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ChipEx Car Paint touch up system Review

How many of you have checked your car only to discover a stone chip or scratch on your precious car's bodywork...argh so thats now gonna cost you well over £1,000 for a complete respray.

Or are you about to sell your car and know those 2 stone chips on your bonnet is going to lose you a couple of hundred pounds or more just to sell it.

Well worry not as ChipEx literally comes to the rescue.
ChipEx use a revolutionary new paint kit with a 100% colour match guarantee which is fast and easy to use...yes even I can do it...hey don't laugh...anyone that can use a paintbrush can repair their car....really!

I was really excited when I was asked by ChipEx if I would like to review their car paint repair system as we live in the middle of nowhere and I have so many little chips on my car.
Checkout my full photo review and video to see how easy it is to use for yourself.

Chipex® was launched in 2009 so to provide a fast, very effective and safe solution for the home user to repair paint damage to vehicles to a high standard; without the time and expense of going to a body shop.
The main objective was to make a product that gave both a superior finish compared to conventional touch-up paints and easy for the novice to use.

To start with ChipEx ask you to find the colour code of your car so that they can match your paint exactly, I found mine on a metal panel under the bonnet.
Your ChipEx paint comes hand made to the manufacturers formulation for exact colour match for great results.

I was then kindly sent their Road Rash car kit to show you all and it arrived so well packaged in this gorgeous blue cardboard tub with a solid white plastic lid. I loved this as I can now keep all the kit together for when I need it again.

 The back give you a brief explanation of what you need to do.

I absolutely love how this is packaged maybe this is a girly thing; but the effort involved to have everything so neatly packed shows me the high standard ChipEx want for their clients.

 Inside you get alot for your buck you really do...check this out;

Three Step Chip paint kit; Paint 50ml, Blender 75ml and Polish 65ml.

Blue Nitrile gloves (x2) which are latex free and slightly stronger than latex gloves. I would say they are a medium size; as my hands are small and were still a bit big but not swamped.

10 brushes that are specifically designed for ChipEx paint with tiny fluffy tops.

 Blue paper cloth for blending solution combined with a small sanding block for those deeper scratches.

Large soft microfibre cloth for polishing. This bright yellow cloth is super soft and amazing quality I may have to get more of these.

Plus fully detailed instructions which are easy to understand.

100% colour match paint!
My car has the most gorgeous metallic blue colour and I honestly didn't think it could be matched perfectly...but I was wrong. Checkout how good this paint looks in the sun, even down to the minute metallic particles, isn't it just gorgeous. I need a matching nail polish like this.

Finding your colour codes
Before you buy the ChipEx kit you need to find the exact colour of your car paint and there are 2 ways to do this.
  1. Use the ChipEx colour location guide here. This has excellent explanation and diagrams.
  2. Or even easier watch their video guide on how to find the code here.

Most colour codes are found under your bonnet, passenger footwell or in your boot; but checkout the make of your car and find out with this full list of manufacturers here.

ChipEx are the official supplier of the Morgan Motor Group.

How to use the ChipEx kit

Find a small area to familiarize yourself with the process even though its simple its good to get to know the products your using first.

Step One paint Application
  1. Make sure the area to be treated is thoroughly cleaned and dried prior to application of the paint and that all waxes and polish has been removed from the area. Put on the blue gloves supplied and pick up bottle number 1 your custom colour paint and shake vigorously.

  Always use the supplied microbrushes...which I must say...are genius as rather than your standard paint brush; these have a fuzzy but soft top to get a more blobby effect to fill in the chip.
You can see how small these 4 inch long brushes are from the image above as its sitting across the tip of my gloved index finger....and no I don't have fat fingers ;-)

Simply dip into the paint and your ready to roll!

Here you can see the size of the chip on my bonnet...eeep I never in a million years thought it could be repaired.

NOTE: I used a small screwdriver to scrape-out the surface rust inside first; otherwise it will keep rusting underneath the new paint.

You can already see how its blended in against the original paint and this is JUST 1 coat. Some may only need 1 coat.
( You can see this in action in my video further on) .
This paint dries up in approximately 5 minutes depending how deep your blob is. Ours took a bit longer as we've had snow and ice to deal with. (approx 1-2hrs) As this chip is deep Ive added paint which sits proud of the surface for a neater blend.

Its so easy to use this microbrush.

 You can see I had to use 2 coats to build it up and even left like this it looks so much better than my bright orange rusty chip..but I'm not leaving it like this...there's more..! ;-)

2. Step two Blending.

 ChipEx have been extra clever in supplying you with this mini sanding block.

 You simply wrap the blue paper cloth around this and then add a few drops of the blending solution.

 Then using slight pressure wipe gently side to side which will remove any excess paint and raised bumps from the new paint surface.

