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Pump Audio Earphones- The Best in the World earphone Review!

What with New Years resolutions so many of you are now already on your new healthy kick; not just with your diets but with exercise too and what better way to enjoy your exercise than with your favorite music through a great pair of earphones or headphones.

Today Ive something for those of you that are after great quality earphones; either to exercise with or use on a daily basis.

I was kindly contacted by Pump Audio to ask if I would like to try their new Pump Audio earphones with the massive claim of 
"The Best in the World!"
  They ARE better than Dr beats.

How could I say no to trying the BEST earphones in the world. 
So I took the PUMP challenge!

Please see my photo-loaded review after the jump!

Pump Audio are the specialist earphone division of Speedcam systems who specialize in high quality electronics that are excellent value for money and have a great user experience.
I'm not really a lover of in-ear earphones, as small ones have irritated my inner ears in the past so I had stopped using them. 
But I just had to give these guys a go and they looked so good too.

The Pumps arrived in a cardboard box with a book-like front cover; which you open to a transparent window which reveals your Pumps. The Pumps then slide out on a plastic tray. To be honest I expected classier packaging for £99 earphones; especially with no pouch to keep them in, sometimes you can use the box, but this would be to big; but then I suppose it does keep some production costs down.....

Whats in the box;
  • Pumps showing jack plug and inline microphone.
  • 3 sets of earbuds inc 2 spare different sized earbuds.

Pump believe they have created "The Best Earphones in the World" with unparallelled quality, unmatched sound with no expense spared in the development and the construction of these Pumps.
They are designed for "premium" audio playback with incredible bass and crisp clean highs only heard on serious sound systems. So with one style and 2 colours they chose not to become a fashion company.
  • Frequency range 20hz-24500hz.
  • Sensitivity - 102 dB.
  • Impedance - 18 ohms.
  • Complete noise isolation.
  • Specially tuned ear-buds for small, regular and large ear canals.
  • Specially tuned weight - 15g.
  • 3.5mm gold connector jack inline microphone.
  • Water resistant aluminum casting.

So...are these gorgeous bright orange earphones "The Best in the world"?

I do not claim to be an Audiophile but I have over the years got to learn so much more about sound quality through reviewing many speakers and headphones and I know what I like. Plus I can certainly tell many subtle differences between brands. So I will try my best to explain why I really LOVE these earphones.

I love the bright orange colour but it also comes in black too if this is too garish for you. For me its lovely to find some different coloured earphones to the normal black or silver...yay... even the aluminum casing has a metallic orange finish.

The backs for the earphones have an etched sun design; which catches the light and sparkles every now and then, making you think they have put in crystals instead...very clever.

You have 51 inches...yes I said 51 inches of cable to play with; how many of you find your earphones too short from your phone or MP3 player. 
I also love the smooth, flat, bright orange silicon/rubberized cable, making it less likely to get tangled up.

The soft supple ear-buds are so comfortable and felt completely stable within my ear and found even with moving around they were certainly not going to fall out, they felt soft, smooth and secure.

Sound Quality
Well I have to say....WOW....they are amazing, obviously I haven't tried every high quality earphone ever made so I cant compare these 100% BUT I have tried Dr beats earphones in the past and I feel these have a much richer and more immersive quality to them.
If you have a £20 MP3 player and have downloaded poor quality music files you are not going to get the FULL benefit of such a quality product; but you can certainly improve the sound quality from any device with these Pumps. 

I was in a total world of bliss with the amount of sumptuous bass being produced, silky smooth with just a hint of reverberation, just as it should be, allowing you to dip your hearing toe in the water and relax, without some BOOM BOOM shark swimming over and messing up your day.

What surprised me more was as I went to speak to my other half that I could barely hear my own voice over the music from my earphones. So I can completely vouch for the noise isolation and have to say this was a real bonus for me as Im often sitting up in bed catching up on my favorite YouTube videos with my Nexus 10; while my other half watches TV.

 Inline microphone

Phone calls
The music cuts out immediately you get an incoming call on your phone and allows you to answer without having to go mooching for your phone in your bag. Then once the call ends it continues with your music where it left off...just brilliant! Voices are clear and sharp too.
The fact its water resistant is perfect too, great for joggers out in all weathers and those of you hiking and want a bit of music for inspiration as you trek across the Himalayas or Hyde park lol!
The 51 inch length that you get with these is a real bonus; Ive had so many pairs of earphones and headphones that are way too short this has the luxury of the added length to tuck in and under coat, jackets shirts and t-shirts with still enough left to move around comfortably.

Do I love my Pumps...absolutely; are they the best in the world, I cant say that but I can say they are one of the best earphones Ive EVER tried.
I love the bright orange colour it really makes you smile when you get them out, the fact you have 3 sets of earbuds for different size ear canals is a real bonus, you could also share them too this way. The Pumps are excellent build quality and feel great to touch, you can feel the quality emanating from them!
As for the sound WOW it really is gorgeous and what amazing know I love my bass...its all about the treble...! (yes there is treble)
The sound is so crisp, clear and rich and I cant even show you what they sound like; so you will have to take my word for it.

My only niggle is that I feel they should have come with a small pouch or case to keep them all together. Afterall you have 51 inches of cable to keep from getting tangled in your bag. Plus those little earbuds could easily go walkabout being so small and you want to keep them all clean and hygienic too when carrying them around in your bag like me.

The price...I realize they are not the cheapest earbuds but...are they worth it...yes I would say they are. I was really taken with the sound quality from my Samsung S4 as it only has 1 speaker so of course it sounded amazing through these babies; especially after I cranked up the was so yummy I love them! Plus you are getting a 5 year replacement warranty so just add up how many pairs of earphones you could have bought in 5 years; Im sure it will be alot more than £99.
Pumps would make a great quality gift for anyone who loves their bassey music, but don't expect them to sit and chat once they on, they will be immersed in their awesome music experience.

Will you take the Pump challenge?

  • Great colours black and orange.
  • Super long length cable.
  • Noise isolation.
  • Water resistant.
  • Amazing deep bass.
  • Crisp, clear sound.
  • Inline microphone.
  • 5 year PUMP full replacement Warranty. (only applies to purchases directly from Pump Audio not from retailers).
  • I would have loved a pouch to keep all my Pump and spare buds in.

You can buy your own Pump Audio earphones and take the Pump challenge in Orange or black from Pump Audio directly.

All my thanks goes to Pump Audio for sending me a sample free of charge. All my views and opinions are my own and I was not paid for this review.

Thanks for popping by see ya soon.

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