Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Match: A supernatural Thriller By William Massa Book Review

By William Massa
Online dating. A great way to connect in a wired, increasingly busy world, but do you really know who hides behind the smiling pictures? The flirtatious text messages? What if the person on the other end of the dating profile isn’t quite what they appear to be… WHAT IF THEY AREN'T EVEN ALIVE?

Mark found her photo on a popular dating app that was all the rage. Her name was Akasha, and she was beautiful. Seductive. Irresistible. She wrote that she was looking for friendship. Love. A real connection.

But Akasha is concealing a horrible secret. Now Mark must solve a terrifying mystery if he is to save those he loves the most and survive a dangerous obsession.

I was excited when I received William's latest book Match as Ive loved every book he's written (see my previous reviews below) ...most authors stick with the same genre but not Mr Massa he tinkers with different ones just to keep us alert so you never quite know what exciting read is round the corner for us.

Match is something quite different but another brilliant supernatural thriller which I read in one sitting. I don't want to give too much away but I can say its fast paced and keeps you turning those digital pages till the end.
Mark's brother Josh is mysteriously killed in a house fire and his last word to his brother Mark before he died was "Akasha"; but the fire department were happy it was a typical lads pot and drinking accident.

Mark finds and contacts Akasha to findout more about his brothers death; but of course its not going to end well and he opens a Pandora's box of problems from the outset. Fearing for his and his girlfriend Lynn's life; sends him on a detective hunt to find out whats behind her stunning Facebook and dating app profile.

Mr Massa has created a chilling skillfully woven story of the dangers of dating in making bunny boilers look tame; stalkers human or otherwise are scary enough as just meaningless meetings can be totally construed wrongly resulting in terrifying consequences as Mark finds out.

But what creates a stalker is not always what it seems...who is Akasha; I loved this fast paced storyline finishing this book in one sitting. An engaging read with believable characters you want to root for and realistic descriptive writing where you can almost feel the heat of the flames on your face.
Its another fab read from the library of William Massa and a brilliant novella for a weekend away to immerse yourself in supernatural horror.

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Author Bio

 William Massa is a screenwriter (Return to House on Haunted Hill) and script consultant. He has lived in New York, Florida, Europe and now calls Los Angeles his home.William writes action/adventure with a horror, dark fantasy or science fiction flavor.

Visit http://www.williammassa.com/ for news, updates and announcements.

All my thanks goes to William for forwarding me a copy of this book for this review. 
All my views and opinions are my own.
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