Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Gerp now grips anything with a tripod mount; checkout the new Kickstarter campaign!

The Gerp Reinvented!
Introducing the worlds most versatile grip, stand and mount to enhance and unite your digital devices.

If you've been following me over the last few years (if not why not ;-) you will have seen my review for a product I fell in love with and still using today.... The Gerp!

  The Gerp
I didn't know how they could possibly improve on this brilliant design but they have...drumroll...they have now added a tripod mount to the end of the grip...genius!

 See "both" ends in use, one end suckered securely to the windscreen the other attached to the GoPro and the smartphone via the tripod mount.

Many of you "Gerpologists" are already using the Gerp in so many ways; now you have the opportunity to use the Gerp on almost any device that has a tripod mount!

 My Samsung galaxy S4 is securely attached to the large ergonomic grip which reminds me of a motorbike handle/pistol grip and takes the weight off your devices; especially if your holding it for a longer length of time.This helps prevent Repetitive Strain Injury and other disabling problems.

Want to know more then checkout my original review 
(without the tripod mount) 

Imagine how good it will be with the added tripod base.

It genuinely feels super cool to hold; very James/Jane Bond and its a guaranteed conversation starter.
Ergonomic, lightweight, durable, waterproof and super fun to use as you run round attaching it to anything and everything to see if it will sucker to it...ok maybe that just me then... ;-)

 You will see from my original Gerp review it securely holds my S4, Nexus 10 and Kindle, even a tray holder for your yummy eclairs.

Yes you know me well...even a tray...of....cakes....yummm!!!!

So why am I doing another post; well The brilliant Gerp team have improved the design and now you are getting a 2 for one Mount; So you not only have the incredible features of the original Gerp but the brand NEW tripod mount too.

 See how you can now attach your video or action cam and have a solid stabilized secure grip to film.

Just look at all the devices this genius of a grip will hold; if it has a flat back or a tripod mount The versatile Gerp will grip it!
Plus you have the choice to get a GoPack so you can use the Gerp Mount with many more devices; what more could you want.

Everyone who owns a phone, camera or action cam NEEDS this incredibly simple, cool looking, versatile gadget to be able to use your device comfortably anywhere indoors and out.

One grip for all!

A $1 means you will be part of this campaign and for $25 you can be one of the very 1st to receive the brand NEW first run of The Gerp Mount.

Go checkout their NEW Kickstarter Gerp Campaign and grab yourselves your very own Gerp and the Gopack of accessories.

Will you get a Grip on your Gadgets? 

Good luck to the Gerp team you so deserve every success with this already amazing gadget!

Just look at the brilliant Pledge rewards you can get below; there is a price range for everyone that want's to be involved.

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