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The Wrath of the Just (Apocalypse Z #3) By Manel Loureiro Book Review

By Manel Loureiro

From apocalypse…
An act of terrorism unleashed an unspeakable biological weapon…and hell on earth. But as the masses felled by a hideous virus rose from the dead to prey on the living, a small band of survivors defied death, and its ghastly spawn—determined to outrun the world’s end, and somehow begin again.
To Armageddon…

But beyond the undead-besieged shores of Europe lies something closer to damnation than salvation. Rescued from certain death at sea, the young Spanish lawyer, the beautiful woman he loves, and his brash, battle-hardened best friend—who have weathered the worst of the unnatural disaster—find themselves delivered from a world of horror into a stronghold of hate. In a United States ravaged by the zombie plague and overrun by the undead, only Gulfport, Mississippi offers sanctuary…for a price: subservience to a fascist dictator and his brutal enforcers. But their reign of terror will soon be challenged. By rebels hungry for vengeance, and invaders bent on conquest.

Hiya apocalyptic lovers yes Ive yet another zombie fueled book for you to read and yet another 5 star one too.
I read the last 2 books in this trilogy over a year ago and since then have read loads of zombie books in-between; so I wondered if I should have read them quickly again to remind myself of the plot with my awful memory. I needn't have worried as soon as having read the the first few pages I was straight back on track as though I'd only read the other books yesterday!
Its now 06.15am Ive been reading since 01.30 and Ive just put it down I simply couldn't stop reading this brilliant last in the series...sniff...sniff!

You would think after reading so many zombie-esk books Id be bored fedup...but no...seriously...I love reading them so much.

So the last in the trilogy takes us back to the diary style read of our favorite zombie killer/lawyer and the tough and lovable Ukrainian helicopter pilot Viktor “Prit” Pritchenko and the beautiful distraction from the chaos Lucia; who have fallen in love with each other despite a 10 year age gap. But I think apocalypse happenings throws all rules out the window don't you, if they love each other go for it!
Plus my favorite character and what any zombie apocalypse needs a Persian ginger cat called Lucullus! I love this arrogant Persian...phew thank you Manel for not making him meet a quick zombie snack lol ;-)
Another fab, fast flowing read and so different from my other zombie reads, so many unique ideas and twists.
We don't just have zombies to contend with but the North Koreans are on their way too; but not before the 3 reluctant zombie killers and the cat find themselves in more trouble as they are forced from the safety of their boat in a freak storm onto the "safety" of an oil tanker. Relieved to be alive and in the hands of their over friendly rescuers are things too good to be true ...of course...they are...sigh!

From horrific storms to mad preachers, racists and the Nazi thinking "bleeps" who are the worst of humankind; making this a heart-pounding read from page one so you just cant stop reading.
Manel makes you really care for these brilliant characters who have been so well developed and have comes so far in these 3 books. Each book has improved and thrown us into yet another great plot, leading smoothly from one to the other.
A fab twist is that the the CDC have produced not technically a cure; but a drug that can slow the process down and I loved the descriptive narrative of the fungal spreads on the zombies....say no more...urgh!

I really enjoyed this compelling thoroughly well written trilogy and now am completely gutted its ended. Your swept along with so many thrilling twists and turns and gory action scenes. Plus I fell in love with Lucullus the cat how could you not; but Im sure that most cats would have just scarpered off at the first loud bang or scream in the very first book; but Im so glad he didn't.
I would suggest reading the first 2 books before this one so you can really appreciate what this fab little group have been through and get to know them better; but you could still read this as a stand alone read too...if you wanted to.
I will miss this awesome trio and I cant wait to read more books from Manel.

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*This has been originally published in Spanish and has been translated perfectly to English in this version.
Author Bio

An international bestselling author, Manel Loureiro was born in Pontevedra, Spain, and studied law at Universidad de Santiago de Compostela. After graduation, he worked in television, both on-screen (appearing on Television de Galicia) and behind-the-scenes as a writer. Apocalypse Z, his first novel, began as a popular blog before its publication, eventually becoming a bestseller in several countries, including Spain, Italy, and Brazil. Manel has written three novels in the Apocalypse Z series. He currently resides in Pontevedra, Spain, where, in addition to writing, he is still a practicing lawyer.
His Apocalypse Z trilogy--The Beginning of the End, Dark Days, and The Wrath of the Just--took him from the blogosphere to bestsellerdom, earning him acclaim as "the Spanish Stephen King" by La Voz de Galicia. Loureiro continues to reside in his native Pontevedra. 

Checkout my reviews on the first 2 books in the trilogy.

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