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Alien Invasion manual (Owners resistance Manual) and Zombie Survival Guide by Sean T page Book Review

by Sean T page

After reading and reviewing the Zombie Survival manual by Sean T Page I was blown away to receive a message from Sean himself asking if I would like to review his new Alien Invasion manual. 
Of course I said yes and couldn't wait to see it.

Do you want to protect the planet?
 Are you ready incase "they" come, do you know who "they" are?
Do you know what to do and how to defend yourself?

Pop on your tin foil hat and get reading but don't tell don't know who maybe listening...shushssh!

 I loved the style and design of these two books; the fact they are based on the Haynes manuals gives a unique fun twist to them. Haynes is recognizable to most of us for their car and engine books...some considered stuffy...until recently when we have started to see some cool, fun manuals appearing...perfect for us geeks eg; The Marvel vehicle owners workshop manual, The International Space Station,  The Millennium Falcon and even The Imperial Deathstar and Thunderbirds...yay!
But now instead of manuals we have the very first 2 amazing fun survival books  from Sean T page, the first Zombie Survival book I reviewed here and now his latest release Alien Invasion!

With many of the world's top scientists now predicting that the Earth will be invaded by aliens within the next few decades, the battle to defend our planet from fiendish extra-terrestrials is no longer the realm of science fiction. UFO sightings and abduction cases continue to increase, with millions around the world now reporting that they have been held by aliens - everything is pointing to a day when we will be invaded by forces from beyond our Solar System. But don't panic - the Alien Invasion Manual has been designed to provide you with the very latest scientific insight and intelligence available on aliens and their plans to take over our gleaming blue planet. In true Haynes style, it aims to demonstrate how with the right knowledge, training and a substantial reel of aluminium foil, the concerned citizen can really hit ET where it hurts. You can protect your home and family from mind-bending abductions, you can ensure that you remain free of any sinister implants and you can determine which shape-shifting lizards are working to take over society. Accompanied by illustrations, maps, diagrams and step-by-step instructions, this resistance manual will be essential reading for those interested in protecting the planet from alien invaders
  • Discover the truth about aliens and how they have already infiltrated Earth.
  •  Learn the real story behind the Roswell crash, Area 51 and terrifying facts about alien abductions.
  • Read about the alien species that threaten us - from the DNA-hungry Greys to the shape shifting Draconian reptiles.
  • Become an Extra-terrestrial Prepper - trained and ready to defend our planet.
  • Create an abduction 'safe room' in your home and learn how to fight alien invaders.
  •  A comprehensive analysis of alien invasion strategies and how humanity can defeat them.
  •  A complete blueprint to the defending of our Solar System.
  • Plus hundreds of new uses for aluminum foil.

So cool having the Workshop crossed out and replaced by Resistance.

This is a complete manual in original "Haynes style" offering the everyday person like you and me information on how to save ourselves from an Alien invasion. Giving us detailed knowledge and training of how to protect yourself and your family when and if we are invaded.

First I have to gorgeous excellent quality A4, hardbacked, glossy paged books these are, you really feel your getting value for money and its a brilliant thoroughly researched tongue in cheek coffee table book.

We were never here!
If you love this cover or its sparked that curiosity; you will love the inside even more. Im so proud to have these lying on my coffee table; as friends and family just cant help picking them up and have a quick thumb through; its a great conversation starter with such a fascinating subject that everyone is interested in on some can you not be!

 When you first look inside you are faced with a "Don't Panic"  page! Sean explains its published by the Ministry of Alien Defense in London who have access to the US air UFO files, abduction cases, evidence from UFO crash sites and alleged top secret plans about the newly created Earth Defense force. So you know you will be getting a wonderfully blended mix of facts and fiction with light hearted assumptions and its up to you what you want to agree with, feel free not to believe, but don't come running to me when the probing starts.

Here are just a few snippets of the gorgeous bright, colorful, fun, diagrams and images that are scattered throughout the book which are drawn by brilliant illustrator Ian Moores; and will most certainly make you smile.
The amount of thought and attention to detail that has been added to this manual is waaay more than needed almost like he has inside information! and makes it an incredibly fun read and a fantastic book!

This is an actual picture of Page 51
don't believe people if they say it doesn't exist, we have proof.

Even small details of scorch marks on the pages from...ray guns and burn holes, oily smudges and laser beams and what I really love are the authors hand written comments at some of the information. Lines have been crossed out for "legal reasons" etc; its just like a manual someone has made extra notes in it!

These comments are often funny and adds a really fun connection between author and reader.

Alien encounter levels explained and also alien encounters worldwide throughout history explained with detailed defense strategies from Sean's own knowledge and military background.

Plus fascinating details about alien abduction written in a fun not tedious stuffy way. I cannot stress enough how well written Alien invasion is with so much time, effort and detail put into it; whether you believe it will happen or not its an absolutely fascinatingly fun book to read.

