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Griffin Survivor Phone case Bumper review and Give-away!

Win 1 of these luxury cases by Griffin! of course ;-)

Griffin kindly sent a collection of their phone cases for me to show you guys with their doubles; so I can also give some lucky readers a case each too.
 (For Samsung S4 phone owners only).
 Griffin technology was founded by Paul Griffin on his kitchen table in 1992 and is today one of the foremost creators of accessories for home, mobile, and personal technology. Unique products such as the itrip, Powermate, iFM, iMic and Evolves Wireless speaker system have broken new ground in consumer electronics.
Today Griffin products are conceived, designed and developed in-house and continue to push the industry forward that they themselves created.

Click the jump to see my full photo-loaded reviews and see how you can get your hands on one of these cases.

I received 3 popular cases from Griffin to show you all.
Ill go through each case individually as they are very different from each other and would suit various people.
But if you just popped on here to to find out how to get your hands on one yourself skip to the end to find out how.

The Survivor Skin
These two cases are made of extra thick silicone which wraps firmly around the phone, protecting the back, sides and edges from bumps, jolts and scratches.

 The cardboard packaging has a clear perspex window with a small cutout to touch the silicone to feel how soft it is. It states on the front that it is designed to meet and exceed US military standards for a 6 foot drop and cope with vibrations.

This really is a thick layer of soft smooth silicon and the honeycomb interior really gives the phone support. You can see just how deep the silicon layer is by looking at my reset button depth (Bottom left image).
It has a gorgeous squidgyness to the case and feel it would definitely bounce rather than land like a splat.

You have extreme protection for your phone while all the ports are still fully accessible as you can see from the images above.
The silicon is smooth on the back of the case but the buttons on the front and the sides all have extra checkerboard texturing for extra grip when your hands maybe cold or wet.

 I love how the case completely envelops the phone with the top and bottom lip fitting over onto the front screen itself. Giving approximately 3mm of height to give perfect cushioning if you lay your phone screen down on a surface it keep the screen lifted away from most surfaces.

 I also love the fact that the main home button on the bottom plus either sides of this are covered by silicon and you don't lose any responsiveness either with this. The side power on and volume rocker buttons are also enclosed, the rubber makes it so easy to grip your phone so its less likely to slip from your grip with wet or clutzy hands.
I adore this gorgeous blue colour and really adds something different to my normally black phone.
 I haven't yet dropped my phone from 6 foot to check this fact (sorry guys) but I feel confident that this case would save my phone from a 6 foot fall with all its extra silicone cladding. Its one of the thickest most padded cases Ive ever owned (along with the Survivor All terrain coming up).

Do you want to get your hands on one of these cases, do you like the look for this for your phone. Then read on to see how!

The Reveal
I absolutely love this little case as its so unusual. If you like the colour of your naked phone as it is; but are still worried its doesn't have enough protection; then the Reveal is for you.
Perfect for phone owners who have the lovely gold, silver or coloured battery backs; these look gorgeous but don't offer your phone much protection.Well now you can have the best of both worlds.
The clear polycarbonate back allows your naked phone to shine through. If you are like me and have bought a brightly coloured battery back for your S4 and need the protection but don't want to cover over the gorgeous colour; then the Reveal is just perfect.

The cardboard packaging has the same black and orange Griffin styling and design with transparent plastic window front to see the case. You again have the small circle to touch the case through the hole.

This slimfit phone case is a one piece design and is just over a millimeter in thickness; offering you a barely there feel for those that prefer that.
The thin shell has rubber edging which surrounds your phone to cushion the sides and give you firm grip. The clear polycarbonate back also has a good thickness for added protection too. The camera and flash have one cutout and its thickness adds excellent protection to the protruding camera lens and speaker port (one of my S4 pet hates).

Allows full access to screen, controls and the ports. The power on and volume rocker buttons have the rubber over buttons for ease of use with wet or cold hands.

This has to be one of my favorite cases as I can still have full protection for my phone without having to cover my brightly coloured turquoise aluminum battery cover.

Griffin kindly gave me this Blue edged version of the Reveal case to give away for one of you!

If you want the chance to win this case scroll to the bottom.

If you work in harsher environments and need a heavier dutycase then look no further see The Survivor All terrain case case see below.