Step 3 Polish
Apply some of the Step 3 Polish over the chip repair and let it dry to a slight haze and then using the giant excellent quality yellow microfiber cloth you can now polish the whole panel to high a shine.

 Squeeze a few drops of the Step 3 Polish onto the cloth.

Wipe over the repairs and leave to dry and you will get this white haze.

NOTE: I was over eager and forgot to leave till the polish dried and I found the new paint starting to wipe away onto the cloth....oops! But once I left it to dry to the haze shown above and...THEN polished; it brought the paintwork up to this gorgeous gleaming shine.

 Final result of the corner of my bonnet.
After being blended and polished, the arrows are showing all the other slight chips that were repaired at the same time.
The darker blue at the edges are reflections from the trees behind me; not paint discoloration. Its almost a new bonnet edge I'm so pleased.

 Just to summarize how I repaired my worst bonnet chip.
(From left to right);
  1. Shows STEP 1 applying the paint.
  2. Applying the 2nd coat.
  3. Two coats drying.
  4. STEP 2 Blending in and removing excess paint.
  5. Applying polish.
  6. Final result highly waxed shine.

More before and after piks
This is what you want to see guys isn't it; not pretty piks of the cloths and bottles lol!
You can clearly see the amazing results I got with this incredible kit!

Here I have 2 chips alongside my windscreen. (Seen at work in my video clip).
Image 1 shows 1 coat of paint on both chips one above the other.
Image 2 Both have dried and about to blend.
Image 3 is after blending and firm polishing.
Below is the final effect!
Here you can see a longer shot as I wanted to show you just how gorgeous the shine is after you've used the polish. The small insert shows the 2 chip repairs; which are barely visible.

Here is another scratch that was repaired on my passenger side door, you can see from my original zoomed in circle the deep scratch I made when I accidentally scraped a brick across my door frame as I was taking it out...argh... I was absolutely gutted and I had no idea there would be anything out there to repair this without a respray!
(See more in my video clip).

The ChipEx paint repair is so smooth and seamless; I'm over the moon with these results.

 Here is my own ChipEx video demo showing just how easy it was to do.

The full ChipEx repair Kit
I cannot stress enough how amazing this ChipEx kit is; right from the start they matched my paint exactly.
Its so easy to do and the instructions are clear and super easy to follow. The finish is outstanding. We've used many touch-up brushes in the past and they are a complete waste of money; don't even bother with those; GET THIS KIT!
If you are planning to sell your car but your worried you're going to lose money as it has some noticeable chips or scratches but do not want to spend up to £1000 on a new respray GET THIS KIT!
No more dropping your selling price because you have a few chips or scratches! I had resigned myself to having my ugly chips forever as we live in the middle of nowhere and drive through trees and mud everyday. I never in a million years expected these incredible smooth and seamless results. Plus I have so much paint leftover for any future mishaps.
Its easy to use, anyone can follow these easy to use instructions...hey if I can do it you all can! The cloths, gloves, and brushes are all excellent quality and the polish is just gorgeous its looks like Ive had my car professionally waxed and whats even better I did it myself...ok almost all of it ;-)
My only niggle is that I now have shiny polished areas all over my car and I'm going to have to polish the whole car now....sheesh! BUT she will look damn good!

If you've accidentally scratched your door or your partners car door with your shopping then this will make it all better. My other half says this is the equivalent of me getting flowers and chocolates; so get the love of your life a ChipEx kit for Valentines day!

  • 100% colour match guarantee.
  • Treats stone chips and small scratches.
  • Stunning results.
  • You get so much paint for this small kit it will really last.
  • The brushes are brilliant easy to use.
  • Blends with a clear coat lacquer.
  • Blue Nitrile gloves- for those allergic to latex gloves.
  • Easy to use.
  • Enhances vehicle resale.
  • Prevents rusting.
  • None, except I now have to polish the whole car as I have gorgeous shiny clean patches all over it lol! ;-)
Here is ChipEx's own instruction video

You can buy your Road Rash kit directly from

Choose from 3 different sized kits depending on how many repairs you need.
Smaller kits available below.

ChipEx Lite (enough for 12 stone chips.) 
Was £32.99 
NOW £29.95

ChipEx Medium Kit (enough for 24 stone chips).
Was £39.99
NOW £35.95

ChipEx Road Rash kit (For heavily chipped cars).  
was £45.95 
Now £37.95

Call ChipEx to discuss what you need and more information; they are there to help and advise you.
+44 (0) 1295 258 308.

Twitter (@chip_ex)

All my thanks goes to ChipEx for kindly sending me this amazing kit free of charge for this review.
My views and opinions are my own.


  1. Very useful - thank you! My nails will never be as good as yours but my paint repairs may be! You have convinced me to go ahead with this kit :-)

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