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The MeCam Classic Review

Ive an exciting gadget for all you gadget-aholics out there today.
Wearable technology has gone through the roof this year in terms of popularity with GoPro's and so many other small video cameras, but these are still quite large.

Meet MeCam the wearable badge size video camera; this amazing teeny weeny camera is something even James Bond would love to try...but...he's not....I am, just to show you guys how clever this little bit of kit is.
Small, lightweight, shoots in low-light with infra-red; think of the fun you can have with this.
Stay hands-free and carry on enjoying the fun without having to concentrate on holding a camera or video. Capture your Bike rides, snowboarding, barbeques, pub trips and birthday parties. Its endless what you could use mini affordable video camera for.

Keep reading for my full photo-loaded review and video.

As you know if you've been following my reviews Im a sucker for good packaging with my belief if a company has made the effort on the outside its going to be great on the inside. So far this has always worked well form me.

My MeCam arrived well packaged from the US within a week, this is quicker than some UK firms. Inside my Mecam is nestled inside a lovely sturdy black box with a transparent window to see it. Plus the MeCam logo in large across the bottom.  The MeCam itself comes inside a transparent poly bag for extra protection.
 Whats in the box.
  • MeCam.
  • Micro USB charging cable.
  • 42 inches of Necklace cord and tightener.
  • Instruction leaflet.
 I love that we get the option to wear the Mecam as a necklace with the extremely stretchy 24 inch rubberized thong or simply pinned to a jacket via the large pin on the back.

What is a MeCam?
The approximate 2 inch in diameter Mecam keeps you hands free to enjoy life as this wearable camera and video recorder simply pins to your coat or shirt or can be worn as a necklace to be able to capture video and images from this unique point of view.
The MeCam outer case is divided into half black glossy and half black matt black ABS plastic. The gorgeous glossy front of the case gives a lovely elegant classy feel with the Mecam logo printed on.

 The front has 6 infra-red lights; 3 either side of the central camera lens at the top.
Just checkout how tiny this is.....!

The back of the Mecam is a smooth matt black finish with a 1.5 inch pin to attach to your clothing.
An embossed arrow shows you the right way up to pin your camera; this is important or your footage will be upsidown or skewiffy.
You can also see the 2 hangy holes to slip the necklace cord through if you prefer to wear it like a necklace.

 On the side you can see three small pronounced buttons to work your MeCam.
On/Off button
Video on/Off button
A still photo or infra red mode if held down for 3 seconds button.

 Next to the SD card slot is your charging port.

 Here is the Micro SD card slot with included Micro SD Card...yes I did say included when you buy your Mecam.

So your ready to rock as soon as its charged!
Not many products come with cards all ready for you to use, thank you MeCam!

The choices are ;
4GB which gives you 1 hour of video.
8GB which gives you 2 hours of video
 and 16GB which gives you 4 hours of video and are all priced accordingly.

Science Bit 
Those of you that want to know everything like me.
  • Video resolution 1280 x 720P.
  • Video frame rate: 30fps.
  • Video with audio: 10foot radius/20ft diameter.
  • Still camera: 5mp.
  • Infrared Video (IR).
  • Memory: SD card up to 64GB.
  • System compatibility: Windows/Mac.
  • Battery: Li-Ion 80 minute continuous run time.
  • Charging: Micro USB.
  • Weights ONLY an ounce.

The MeCam charges really quickly at less than 2 hours; although the first time I charged it for 4 hours to make sure.

The LED at the top will flash from red to blue while charging and stay a solid blue once charged!

This amazing compact little video camera is just the perfect size to be very discreet if you wish. The pin is strong and necklace is an extremely stretchy rubber, its so stretchy it feels like its going to snap...but it doesn't and Ive given it a really hard tug to test too.

I personally preferred to pin the Mecam to my clothes while out rather than wear it as a necklace as being slightly larger boobed gal it sorta bounces as I walk....not ideal for taking video footage lol!

Getting your MeCam position is vital, so don't do this in a rush till you know where its facing. When pinning to your chest you need to make sure its flat not angled wouldn't happen on a! The arrow on the back helps you pin it straight...wonky footage is no good to anyone.
Plus I had to get to know exactly where the buttons were as its a little fiddly to find once on your coat or jacket. My first rookie mistake was setting the video on Infra-red by accident for an hours worth of video...doh! I thought Id just snap a pik but pressed infra red instead and managed to get purple leaves on the trees...either that or I ended up on planet Zarg for the afternoon without knowing it!
But to be honest it looked kinda cool...see what you think in my video sample.

Once I got the hang of where the buttons were and whether I was pressing 1 click or a longer click for infra-red I was there....simples.....! The charge lasts ages and I actually got mine to last approximately 3 hours of stop starting different video and stills; Im more than impressed with this.
Its sometimes hard to see where your aiming the MeCam especially if its on your lapel; but generally if your infront of where you wish to capture you'll get it as its pretty wide angled.
Im actually very excited about this little cam; this is the sort of technology I love as its fun and you don't have to worry about. There are alot better quality video and camera's out there...but you will pay almosty treble the price or more and its obvious they are cameras and you will be restricted in many places. This looks like a small badge and is pretty unnoticeable. Not one person has spotted Im wearing a camera yet; you feel very secret agent-like when out with this...its exciting to use.
I can take it anywhere to use handsfree!