The Survivor Military-Duty Case
This is the ideal case for those of you that have contacted me saying you work in harsher conditions, garages, farms, factories or just a!
This 4 piece phone case has been designed and tested to meet and exceed US department of defense Standard 810G. Built from the inside out to protect your phone from extreme conditions, dust, sand, wind, rain, shock and vibrations....but does on?

 The cardboard packaging is similar across the various cases with a good diagram on the back to explain the layers of the case.

 Here you have the 4 layers, the first is the super chunky belt clip and phone stand. The main case is divided into 3, you see this by the different colours blue and black, two arrive joined together but they can come apart if you wish...although not sure why you would want to pull them apart. The last layer is your complete full coverage screen cover. These clip on and enclose around your phone for super protection.

The back of the case
 The whole case is quite squidgy but extremely firm in your hand and you know your phone will be quite safe from a high fall, knock or bang.

This case has been thoroughly tested so you have the confidence to use it.
  • This case is built of shatter resistant polycarbonate frame clad in rugged shock absorbing silicon.
  • Independently tested to meet US department of defense MIL-STD-810.
  • Front screen protector deflects wind and rain (Test: up to 200mm/hr for 1 hour).
  • The rigid frame protects against shocks and drops and has been tested by being dropped on flat concrete surface from 6"/1.8m.
  • The black soft silicone cladding blocks vibration (Test: for 18 hours at 20 to 2000Hz).
  • Sealed ports block (Test -blown sand and dust up to 18m/sec for an hour).
  • Multiposition clip attaches securely to pack strap or belt.

When you get your case it arrives with full fitting instructions, thats easy to understand.

Here you can see just how chunky the case is compared to the edges of my phone with its double layering of polycarbonate and silicon. Completely cladding and cushioning my phone all the way round.

The final layer is your full coverage screen protector; this clips on via its 7 clips.

These clips do feel a little flimsy but once clipped on the whole case supports itself and your phone! This screen deflects wind and rain from your actual phone and you can use the touchscreen normally with no problems.

Doesn't it look amazing.

The case has 3 hinged silicon doors which seal in the camera & flash together, the earphone socket and the charging port.

This is just brilliant in protecting the S4's camera as it protrudes from the actual phone (if you've read my previous S4 posts you will know its a pet hate of mine). The case thickness is 0.7cm depth which gives you the full protection all round.

 I love that this case also comes with a detachable multiposition belt or bag clip; this chunky solid full length clip swivels to fit any direction.

It has a heavy duty metal and plastic hinge which clips securely onto the case and attaches to your belt or bag.
This clever clip also doubles as an excellent solid phone stand to watch videos, take video calls or just surf from your phone. It really is good.

A slight niggle is that the silicon is an absolute dust magnet the minute its out of the box. The volume button is a bit tough to use as the silicon is so thick. 
BUT these are the only tradeoffs to have full protection for your phone from extreme conditions!
Be aware too this case is rain and splash proof but isn't entirely waterproof.

This gorgeous rugged case however is so easy to grip and almost grips you right back. No more phones slipping from your grasp when your hands are wet or cold. It will protect your phone from rain, dirt, shock, vibration and bumps and scratches and you never have to worry where you lay your phone down again. Plus Im confident this case will protect my phone from a high drop onto concrete as those side edges have a really squidgy and foamy feel. Its the thickest most padded cases Ive ever owned.

Don't forget Griffin do these cases for many other phones too and I have to stress what excellent quality and great design all three styles of cases are.

They even do this colour for the girls too in pink


So the bit you've all been waiting for the chance to win one of these cases.
Ive 4 of these to give away.
Apologies as they will ONLY fit a SAMSUNG S4 phone so please don't enter if you have another make of phone sorry :-).

Treat yourself or treat a friend who has the Samsung S4 phone!

All you have to do is to let me know which Griffin case you would like and why?
Email me on
or leave a comment below.

Applicable to the UK only!  

The Reveal (Blue)          The Survivor all terrain (black).

The Survivor Skin in Black and Blue

Don't forget to leave your email address if you leave a comment below where I can contact you if you win.

Competition Closes 31st January 2015

 Please be aware applicable to the UK only...sorry! 

All my thanks goes to Griffin Technology for sending me these cases for review and sponsoring this give-away.
All my views and opinions are my own.

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