Friday, November 14, 2014

Sector 63: Ambush by Dean M Cole Book Review

Independence Day meets The X-Files in this present-day apocalyptic thriller by an award-winning author and combat pilot.

A dizzying chain of events thrust US Air Force fighter pilot Captain Jake Giard into a well-intentioned global conspiracy with extraterrestrial roots. However, as Jake finishes indoctrination into the program, it renders Earth a pawn in a galactic civil war. Within and above Washington DC, Captain Giard and two wingmen fight through a post-apocalyptic hell. On the West Coast, his girlfriend and fellow fighter pilot, Captain Sandra Fitzpatrick, wades through blazing infernos and demented looters in a desperate attempt to save her family. Finally, with the fate of the world in the balance, they take the battle to the enemy, humanity's very survival hanging on their success.

SECTOR 64: Ambush is a full-length professionally edited novel based and expanding on my 2011 novella, Coup de Main, a highly rated 2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards third-prize recipient. 

Sector 64: Ambush is an easy, fast paced, unputdownable read of alien invasion and race against time to save the Human race.
Its quite different to alot of books Ive read recently...apart from being no zombies its perfect for those who have a fascination for or who have aviation and flight experience and will certainly appreciate the added detail and knowledge from the author who has had first hand combat air-flight experience. This shows clearly throughout the book; making it even more realistic to us as the reader.
Dean's military experience as a pilot shows right from chapter 1 in the very first flight sequence; as its so realistic you could almost be the co-pilot. I could still understand it even with real military flight terminology.

The humans join forces with the Argonian's to fight against the terrifying Zoxyth who have vaporized millions of the worlds population and its a race against time before more ships arrive to eradicate the human race.
Couple, Captain Sandra Fitzpatrick (Sandy) and Captain Jake Giard are brilliant characters; both engaging and believable;  I enjoyed the character development between them and loved the fact she is an experienced female fighter pilot too; although I wanted her role to be a bit bigger within the plot, fingers crossed for book 2.

This book will certainly appeal to those with a love of not only science fiction/ thrillers/alien invasion- esk books but those who love or have some knowledge of military flying; even though I don't...I still appreciated and loved all this extra information and detail.
I found all the main characters relatable and believable and with brilliant descriptive text you could see that 8 foot high reptilian alien right infront of you...eep! The plot is skillfully woven to a fast paced dramatic ending which leads onto book 2 perfectly cant wait.

About the Author

World traveler and commercial helicopter pilot, Dean M. Cole writes from locales as remote as Equatorial Guinea and romantic as Paris' Champs-Elysées. A combat veteran, he flew Apache Attack Helicopters in the US Army's First Cavalry Division. Website

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All my thanks goes to Dean for sending me a copy for this review.
All my views and opinions are my own.

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