Plus like the Zombie Survival manual you also get The Alien Invasion Exam to pass at the end of the book; to then recieve your own Basic and Advanced this idea!
 This will get you laughing so much its hilarious!
I think this is a really nice touch especially for the kids to have and keep up on their wall or even the bigger kids out!

You never know when the aliens may attack...always best to be on your guard!
Even this book would make a fab weapon!
 I don't want to show you too much as it will spoil the book if you want to buy it.

Jam packed with information, diagrams, facts and figures about the little green...or grey men..bugs, Draconians...and all things ET. Plus how too sections on prepping and combat with different alien species and still maintaining a deadpan face its just a brilliant super-duper read!

I am buzzing about both these books as if your a complete geek like me and love anything to do with aliens, apocalypse and zombies, get both of these Haynes manuals; they will make a gorgeous pressie for someone fascinated with the unknown or with learning about survival techniques.
I think there will be some people who will believe every word, but on a more serious note I would like to add to any friendly alien out there; lets have coffee round yours and talk ray guns! But to any Alien Overlord out there wanting to rule the world; then GGR and everyone who has this book looks forward to kicking your ET butt...SIR.

You can buy yours from Amazon UK and US and Goodreads

 These 2 books together would make a fab gift for Christmas.

If you haven't seen the Zombie survival Owners manual...where have you been...?
Here is my previous review I posted last month for Halloween the fun.

 and published by Haynes manuals.
This is actually published by Haynes as in the Haynes manual; nope its not a car manual; instead of Rover, BMW or Ford its one for Surviving against know...just incase!
So would you know what to do in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse?
Could you protect your family, forage for food and hold your own if confronted by a horde of the walking dead?
I absolutely had to have this book as you know I'm addicted to zombies; I think the whole front cover design is brilliant at keeping with the zombie blood and gore theme right from the outset.
Small splashes of blood across the cover and Workshop crossed out and Apocalypse written in blood...yess love it!

The back cover is the same and gives you a full explanation of whats inside.
This book is packed with vital information about how to prepare yourself (mentally and physically) and your surroundings for an attack.
If you are an Unbeliever there are still other things in the world which could cause an apocalypse not just zombies. So even though the information in this book is aimed at zombies it could be put to real life if seriously it could, start hording tinned goods now people!

Back to the book
This is a brilliant comprehensive guide with a huge range of illustrations, diagrams, maps and step by step instructions for everything you need to know to protect yourself.
The well detailed coloured diagrams are outstanding here are some examples eg; to protect your home, how to fight, collecting the right types of food and the ultimate zombie safe-house.

The obligatory blood hand print!
It may be a fun book to read but the amount of information collated in this book is amazing.
Examples of just some of the info inside;
  • Zombies explained.
  • The science of Zombieology, the facts every Zombiologist need to know.
  • The apocalypse what is it and when?
  • Zombie history.
  • Becoming a zombie survivalist.
  • Home preparation and defense. Securing your home and a 90 day plan.
  • Foraging and transport.

Some examples are;
 At the very end you even have the chance to take your own Zombie survival exam at Advanced level.

After you take your test you even get a basic and advanced certificate right at the back of the book to cut out and frame. It now has pride of place on my desk.
If you need to get rid of some zombies just ask Gadget Girl or better still go get your own Zombie survival guide.
Loved the paragraph at the back saying
I quote;
There is no guarantee that you will survive a zombie apocalypse we do however offer a full refund if you are eaten within 30 days of a major zombie outbreak.

This really is a brilliant book for anyone who is a super fan of the Walking Dead like me or loves their zombie apocalyptic films and reads or is genuinely interested in prepping; as it has some seriousness to it too and above all it makes you think..what if...?
But its a really fun, tongue in cheek coffee book read; after reading a few other zombie guides this is my favorite with the brilliant outstanding illustrations on every page.
Its a large sturdy A4 hardback it has 126 excellent quality glossy pages; which is perfect to use as a weapon too, should you need it. A firm whack to the head should be enough to put your attacking zombie to the ground them crush its skull with your boot till his eyeballs pop out. You can then wipe the book clean to keep safely in your bug-out bag next to your lip gloss, well I'm still a girl after all.
With Christmas creeping closer and Halloween in a few days time this would make an excellent gift.

Author bio
Sean T Page is a zombie survival expert and has provided consultancy to private industry and governments around the world on what to do in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Admittedly, few of them actually asked for the advice in the first place. His qualifications include a 25-metre swimming badge from school and several merits for good attendance. He launched the Ministry of Zombies in 2009 to raise awareness of the zombie threat and has published The Official Zombie Handbook UK and War Against the Walking Dead. He is banned from most government buildings now and some people think he is a bit weird. 
See The Ministry of Zombies webpage
*Plus you need to checkout Sean's Omega Man Untube videos where he stays ina cold war bunker for 5 days in total isolation see here.

Buy yours from Amazon HERE

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