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Zombie and Apocalyptic Survival Book Reviews

I had to celebrate Halloween as its my favorite time of the year; yes I even prefer it to Christmas!

So to kick off my Halloween Spooktacular this year are a couple of books from my Zombie apocalypse collection. This is slightly different to my zombie novels Ive been bringing you; as they are complete guide's to surviving the Zombie Apocalypse....you know just incase!

Read on after the jump for more info on these fab, fun books.

 and published by Haynes manuals.
My first book is actually published by Haynes as in the Haynes manual; nope its not a car manual; instead of Rover, BMW or Ford its one for Surviving against zombies...you know...just incase!

So would you know what to do in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse?
Could you protect your family, forage for food and hold your own if confronted by a horde of the walking dead?

I absolutely had to have this book as you know I'm addicted to zombies; I think the whole front cover design is brilliant at keeping with the zombie blood and gore theme right from the outset.
Small splashes of blood across the cover and Workshop crossed out and Apocalypse written in blood...yess love it!

The back cover is the same and gives you a full explanation of whats inside.
This book is packed with vital information about how to prepare yourself (mentally and physically) and your surroundings for an attack.

If you are an Unbeliever there are still other things in the world which could cause an apocalypse not just zombies. So even though the information in this book is aimed at zombies it could be put to real life if necessary...no seriously it could, start hording tinned goods now people!

Back to the book
This is a brilliant comprehensive guide with a huge range of illustrations, diagrams, maps and step by step instructions for everything you need to know to protect yourself.

The well detailed coloured diagrams are outstanding here are some examples eg; to protect your home, how to fight, collecting the right types of food and the ultimate zombie safe-house.

The obligatory blood hand print!
It may be a fun book to read but the amount of information collated in this book is amazing.

Examples of just some of the info inside;
  • Zombies explained.
  • The science of Zombieology, the facts every Zombiologist need to know.
  • The apocalypse what is it and when?
  • Zombie history.
  • Becoming a zombie survivalist.
  • Home preparation and defense. Securing your home and a 90 day plan.
  • Foraging and transport.

Some examples are;

 At the very end you even have the chance to take your own Zombie survival exam at Advanced level.

After you take your test you even get a basic and advanced certificate right at the back of the book to cut out and frame. It now has pride of place on my desk.
If you need to get rid of some zombies just ask Gadget Girl or better still go get your own Zombie survival guide.

Loved the paragraph at the back saying
I quote;
There is no guarantee that you will survive a zombie apocalypse we do however offer a full refund if you are eaten within 30 days of a major zombie outbreak.

This really is a brilliant book for anyone who is a super fan of the Walking Dead like me or loves their zombie apocalyptic films and reads or is genuinely interested in prepping; as it has some seriousness to it too and above all it makes you think..what if...?
But its a really fun, tongue in cheek coffee book read; after reading a few other zombie guides this is my favorite with the brilliant outstanding illustrations on every page.
Its a large sturdy A4 hardback it has 126 excellent quality glossy pages; which is perfect to use as a weapon too, should you need it. A firm whack to the head should be enough to put your attacking zombie to the ground them crush its skull with your boot till his eyeballs pop out. You can then wipe the book clean to keep safely in your bug-out bag next to your lip gloss, well I'm still a girl after all.
With Christmas creeping closer and Halloween in a few days time this would make an excellent gift.

Author bio
Sean T Page is a zombie survival expert and has provided consultancy to private industry and governments around the world on what to do in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Admittedly, few of them actually asked for the advice in the first place. His qualifications include a 25-metre swimming badge from school and several merits for good attendance. He launched the Ministry of Zombies in 2009 to raise awareness of the zombie threat and has published The Official Zombie Handbook UK and War Against the Walking Dead. He is banned from most government buildings now and some people think he is a bit weird. 

Buy yours from Amazon HERE

My second book is the author of the best selling film World war Z

Complete protection from the living dead.

This is a smaller paperback which will fit easily into your jacket or bug-out-bag; keep this with you at all times you never know when you may need this.

Don't be reckless with you most precious asset – life. This book is your key to survival against the hordes of undead who may be stalking you right now without your even knowing it. The Zombie Survival Guide offers complete protection through proven tips for safeguarding yourself and your loved ones against the living dead. It is a book that could save your life.

About the Author

Max Brooks lives in New York City but is ready to move to a more remote and defensible location at a moment's notice. His book World War Z was hailed by fellow zombie expert, Simon Pegg, as 'an absolute must have', and is now a major motion picture starring Brad Pitt.

This book is another incredibly well written book by Max Brooks; if any of you have read his first zombie fiction book of World War Z you will know what a great read that was. This survival guide blurs fiction and non fiction and really makes the reader think.

With over 2 million copies sold worldwide

Ive read this book completely cover to cover too many times to mention and it absolutely covers everything you will ever need to know about zombies.

Max has added extremely detailed well written chapters on being prepared;
  • Myths and realities.
  • Weapons and combat techniques.
  • Defending the home.
  • On the run looking for safety- this is just a genius chapter and also quite scary if this were reality.
  • On the attack- weapons, transportation, terrain, strategies this chapter is so detailed it will really make you think about what  if...
  • Historical recorded attacks through history- yes real...are they...I hope they are!
Plus so much more as its not a thin book, it has 246 pages and will take you several days to read from cover to cover. Max has seriously thought of everything...but of course he would after writing the amazing film with Brad Pitt WWZ.

This book is again for those of you that are Zombie-apocalyptic-aholics and its just fab to have in your collection; especially from such a great writer like Max Brooks.
This comprehensive, well detailed book will give you the confidence to take on the world...ok just the zombies...lol! Max breaks down every element you may need to survive in a fun easy to read way. I couldn't tear myself away from this and have since been returning regularly to it as there are so many interesting chapters; particularly "On the run" a fascinating chapter about surviving when things go bad..ok...even worse than being over run by zombies. Its military style ideas could most certainly be applied to emergency situations of any kind and allows the reader to get into that mindset to protect themselves and their loved ones.
Another brilliant read which will suddenly make you think has he made this up or is this real...does he know something we don't...gulp.......!

Buy yours from Amazon Uk HERE

I hope you enjoyed reading about these zombie survival guides to bring you something different for Halloween or Xmas.
So start getting your Bugout bags ready, sharpen those gardening tools, building your fences higher and start collecting tins of food and you will become a full blown prepper ready for anything.

Have a great Halloween Everyone!

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