Downloading images and video
Its so simple to download all your images and video via the micro USB cable supplied. You can then keep it attached to continue charging your Mecam once you've downloaded your footage.

 This is not meant to be a video production by MGM studios; its just showing how the MeCam copes in different situations with movement, light, colours and quality.
You will see lots of different snippets; I thought it would be interesting to take the Mecam with me for the day...sorry I wasn't doing anything super exciting like skydiving or snowboarding which is where this little Mecam will come into its own. My footage will show you just how good the infinite focus is in different lights; as it doesn't have autofocus. It will also show you just how sharp and how gorgeous the colours are.
 Apply it to how and where you would use it in your own world? This is a super fun whimsical style cam to leave you hands-free to enjoy the moment!

MeCam Ideas
Apart from the obvious snowboarding and highly sporty activities, parties, dinners, special occasions, barbeques etc. Its also easy to see how useful the Mecam can be by being able to film discreetly in stores to get advice from friends and family on products you may want to buy for yourself or home ; eg, sofa's, cars, furniture absolutely anything. You couldn't use your phone or camera to film in these places without being asked to put it away...believe me I know.
A few years ago myself and a few friend photographers were all asked to leave a well known large shopping centre by a security guard as we were taking photos of the amazing Christmas lights....whats the world coming too.....!
Now I can do all this in secret and not upsetting anyone by using my MeCam. The sound is also excellent as it picks up what your saying clearly and easily when pinned to you.


Just a few of the still images I took while out and about.

 I did find you have to be very steady when taking still images as it takes approx 3 seconds to take an image.
The photos are for fun and capturing the moment not for perfect high res images. It is about relaxing, having fun and freedom from holding larger heavier cameras so you can capture those moments you may miss while getting your settings right or swapping lenses.

To use the infra-red setting you have to get very near your subject at night to capture it.

 This is an infrared image of my parrot in the dark, you get an image in a small circle which shows up purple.

 When you click the still image button you can by accident click the infra red if you press it for 3 seconds or more; its getting the  knack. I took this image by accident and ended up with this pinky/purple hue...doh. But I think it looks kinda cool and arty. You pay alot of money you know for purple leafed plants at the garden center.

I'm so impressed with this fun little camera.
Wear it like a badge and capture days/night out, barbeques, parties, sports events etc; or just fun with your friends and family without worrying about holding the can be involved too.
Enjoy life without having to concentrating on filming. As a photographer I always miss so much at events as I'm behind the lens worrying about settings and ISO's and which lens to use....
This is so easy to use and is ideal for technophobes with only 3 buttons. On the other side of the coin the buttons maybe fiddly for those with dexterity problems.

This adorable action camera is small enough to keep in your bag all the time just incase. Keep it charged and never miss a moment!

With the MeCam I simply forget Im wearing it and people around you are more natural too when they don't have a video camera lens shoved in their faces or don't know. I do tell friends and family when I'm wearing a video camera as I personally don't like secret cameras sprung on me as it could be seen as an invasion of privacy and there are legal implications in certain circumstances, so you do need to be sensible with people's privacy.
This would be perfect at a barbeque, party, night out, special dinner party where you want to capture everything; none of it ruined by starting and stopping people for photos; it will be completely natural. How many times have you missed a special or funny moment as you haven't got the camera in your hand. Simply press play and forget your wearing it; but do remember to plan the amount of time you have on your SD card; I found its easy to forget as I only have an hour of footage with the 4GB. I now have a 16GB card so Ive no worries as 4 hours covers most events or night out etc. I wont be without my little MeCam its in my bag everywhere I go just incase.
When giving the Mecam as a gift do a nice thing and charge it for whoever your giving this too so they can then use it immediately; this is a perfect fun gift for Christmas and what better way to capture the fun and festivities on Christmas day!

Life Happens fast never miss a moment!

  • Compact.
  • Variety of 5 gorgeous colours.
  • Video and camera.
  • Affordable.
  • East to use even for a tenhnophobe.
  • Comes with SD card.
  • Infra-red.
  • Fast charging.
  • Small close buttons for those with dexterity problems. 
  • A pouch to keep the Mecam and cable would have been nice, but its so small it will fit in most bags.

Buy yours from MeCam Classic
Choice of 5 colours.
$49.99 and up depending on choice of SD card.

All my Thanks to Drew the designer of the MeCam for kindly sending me a sample for this review.
My views and opinions are my own.
There is a Mecam product for everyone whether your the next Jane Bond or your into sports and activities see which one is for you below.

MeCam HD
Shoots full 1080 HD video with a high quality lens. It also has an internal gyroscope for image stabilization and a wifi signal allows you to connect wirelessly to your tablet or phone and control the Mecam with a special App to instantly show any footage.

MeCam X
One of the smallest and lightest action cams on the market. 2x2 inches and less than 3 ounces. waterproof to 30m.

Mecam X has wifi linking it to its own app and can be operated by a remote control watch which is included!!!

If you have a Mecam let me know why you love yours?

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