Sunday, February 15, 2015

My Valentines Day Pandora Charms #1

 My Valentines Day pressies.

I don't usually show you guys what I get for Valentines Day as its very personal to me; but I'm so excited as I know many of you collect the Pandora silver charms; so I wanted to share my new charms with you all.

 I got up yesterday to find these 2 gorgeous Pandora bags wrapped in a pink ribbon from the best guy in the world who knows exactly what I like.
I love my gadgety things but I also love a bit of girly bling too. 

At Christmas he bought me my very first Pandora Charm bracelet and charms (above) but I hadn't got around to showing you yet.

Here are my silver bracelet and charms I got for Christmas. The 4 silver Pandora are charms on the top row. 

The last charm is one of my favorites; a rare discontinued Pandora dinosaur and I just had to have him...well just look at that face!

The Reindeer, crystal bee and flower & trowel are from Soufeel in Hong Kong. It was the very first time I bought from out of the UK and was worried about customs. Everything arrived within 10 days well packaged in gorgeous bags, jewellery box and pouch.

 I got these 2 gorgeous pressies today for Valentines day.

 The adorable Home Sweet Home charm and the Hearts safety chain; 2 really special charms for me as I'm a sentimental old fool lol!

  My collection.

My Pandora and Soufeel charms so far.
Today is part one of my silver charm collection as I will be doing regular posts with closeups and details of every charm I have so you will get to see them in gorgeous technicolor closeup.

Do you collect Pandora or any other silver charms; which are your favorites and why, I'd love to hear from you.

Thanks for popping by.


  1. Hi, I´m a Pandora lover, I discovered it this year and I´m excited to buy more and more charms , the one of the house is incredible, I´m thinking about angels for my bracelet. See you.

    1. Hi Naty thanks for popping by and glad you have discovered Pandora charms too, they are so addictive arnt they, you cant just buy one. If your anything like me your planning for your next one already lol. Yes the house one is one of my favorites too and the bee.
      Thanks again
      Gadget Girl


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