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Oregon Scientific designer PRYSMA Projection Clock with indoor & Outdoor temperature Review

with indoor and Outdoor temperature displays.

Something for everyone today, as we all need a good clock with our busy lives and what better than having accurate time with the temperature inside and out, so you know what to wear or whether to have a lie in..?

Plus the fact it projects the time and outdoor temperature onto the wall or ceiling, so no more straining to see the time.

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When Oregon Scientific contacted me asking if I would like to review one of their NEW products, I couldn't wait to see what they had as the name Oregon Scientific installs quality and longevity, I remember having one of their scientific calculators when I was at High ago.

Oregon Scientific believes in
Smart Living - embracing innovations that help you live smarter, so you can be happier, healthier and more productive.

I was really surprised at the modern bright packaging. The main box is solid and the clock and accessories are encased in a plastic clamshell. Then Oregon have cleverly saved on a lid by just using a cardboard slip sleeve slid down the front with the main details of the clock on. The top has a black ribbon loop for retailers to hang them on, or you can get crafty with your gift giving and hang it somewhere for your friend or relative to find.

You cannot in anyway say this is JUST a clock. The new PRYSMA series has a brilliant variety of multifunctional and innovative projections clocks.
There is something to suit everyone with a variety of bright coloured clocks which have a sleek slimline modern design. All of which project the time, alarm and this particular design, projects the outside temperature directly onto a wall or ceiling.

To top it all the clocks are radio they don't run round the garden on four wheels doing fancy jumps or whizzing through the means they adjust automatically to and from British Summertime, so you NEVER have to set the time again....YAY!

In the box you get your 
  • Projection clock, 
  • Power supply, 
  • Sensor...wait for it WITH batteries...high five Oregon!
  • User manual, easy to read and understand.
  • Guarantee and warranty.

 The power supply arrives in 2 pieces to slot the 3 pin plug section on to save space I'm assuming but I don't really see the point your not saving that much space. Maybe its to alternate between 2 pin and 3 pin for traveling..? But I feel this would be too big to take on holiday with you.

Radio waves remote setting.

What makes this clock so different from other digital clocks is the included temperature sensor (which comes with 2 AAA batteries...woohoo)!
This sleek white plastic unit is only 12.5cm x 5cm and can be attached to the wall outside shielded from direct sun or wet conditions; or indoors sat in a window to gain the closest temperature to outside.
 It has a 50m remote range from your clock which is something to be aware of.
I just have to say this is such excellent quality the white plastic is thick and well built, the front has a high gloss clear panel giving a lovely luxurious feet to it.

Inside the sensor you have 2 sliders and 2 buttons; the first slider is to set the channel especially if you wish to have several sensors around your home the unit allows you to have up to 5 sensors. Otherwise simply set to 1.
Next choose EU or US/UK.
The search button will only need to be used initially while setting up and reset should you want to start again or move it around.
The front of the sensor unit has a small red LED which flashes when synchronizing with your clock. Depending on the strength of the signal, the connection process can take 2-10 minutes or if it is a weaker signal up to 24 hours to receive a valid signal; in my case it took under an hour.

NOTE: You can use up to 5 sensors if you need to know the different temperatures of different rooms, the garage, a green house etc.

The main clock is absolutely gorgeous it has a lovely substantial weight with a glossy piano black finish on the main clock. 

The coloured section at the side is your magnifying projection unit; this has a rubberized feel to it with Oregon Scientific logo embossed into the front.

This swivels so you can aim the time onto any wall,  ceiling or any surface. It swivels 180 degrees to cover backward or forwards. I love that Oregon designed this in rubber as it makes it easier to twist for the best viewable positions without leaving smudgy fingerprints over the glossy black of the main clock....a love and hate of mine. I adore piano glossy black on products; but hate the smudgy fingerprints you get with it.

The front part of the clock has a huge red LED screen (this is red but the image is showing yellow being close-up). The main time numbers are 2.6cm high which are so crisp and clear compared to most digital clocks, I cannot stress how easy it is on the eyes. The big retro numbers are easy to read for anyone with sight difficulties made even easier with adjustable brightness for day and night viewing.

