Thursday, October 16, 2014

My Doodles Wireless Speaker Dock in Kickstarter

My Doodles Wireless Speaker Dock in Kickstarter

I see so many brilliant ideas and products come through Kickstarter; but some I get really excited about when I know it will be so popular, especially with the kids and the big kids.

So I couldn't wait to show you one of the latest ideas with a new partnership from Kitsound and My Doodles.
Ive already reviewed quite a few products for Kitsound already and know what fab quality their speakers are; so I know this will be an excellent quality product for your child or you.

Tablets are going to be a permanent part of your child's life from now on for learning, communicating or just for play; yet how many times have they dropped it as they have fallen asleep at night. Sheesh Ive done this myself.

 Taking inspiration from the My Doodles characters they have designed 2 popular children's characters; the Monkey and the Owl.
Which one do you like...go on I know you have a favorite; mine is the pink owl or is it the can you choose...its those eyes!

Speaker docks don't have to be boring anymore! Kitsound and My Doodles have designed this fun new dock which will keep your child's tablet safe and enable them to use it hands-free with large buttons on the front of the dock to pause, play and skip; as well as change volume without having to go into their device each time.

Being a techie lover I just cant stop watching this gif to see how everything works.

They really have thought of everything with;
  • Repositioned drivers to project the sound more.
  • Added more padding on the character face to hold the device securely and prevent vibration.
  • Big feet for more stability.

Its a fun tablet or phone stand so your child can comfortably watch movies, play music or Skype with their friends with superior sound experience. As well as keeping the device safe and secure while it charges at the same time.
It delivers 2.1 audio at 20 watts.
It uses Bluetooth to stream audio wirelessly from any Bluetooth enabled smartphone, MP3 player or tablet.

With a range of up to 10 meters your child can enjoy their movies etc from sitting in bed and the tablet remains in the safety of the bedside table.

It can even charge both devices at once !

So do you want some Hitech tech for your child in time for Christmas. Just checkout the various affordable bundles and help get these in your children's stocking before Christmas.

Starting from a £1 you can become one of the backers of this brilliant new campaign.

Here are just some of the great Bundles available and so affordable too!

  You can really splash out and get your child something special this Christmas
 that no one else will have; they will love being the be the envy of all their friends.

For many more bundles see the Kickstarter site and save more money.

Help the team reach their goal and to deliver more docks in time for Christmas.

Goodluck Everyone!

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