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Sidecars Venostech smart devices for mobile dual displays Review

Venostech Sidecars
Betcha cant guess first time what these are for...can you...?

When I saw these on Kickstarter I was really excited. I love a product that's simple and really useful for everyone...yes I mean everyone that owns a laptop. So what is it...?
How many of you work solely from a laptop for work, college or university many times have you needed an extra screen to work from. Maybe you dont have the space for a full PC media center with 2 to 3 monitor set-up due to living in a university dorm, or traveling frequently from hotel room to hotel room.

 Until now....Call in VenosTech and their amazing Sidecars; I'm super excited about this product as its something I know Ill be using alot!

The Sidecars attached either side of my large 17 inch Asus Aspire laptop holding my Nexus 10 and Samsung S4 for extra screens...heaven!

Venostech are a design company run by Matt Fuch and Adrian Velazquez who specializes in creating cool products that solve simple problems. With their launch product the Sidecar funded with Kickstarter its their mission to increase productivity of computer users that are "on the go" connecting them to their information and displays in an elegant practical manner.

Read on for my full photo-loaded review on these genius gadgets.

This is our Computer Room setup; Gadget Girl HQ
3 monitors each.
 My side is the left hand side with all the Mini androids on top and the monitors sitting vertically. My other halfs on the right hand side his monitors sitting horizontal; there is method to our madness and Ill explain these another time.
I will be adding a post later on about our computer room setup as we've had so many requests asking for room/gadget tours.

 My complete 3 monitor computer setup with Logitech G19 keyboard, Wacom Bamboo graphics tablet, Logitech mouse and my smartphone Qi charger. Plus Walle my favorite penholder.
Ontop is my "Geek shelf" with my Mini Android collectables, a robot parrot...of course, Adam and Rover Doodles and a crawling Zombie hand...hasn't everyone.

I had to show you our nightime lightshow as its absolutely gorgeous with the ribbons screen saver.

We have worked with 3 monitor screens EACH for over 6 years. I work with images almost daily and its so much easier to spread them throughout 2 screens leaving the main middle screen for Photoshop CS6.
On the right hand side the tidy side, (he's showing me up now) my other half uses 3D animation software and again needs the screens to juggle with images.

Because of the setup, as stunning as it is, its firmly built into our room and we cannot move it. So when I want to edit images outside in the sunshine or watching TV in the lounge or bedroom its a real struggle...until now!

My Sidecars arrived quickly and well packaged in a thick padded envelope within a fact I think it arrived within 5 days...which is amazing considering they were coming from Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania. It takes longer for some parcels to get to me within the Uk itself so this is brilliant for those of you that just cant wait to use your Sidecar/s.

Front and back of the Sidecar.
I was kindly sent 2 to review for you all so I could show you just how clever having 2 can be.

 What was a real surprise was that they arrived in their own soft suedette pouches to protect them and to enable you to pop them in any bag or rucksack to use them while away from home.

The Sidecar patent pending design is made of ABS black plastic which is divided into 2 parts connected together via a brass twist tightener with 2 silver springs inside.

 The twist tightener has the Sidecar text embossed onto it, making it easy to turn and control.This adjusts by tightening the width to fit most of your devices around at this time.

It has slots both sides to attach one side to your laptop and the other to hold your phone or tablet. The design is so clever and well thought out as they have given the sidecar a gentle subtle curve so your devices curve around to face you. See images later.

 The slots that you slip your device into has 3mm of inlaid neoprene for protection and grippiness. You can see here how it will really sandwich and protect your device.

See just how neat they are to just slip into your bag in its own black pouch. The logo gives a nice touch to it.

The total length is 8.9cm and 7.3cm wide with an inner depth of holding a product is approx 2.5cm.

What will the sidecar fit?
The Sidecar will fit most modern day devices, smartphones, e-readers and tablets as the screw tightener makes the width fully adjustable both sides; the laptop side and your device side with its clever rocking motion so its able to adjust to the width of your laptop bezel and device. I hope this makes sense.

My laptop, Nexus 10 and Samsung S4.

Who will use the Sidecar?

For those of you that work solely on your laptops the Sidecar will revolutionize and organize your work forever. 
  • Students are you juggling with lecture notes, text books, internet diagrams, charts and information all needed to be viewed at the sametime to help you write and finish your essays/dissertations. Are you flicking from one tab to another cutting and pasting, then forgetting what you needed?
  • Is space limited in your university dorm, flat or bedroom, not enough room to spread out text books, tablet, phone, lecture notes etc?
  • Are away from work but still having to work as if you were at your office in a hotel room, local cafe etc.
  • Are you used to 2-3 monitor setup but just wish you could take that to another room or sit us!
  • Would you like to view videos, conference calls or skype while still needing to use your screen.
Look no further the Sidecar is here to help, easy to use, light, small and portable and supplied with its own suedette pouch.

 When you first get your Sidecars out you will be surprised at how light they are considering they will be holding your precious devices together. You can also feel what excellent quality and how strong they are.

Once you've worked with more than 2 monitors your spoiled forever and I personally would really struggle to go back to just a small laptop screen after being used to 3 monitors everyday! I often have up to 30 images+ opened at once so I can sort through my photos quickly and easily onto separate screens; leaving my central screen free to use PhotoShop CS6 for my editing. My other half uses 3d animation software and also needs the 3 screens for ease of use.

