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ASBO A Novel of extreme terror By Iain Rob Wright Book Review

By Iain Rob Wright


-- 70,000 word page-turner / thriller novel
-- Features additional, bonus spin-off story, 'When Frankie met...'
-- Latest novel by top selling horror and thriller author, Iain Rob Wright

Andrew’s life is one of bored contentedness: a teenage daughter, a faithful wife, and a middle-class job. He even has a Mercedes. His life is without drama, and the comfort of middle-age is setting in.

That all changes when he refuses to buy a pack of cigarettes for the local gang of youths. Led by the emotionally unstable, and sadistic, Frankie, the gang target Andrew and his family in an escalating campaign of terror and violence that threatens their very lives. It isn’t long before Andrew starts to wish that he’d just brought those damn cigarettes.

A shocking horrific read, with no vampires, zombies, aliens or monsters. The only monsters are its worst.
Iain has certainly done his homework with creating a sick soul like Frankie as the cruel character and his brother Peter who with brilliant character development from Iain we watch as he starts to realize his brother one sick puppy...but does he have the guts to go against his own brother....?

Iain has brought terror and depravity on his main character Andrew a normal guy with a wife and a lovely daughter he would do anything for.
Today's Britain is sadly not far from the truth that could be found in this book;  this in itself makes it even more frightening as it could happen to anyone of us at anytime. One wrong totally innocent glance at a neighborhood lout could unleash all sorts of terror on yourself and your family. How often have you been back chatted by a Jack the lad kid in the street and Im sure you made a simple remark back; never in a million years expecting to be terrorized, beaten and worse.
This is an excellent well written character driven read resulting from an innocent man refusing to buy a cocky teen some ciggies. 
Iain has shown both sides making the reader think and you almost...I said...almost....feel sorry for Frankie. Its another fantastic fast paced read from Iain and even though there were no zombies I still found this book quite horrific and frightening; probably because its so close to home and could easily be any one of us.

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 Author Bio

Published author, Iain Rob Wright, was born in 1984 and lives in Redditch, a small town in the West Midlands, UK, with his loopy cocker spaniels, Daisy and Oscar, his fat old cat, Jess, his many tropical fish, and the love of his life, Sally. Writing is the passion that fills his life during the small periods of time when he isn't cleaning up after his pets.
Horror is his beloved genre, and his many inspirations range from Stephen King and Richard Laymon to J A Konrath and Brian Keene, as well as a whole host of other twisted minds. 

All my thanks goes to Iain for sending me a copy for this review.
My views and opinions are my own.
I will be continuing to read many more of Iains books soon; I have already read these below so feel free to checkout my full reviews.

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