The back of the clock has all your function buttons, the top has 5 solid responsive buttons. Temperature, clock, alarm, plus and minus for setting both time.
It has a dual crescendo alarm function which also allows you to set 2 alarms on a single clock (its amazing how many apps or clocks only allow you to set one). Now you have one for you and one for your partner; which will get louder every few seconds giving you a more gentle awakening to start the day.

Plus an 8 minute snooze easy access button on top for those cold Winter mornings.

At the bottom you have the micro USB power in port, reset button, choice between Centigrade or Fahrenheit, the light and a button to flip the projection 180 degrees if you wish.

The Science Bit
  • Measurements 200 x 80 x 20mm.
  • Weight 400g.
  • User manual.
  • Projection - Yes.
  • Radio Controlled - Yes.
  • Back-light - Yes.
  • Alarm - Yes.
  • Snooze Function - Yes.
  • Indoor temp - Yes.
  • Outdoor temp - Yes.
  • AC Adapter - Yes.
  • Geek Factor - Absolutely!

This is the first time Ive heard of a radio controlled clock...I know...where have I been all these years. Yep I have to admit this is a new one on me, but wow its so easy to set up. I simply plugged it in and set the sensor to channel 1 and clicked the search slider; went for a coffee and cake and when I went back the clock and calender was all synchronized and set up. It took less than an hour. Now I will never have to put the clocks back or forward ever again. It will do this automatically...just genius!

 Here is the time even at an angle; many clocks cant be viewed from the side; this still keeps crisp and clear. You can also see the projection unit twisted down slightly, the top magnifies the time and outdoor temp onto the whatever surface you aim it at with a button at the back to flip the projected time/temp 180 degrees if you want it facing somewhere else.

This is where the PRYSMA clocks comes into their own. Checkout how large the projection time/temp is and just how sharp and clear it is. My woodland picture is approx 2.5 foot by 3 foot in size so you can see just how large the numbers are.
I also wanted to show you just how good it looks from day to night; light to dark. Its so interesting to see how fast the temperature drops outside when the sun goes down. It dropped 0.4 degrees in ONLY 12 minutes. This is cool to see...well those that like this sort of thing. Oregon Scientific have nailed the crisp detail of the numbers.

This pik shows the clock on a windowsill projecting the time onto our apex ceiling approx 3 foot above the actual clock; see how sharp it is.

NOTE; Annoyingly we have just had a power-cut and lost the clock so it would have been nice to have had a battery backup inside.

Do you need precise time keeping and/or need to know the temperature outside...without going outside or get out of cool is that!

This is an excellent piece of kit which feels solid and well made and you know you have something of quality in your hands. The technology that comes with your clock is just brilliant and the slimline modern design and colours are so bright and gorgeous.The bright, sharp, clear digits make this an ideal gift for someone with poor eyesight with adjustable brightness.
I adore the variety of clocks available in the PRYSMA range, with so many features to suit everyone; however I do feel that £59.99+ is a little pricey for a digital projecting clock as there are others on the market; but you do get what you pay for with this set! Oregon Scientific do cheaper versions of projecting clocks but they don't have this technology or beautiful looks of this new PRYSMA range.

I love this red version which is the indoor and outdoor temperature clock; but you can also get a variety of other PRYSMA clocks with a choice of an FM radio, or weather forecast; each with their specific colours see below. All of these have the projection time, making this a really fun, multifunctional clock and luxury gift for anyone. Plus the ideal gift for the gardener who needs to know the temperature outside or in the greenhouse or that techie you know and don't know what to buy them; they will love one of these.

  • Projection clock.
  • Precise time and calender.
  • Adjustable brightness.
  • Precise outside and indoor temperature displays in real time.
  • Dual alarm clocks.
  • Radio controlled clock, never have to set it again. It synchronizes with GMT.
  • Great slimline, modern design.
  • I wish there was a battery operated option as well as mains as I could use it in more places. 
  • Plus battery back up for powercuts.

You can buy yours from
Amazon UK or Oregon Scientific

 PRYSMA Projection clock with FM radio

PRYSMA projection clock with weather forcast
 You can see the little sun symbol which will change with the weather. Plus I adore this beautiful turquoise colour. I'd buy it for this gorgeous colour.

 PRYSMA Projection clock with weather forcast Black.

All my thanks goes to Oregon Scientific for sending me this stunning clock free of charge for an honest review.
All my views and opinion are my own.

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