Weve all been there 5+ tabs open at once as you want to access different sites or software but cant view them all at once due to not having the space. So your continually juggling tabs to access them...its so frustrating!

The Sidecars not only give you the extra screens...touch screens at that; they give you freedom from your computer room or office to go and relax in your lounge, kitchen or garden; go to a local cafe, use in a hotel room, dorm room or flat. Anywhere that space is to a minimum too; as all you will use is the footprint of your laptop.

 Here are both the Sidecars attached either side of my Asus Aspire 17 inch laptop screen ready to attach my devices. I can now gently slide in my devices and turn the screw to secure it tightly so it wont fall off. A little gentle tug afterwards to make sure its tight enough and your ready to take your mini office anywhere. I was originally concerned whether it would fit my laptop as its over 6 years old and has quite a chunky screen, but the Sidecars fit perfectly as you can see.

 The Sidecar secured firmly to the bezel of my laptop holding my Samsung S4 securely. Enabling me to access Instagram, twitter check my emails while editing images or writing my reviews.

 Here is my Nexus 10 on the left and my Samsung S4 on the right; how gorgeous does this look. But its not just looks, it really works, Im able to access internet, emails, writing notes without having to tab in and out on 1 screen.
You can even download various apps like Air display 2 which allows you to slide images and documents onto the different screens making it uber useful.

 Here are the Sidecars again holding my Nexus 10 and my Kindle Paperwhite 2, I just wanted to show an example for students who have all their textbooks on their kindles that you can have your study books right infront of you, no more juggling, its visually easier to look across to the kindle from the screen than up and down from table to screen.

The Sidecar holding my Kindle Paperwhite.

 A pik from the back showing you how cool it looks, imagine it on your lap or in a cafe, its only taking up the footprint of your laptop; perfect for university dorms and flats.

I just wanted to show you the clever curve that the Sidecars have been designed with; to curve the devices into your field of vision more comfortably; this is genius.

 Top view of the Sidecar attached to my laptop and holding my Nexus 10. You can see here that the slot widths have adjusted for both laptop and tablet perfectly. Also note the curve too.

Front view of the Nexus 10 attached to my laptop.

TIP; I cannot stress enough when attaching your devices to tighten slowly and gently...BUT DO NOT over tighten you are working near delicate touch screens. The neoprene however is so super grippy you don't need to clamp down hard at all; just use common sense when using these.

Plus sometimes I just want to sit and watch TV or sit outside and edit my images but of course cant move as our setup is built in. Now I can; by using a mini table as I have above or simply on a picnic blanket for total relaxation.

I even attached the Sidecar to my Nexus 10 to hold my Samsung S4 just for fun to show you how versatile they are. I have no use for this way of using it but some of you may; plus it keeps your devices secure if your in a busy cafe etc. The phone isnt loose on the table making it easy to snatch steal.

More ways to use your Sidecars, to hold your college or uni notes while you type them up; or to hold your magazines or books upright making it easier to read while using the laptop.
Do you have anymore ideas on how to use your Sidecars let me know? 

Each Sidecar comes with its own pouch.
These Sidecars are so portable to use whenever you feel the need for that extra screen. or keep one in your desk at work and one at home. Never be without your Sidecar. Once finished unclip everything, pop your Sidecar/s back into the pouch and into your bag.

The Sidecar 3 monitor mini setup and my computer room 3 monitor setup.

 I don't often rave over a product BUT I'm so excited as these are just genius and as I said at the start; will change your life on how you work. They will re-organize and revolutionize the way you work and play; making life so much easier.

Take your office virtually anywhere even if its just to another room let alone a cafe, your garden, the beach, hotel etc. 

Let Sidecar give you the helping spare you need, I can honestly see everyone with a laptop finding these a godsend. Even if you just use one to slot in your smartphone or tablet so you can keep an eye on your emails, tweet, facebook and/or skype your friends while still working on your lappy. Multi-tasking has never been so easy as well as fun and what a conversation starter.

If you've only ever used 1 screen on your laptop you wont know yourself, you'll be organized and the envy of all your friends.
They are excellent quality, portable and stylish all at the same-time. If you've room for your laptop you have room for a 3 screen setup wherever you are. Create an awesome mobile computing environment with your tablet and laptop starting from under £29.99; so when you compare buying another monitor its a no brainer.
They are excellent quality and so well made, they have to be as they are holding your expensive devices. I found my devices were kept firm and secure and I really loved the gently curve around me enabling excellent visibility.

Genius idea, excellent design and quality, super cool and fun to use. I would highly recommend one; but if you can go to it then buy two of them, you wont look back as all the information is infront of you ;-)
These are the must have uber cool gadget for all you techy lovers out there and a fab stocking filler for Christmas.


  • Excellent quality. 
  • Gain a monitor screen.
  • Durable 
  • Strong. 
  • Versatile.
  • Pouch for storage

  • None

Buys directly from Venostech for  
Black or green for $29.99 each

Limited Edition Arctic White $34.99 each  
This would look fab with Apple Macs, cool and clean.

All my thanks goes to the guys at VenosTech for kindly sending me these amazing gadgets to show you all.
My views and opinions are my own.

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