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The Original Buddy Stylus from Sensu Review

The Original Buddy Stylus from Sensu

A NEW genius design from the makers of the Sensu;The Buddy stylus cap to fit onto your favorite pen or pencil its as easy as that!

Last year I reviewed the gorgeous Sensu brush and stylus from Sensu and haven't stopped using it since. Its truly been used everyday for over a year now.

So when I was kindly sent the NEW Buddy Stylus to show you all; I couldn't wait to put this simple fun design through its paces.

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I don't know about you guys but I definitely prefer using a stylus to my fingers any day on my touchscreens; but stylus's do take up some room when your carrying your other pens and pencils around with you and you also have to remember to pick it up too.

Now thanks to Sensu's new patent pending design you only need your favorite pen or pencil!

The Buddy's packaging is so simple and really does keep costs down for us as the buyers. It sits securely in the middle of the card with lovely bright graphics.

The Buddy Stylus or Stylet (love the name) is made of a capacitive rubber and is designed to fit over a variety of pens and pencils. Its ridged embossing allows you to grip it better when sliding it on your favorite pen. The Sensu is also embossed into the Buddy a sign of excellent quality.

The inner tube has a star shape design so the Buddy can expand and flex over a variety of writing implements.

The Buddy is only 4.5cm long and 1.2cm wide.

Works great with iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Kindle Fire, Surface™, Nexus, Galaxy Tab and more.
I have tried and tested it on my devices; The Nexus 10 and Samsung Galaxy S4 and New Kindle Paperwhite 2.

I thought of this idea a few years really...I kept saying it would be brilliant to have a stylus on the end of a pencil like the rubbers I used to collect as a kid. So I was so pleased when Sensu manufactured the Buddy stylus.

When we leave the house we always have our favorite pen or pencils in our bags. Now with our techie touchscreens I also need my stylus; but Im always forgetting to put it in my bag...but not with the Buddy.

I simply popped it onto my favorite Parker Biro, so now I also have a lid for my biro incase it leaks. The same can be said for pencils to stop breaking the sharp point of lead and needing to sharpen it again.

 The Buddy was responsive and easy to use; but needing slightly more pressure than my favorite Sensu.

Here is another of my favorite Parker biro's, so I now have a quality pen and stylus; 2 for one in my bag...I love this.

Perfect for college to pop into your pencil case/box.

I found this clever Buddy slipped easily onto this pencil despite being much slimmer than the average pencil. It actually fitted this pencil above the well as looking super cool on it too.
What do you think...?
Although you may have to watch your friends as they may just grab your pencil to borrow it to use as an eraser...sheesh!

I tried the Buddy on many pens and pencils; these above were the best.
 Its also rigid enough to use by itself for quickness.

The Buddy did fit on this larger width pencil as you see by the flare at that base; but it was a bit too bendy to work to its best. So just make sure you use standard width pens and pencils or slightly thinner.

As you can see I can still play my favorite Hayday.

Here is an approximate width of the pens and pencils that fitted well.
The 1st pencil is slightly too wide to use properly although it did wiggle on.
The next 3 fitted perfectly; obviously best on tapered pens and pencils for best fit.

I love this idea of the Buddy stylus/stylet; its small and light convenient and its something I feel you all would use at some point. Its small enough to slip onto your favorite pen or pencil straight into your bag or pocket; ready for use on your phone or tablet. Or just by itself.
Ive been using mine on my favorite Parker pen above which Ive had for years.  Use your fave pen as your stylus too as comfort from home to use anywhere.
After using the Sensu for over a year and then swapping to this for a week I did find it wasn't quite as responsive as my gorgeous Sensu. It needed a bit more pressure than I would have on the Sensu; but it maybe just a case of getting used to it.
I feel this would make the perfect kids stylus too as you can pop it on a fun children's cartoon pen or pencil without lending them your favorite luxury stylus. (Obviously not for the too young). Its firm durable and will protect the touch screen from dirty fingerprints perfectly.
You can just grab your Buddy and make your mark. Its an extremely affordable gift and the perfect stocking filler for Christmas. Just the novelty factor makes this a fantastic, fun buy; let alone the convenience and quality of it.
$4.99...what can you buy for this price these days...incredible price.

  • Compact.
  • portable.
  • Two for one.
  • Fits most standard pens and pencils.
  • Extremely affordable.
  • None.

Buy yours directly from Sensu

Checkout my Photo-loaded review for my favorite all time paint brush and stylus The Sensu.
All my thanks goes to the lovely guys and girls at Sensu for sending me this adorable stylet for this review.
All my views and opinions are my own.

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