.

Next you choose your liquid to fill to the max mark or below on all 4 of the cups; if you add fresh water its a perfect way to get more water into your body we never drink enough. You can also choose orange or apple juice, milk, almond milk or yogurt anything you enjoy.
We have started adding Actimels from Danone which not only add more flavor but is also a pro-biotic on-top of all the fruit veg and nuts. I'm sure you guys know how expensive it is to buy an already made-up smoothie which you can almost guarantee will have preservatives in. Your own "Nutriblast" is made by you, you know exactly whats gone into it for less than half the price of buying it from a supermarket or health foodshop/cafe.

This is our regular Nutriblast which I may juggle the fruits around so it tastes different everyday. The asterisk shows what I put in every-time. What you see here is whats in the drink/glass. Isn't it a gorgeous pinky colour its so appetizing.
  • Banana* a daily staple.
  • Apple or a pear...never both (not sure why, may try it lol).
  • Kiwi.*
  • Raspberries, blackberries* or frozen summer fruit mix is gorgeous.
  • Red* or green grapes.
  • Baby Spinach* leaves 1/4 cup I discovered from other regular Nutriblast makers to use a kiwi or pineapple to counteract any bitterness from the greens like spinach or Kale etc; I can tell you honestly Ive never tasted it.
  • Almonds *(approx 8).
  • Chia seeds* (approx teaspoon) for energy.
  • Liquid to the max line - We've tried 1 of the following, Natural water, Orange juice or Blueberry Actimels*.
  • Ice* - oh my goodness you need to add ice its just gorgeous sooo refreshing. I cant wait to have these on a hot Summers day!

Here is my review video Part 2; so you can see how I make my Nutriblast.
But it ends up slightly different everyday with either more fruit and veg or more juice etc depending how Im feeling.
You know what I mean sometimes you feel like a citrisy day others a berry day!

What can I say its really working and Im definitely feeling a bit better in myself; so Im keeping up these daily Nutriblasts, I think Ive only missed 3 days since it arrived and I can honestly say those 3 days we both really felt sluggish and tired.
This is a perfect set up for an average size family; with the 4 different sized cups and the different accessories you have something for everyone. The simple lip-ring to the resealable stay-fresh lids and my favorite flip and go lid. However I do feel there should have been a second lip-ring or second handle rather than 1 of each but you can get these online or on ebay.
The information pack is so in-depth and informative but not too complicated. they are easy to read making this so easy to use. I have found making a Nutriblast second nature now like making a cup of tea. Its slotted into my day naturally and I look forward to it more than anything. I know and have the confidence to say I am happy that Im adding the correct balance of nutrients to my body where it needs it.
Prescriptive nutrition will really help and the little Pocket Nutritionist is perfect to read through to find out what you need for your body.

Its a family health investment.You read about other readers dramatic claims and Ive always taken these with a pinch of salt never believing I would or could feel the same. But I never actually expected it to change my yes I really said that, its not often a gadget can do that and its been nearly a month and my ME has improved to just having a bit more energy through the day...a bit is huge when Ive struggled for over 30 years...I could kiss you Nutribullet! Infact I will Mmmwah!
Life's too short and we have to make the most of life and that means keeping our body strong and healthy.
If you struggle with any aspect of your health or you want to lose weight or just on a mission to get healthy for 2015 go directly to Nutribullet Pro and click buy now.
# I will be adding regular videos and posts showing you my own recipes which are working for me so you can see exactly what Im doing.

  • 900 watt motor.
  • 15 piece set.
  • Flip and go lid, resealable stay-fresh lids.
  • Colossal 32oz cup.
  • Handle accessory.
  • 3 recipes and information books.
  • Gorgeous FREE Hardback Nutribullet life changing recipes Book.
  • Long cable.
  • Easy to use.
  • Modern elegant design.
  • Easy to clean.

  • Would have been nice to have either a second handle or lip-ring rather one of each accessory. But you get so much with this anyway.

You can buy your own Nutribullet Pro 900 series

All my thanks goes to High Street TV for kindly sending me this Nutribullet for this review.
All my views and opinions are my own.

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